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  • Lisa

    Maybe Kathy H is carrying her laundry in the Hermes dust bag??

  • Smithy

    I love Marc Jacobs carrying that bag.

    Mark Cross is a totally under the radar great brand.

    I may be the only person on earth to not like that size Chanel flap bag. It’s way too giant on that little chain. Every time I see it on someone in the single long chain mode, I think it looks out of proportion.

    • Sara

      I agree. I’ve always found the Chanel awkwardly large.

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  • Vbogaert

    I commented about how some of the bags reviewed are getting repetitious under the New Years resolution post the other day. Even the title of this post suggests the writers are aware of it. Why always the same designers?? I know Chanel and Hermes are extremely popular, but I can’t believe they’re aren’t celebrities out there who carry a bag other Chanel or Hermes. The blog is starting to seem like its marketing just for them.

    • savagefanofconan

      I have to reply in favor of the blog. I work at a fashion-related magazine and we get this too from readers ascribing motives to reporting. We get letters when we show thin runway models. We didn’t cast the shows! Reporting is coverage of reality. These are the bags the celebrities are carrying, and I think they looked far and wide for the outside example of Rihanna.

      • Vbogaert

        I actually had one of the editors respond favorably to my earlier post. I said the blog “seems” like it’s marketing just for them, not that it is. Fashion magazines and blogs fold all the time as readers lose interest. They do plenty of posts where they don’t feature celebrities and only the bags, so they don’t just rely on celebrity photos, even then they tend to favor Hermes and Chanel. Nothing against either label, I own a few bags from both. I use to read this blog religiously everyday, but got tired of seeing the same bags. Now I read it maybe once every few weeks, I’m sure I’m not the only one. They’re so many beautiful and expensive bags from other brands, it’d be nice to see what’s out there.

    • Sara

      I guess PB can’t help it if celebrities mostly want to be photographed with Chanel or Hermes. Maybe they fear becoming irrelevant if they carry anything less. Other celebs have to carry endorsements. Either way, I wonder how many feel trapped. Must be boring for them not to be able to truly express individuality.

  • Guest

    Marc Jacobs steals the show! Fun color, shape and his tattoos match the bag

  • Yoshi1296

    Marc Jacobs is such a handsome guy!! I love the picotin! The only thing that prevents me from getting it is the fact it is unlined. I hate unlined leather bags.

  • Rihanna!!! Top to toe fab <3

  • Sara

    I can’t believe a man is carrying the nicest bag in this post. Very refreshing. Love Marc Jacobs’ gorgeous Hermes.