Goes to…….. drum roll………. Heidi Klum. I’m sorry. This has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I seriously can not get over how large she is. I’ve never seen a preggie mommie tummie look that way in my life!! Have any of you?!

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  • Lisa

    … only in low budget movies when they put some over-the-top fake pregnant belly on a talentless actress. I read she just checked into the hospital a few hours ago …. DRUM ROLL AGAIN!

  • kerry

    I’ve seen bigger, but never on such a skinny body. It looks positively ginormous on Ms. Klum. that said, why is she walking around? Shouldn’t she be lying in bed relaxing? An overdue can’t be comfortable to carry around like that!

    • akos

      ok, if you’re overdue, your doc tells you to walk around, watch a movie, get excited, move around, in order to actually start the process of giving birth to the baby

  • chemlex

    I think it just looks bigger than most other women because the rest of her didn’t fill out. I mean look how tiny her ass is!

    Or maybe she has a huge baby or twins. Either way, I wish her the best of luck with delivery.

  • Roy

    I KNOW!!!! She is HUGE!!!!!


  • Karen

    What’s even amazing is … the tummy will be gone/flat in weeks.

  • Abi

    Actually its the tight fitted short dress that is making her tummy look huge. If she had worn loose fitted maternity dresses then she would not look as huge as she is looking.

  • billyjoe

    That’s true, she should’ve gone to one of those stores like “The Pea in the Pod” and bought a loose fitting dress.

  • sami

    I agree that the dress makes her look especially big. However, even when she wore loose fitting clothes, she still looked huge.

  • LAuren

    Its def the dress!! I had a son not too long ago and wearing a knit fitted dress is probably the worst thing a pregnant woman can wear

  • Jd.

    She is wearing a maternity dress, it’s just it’s one of those designer dresses … shes a SUPERMODEL … she’s not going to wear something from the old navy …

  • Caitlin

    she just looks so big because the rest of her is SO SMALL!! i mean, she DOES model for victorias secret.

  • Sky

    It shows that she embraces her pregnancy. I think she’s beautiful.

  • Katelina

    She sure have a big belly, doesn’t she have to rest at home, instead of walking around.

  • Loh Leak Kai

    Wah seh Heidi Klum pregnant stomach so sexy.I hope i can touch her stomach non-stop.I also hope i can marry Loo Chu Mian and her pregnant stomach like Heide Klum so big and SEXY.

  • Leah

    i was in fact larger than that !!!

    2more weeks 2 go ! i was 46 inches around !!

    Thanksgiving:1 month to go. no its not fake and yes its only one baby. my hubby can verify

  • leah

    sorry here is the pics



  • Jonathan Freundlich

    Heidi is gorgeous. am sure you’ll be having a beautiful baby
    and you’ll be a fabulous mom. Will bet you’ll be just as stunning as before pregnancy real soon. :lol: Wishing you a
    healthy baby :roll: :evil: :mrgreen:

  • eb

    ya dude my chorus teacher

  • Haelie

    that’s deff deff a boy

  • amber

    dang this women is huge. but shes pretty. :mrgreen:

  • Lauren

    I think she looks great, but I dont think she is huge.

  • Shelly

    Even though her pregnant belly is enormous, she doesn’t seem to have any fat at all on her. Lucky girl….I wouldn’t mind having my belly expanded by Seal!

  • Amy

    No, she doesn’t look that big to me. She looks great and healthy! What is scary is pregnant celebs like Nicole Kidman that barely looked pregnant probably starving her baby to death to keep her body. Pregnancy is beautiful!

  • Leslie

    When I was pregnant with my 10 pound son I was very skinny and had this HUGE basketball in front – bigger than Ms. Klum! I have one profile pic like that. And it took me 2-3 months to look like I never had a baby.

  • Alexis

    You think she’s big!?!? I’m 8 months and I”M BIGGER THAN HER!!!

  • Kameron

    Yeah, I’ve seen bigger. Google “pregnant with triplets, and click on Tina’s flicker page. She was HUGE!

  • Glenda

    That is actually what happens to you when you get pregnant… you get big. But I think she looks amazing!!!

  • cirina
  • Naggy

    She might be having triplets in that pic. (ipad)

  • KY

    She still looks amazing! (ipad)