chanel beverly hills What do Hilary Duff, Rachel Bilson, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Morrison, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Lisa Kudrow have in common? They all attended the super chic Chanel and P.S. ARTS Party at the Chanel Beverly Hills boutique on September 20, 2007 in Los Angeles, California. The turnouts were dressed to the nines, mostly all sporting black ensembles and a Chanel piece. Who do you think is best dressed of the lot? Who is worst dressed of the lot? Personally, I love Kate Beckinsale’s dress, it is elegant and fun. I loved Phoebe on Friends, but her ensemble to me is hideous; her outfit looks like a bad memory from the 80’s.

Who is your best and worst dressed at the Chanel and P.S. Arts Party?

Pics below.

Hilary Duff Chanel
Hilary Duff sporting a Chanel Runway Bag

rachel bilson chanel
Rachel Bilson

kate beckinsale chanel
Kate Beckinsale

jennifer morrison chanel
Jennifer Morrison

Sarah Michelle Gellar chanel
Sarah Michelle Gellar

Ginnifer Goodwin chanel
Ginnifer Goodwin

Lisa Kudrow chanel
Lisa Kudrow

Images via CU

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Alex

    They all look stunning, with the exception of Lisa…jeans to a Chanel event???

  • Superqueen

    Rachel Bilson is my favourite. Hilary Duff wears a scruffy outfit, I don’t like it at all.

  • Zzuliyta

    My favorites are Rachel Bilson and Sarah Michelle Gellar… they both look very chic and sophisticated. Love them!

  • purplehilighter

    Rachel Bilson looks the best of the lot. I love the clean and sharp silhouette of her dress.

    I’d say Hilary Duff and Kate Beckinsale tie in for the worst dressed, which is a pity because Kate B is gorgeous.

  • Tara

    :grin: I think Duff looks sloppy. and so does Kudrow. i j’adore everyone else’s dresses especially Rachel

  • william

    Duff doesn’t look sloppy or out of place; Chanel is, afterall, about the je ne sais quoi, the woman who sometimes has a quirky sense of fashion.

  • Jahpson

    where is Kerry Washington? she had the Chanel pumps I am dying for

  • Anne

    Sarah Michelle Gellar is best dressed. It’s playful, it’s got spirit, but it’s still very refined. Hilary looks more out of place than even Lisa, so she’d be worst dressed.

  • Miss glam

    sarah michelle gellar is my fav she looks amazing!!! :grin:

  • Brooke

    rachel and kate!!!

  • Milly Anderson

    UHH!!! how mean.. i like hillary’s scruffy look. that is what is sorta in right now. i think lisa kudrow should be on the worst dressed list, because no one likes her and she looks so 2001 in that picture. 2001 had ugly clothes and ugly hair styles.

  • Jayne Shubat

    Sarah Michelle Gellar looks young, fresh, and sophisticated! She gets my vote for the best dressed at the Chanel event.

  • Chris Paglicauan

    i soooo love rachel’s outfit…especially the chanel pumps! so proud of her being half filipina that she is.

  • Bianca Gaytan

    They all look great i love how they know how to spice there outfits :razz:!! I love to shop at Chanel they ahve cute clothes and handbags, i also love there make up that is the only make that i will wear :!: :!: or my face gets all ugly with other make up i love channel.. One more thing you guys all look so cute i love the way that you guys spice up your outfits once again.

  • MissLoveChanel

    I’m surprised to hear so many negative comments about Hillary’s outfit. I think she looks great :!: One thing I love about Chanel fashion is the way it can be bent to different interpretations by different personalities. For a girl with a casual, flirtatious aura I believe Hillary has achieved a youthful, trendy look that also incorporates more classic elements. You go girl :grin:

  • cathy yasuno

    i could i say you cant go wrong with chanel..i love chanel

  • Maya

    Ginni!!!!!!! Need say more? Beautiful as always!!

  • luu


  • Amy Sweet

    hilaey duff loo :wink: ks cool as always no one can look as good as hil does she is the best u go girl u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Navia

    hilary duff u are the best in there u are cool and awesome u go girl. don’t listen to the haters that hate on u. cause they wish they were u lol bye. :wink:

  • rigina

    ilove Lisa Kurdrow she is ‘amaze Soo shutt it u lot
    i thinks she is safe :D

  • Cecilie

    I love Sarah Michelle Gellar, she always looks amazing :razz: She very beautiful, that hair is just fantastic:grin:

  • Cecilie

    I love Sarah Michelle Gellar, she always looks amazing :razz: She very beautiful, that hair is just fantastic :grin:


    EVERYONES FORGETTING JENNIFER MORRISON who is the most beautiful woman, hands down, no matter what she’s wearing. end of discussion.

    (kate’s dress is nice, but Hilarry’s choice is not flattering).

    BUT JENNIFER still rocks my world ^_^

    ex oh

  • se esch eifach soo höpsch mann.. :lol: :grin: