Celebrity Daughters Dominate This Celeb Round-up with Bags from Coach, Louis Vuitton, & Chanel

Pity the A-list celebrity daughter: born into wealth and privilege, hounded by the paparazzi simply because of her heritage, able to get her hands on any luxury item she desires with just a little namedropping…wait, did I say “pity”? ENVY. I meant envy. Celebrity daughters occupy a rather nebulous space on the fringes of the celebuverse, but I’d say things are working out OKAY for the vast majority of them.

Amanda Seyfried
Givenchy Floral Pouch
$375 via Net-a-Porter

Here’s Amanda Seyfried, heading to the Ted 2 premiere after-party in Central Park with what might be one of the cheapest Givenchy bags money can buy. It’s pretty much just a baby’s breath-print, coated-canvas pouch, but if you’re looking to upgrade your cocktail party options, you can’t do much better for $375.


Bria Murphy
Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag
$5,600 via Louis Vuitton

Here’s Eddie Murphy’s daughter Bria, shopping with her mom Nicole Murphy (Eddie’s ex-wife). The hot pink piping/lining on this Capucines make the style look a little more fun and youthful. We think Nicole’s bag is Bottega Veneta, but we’re not 100% certain.


Demi Lovato
Céline Tie Tote

I suspect that Demi Lovato has switched stylists recently, as her outfits in the month of June have all been pretty on point. Here she is exiting Greenwich hotel with a beautiful, daffodil yellow Céline Tie Tote that matches her multicolored floral jumpsuit.


Dylan Penn
Coach Swagger Shoulder Bag
Shop via Coach

Here’s model/actress Dylan Penn, attending the Coach 2015 Summer Event at Brooklyn’s High Line with one of Coach’s latest new styles, the Swagger. As you might suspect, she’s not just a model and actress, she’s also Sean Penn and Robin Wright’s daughter.


Kiernan Shipka
Coach Swagger Shoulder Bag
Shop via Coach

Here’s forever adorable Kiernan Shipka attending that same shindig, outfitted with her own two-tone Swagger bag. I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll be seeing a fair amount of these bags over the course of the next few weeks.


Nicki Minaj
Chanel Boy Bag

Nicki Minaj is a particularly fond of Chanel bags, but she’s also good at avoiding the paps, so we rarely get to peep at her bag collection. This week, however, paps finally caught up with Nicki at LAX, rocking the double denim and carrying a beautiful black Chanel Boy Bag.


Reese Witherspoon
Fendi Petite 2Jours Tote
$1,950 via Barneys

Reese Witherspoon just looks SO Reese Witherspoon here, I can’t even deal. She even has her initials on the hang tag of her hot pink Fendi Petite 2Jours! I CANNOT EVEN deal. Let’s move on.


Sofia Richie
Chanel Boy Bag

We’ll wrap this celeb round-up up with yet another celeb spawn. This time it’s Lionel Richie’s daughter Sofia, having lunch in Beverly Hills and practically begging someone to steal her beautiful Chanel bag off the back of her chair.



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