Ashlee Simpson bag

I can’t help but notice Ashlee Simpson changes style like Eva Longoria changes men. I understand she is trying to ‘find herself’, but chances are she should not replicate every style her sister uses- I know she does this with bags for sure. After all her whining about living in the shadow of her sister’s dream, she best stop complaining if she doesn’t find her own shadow to live in. Now, don’t get me wrong, the Chloé bags are being seen on everyone everywhere. But this is not the only identical bag little SNL Ashlee has copied from her sis. Take some advice Ash (it’s even free): don’t sing about living in a shadow if you constantly put yourself there, find yourself (punk rock girl to chic/ black to blond- what is it?), and ditch your dad being your date everywhere you go. But I must admit that I love the Chloé Silverado bag and your friends’ Juicy Couture bag isn’t too shabby either. I also do like your outfit in this picture much better than many I have seen on you.

* I do have some more praise for this girl- I love how you make Lindsay Lohan oh so upset about Wilmer. You can hang all over him as much as you want. That’s a big DO in my book! ;-)

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  • Roy

    I totally agree with you on this!!!! She is ALL over the place when it comes to her ‘own’ style….


  • billyjoe

    HEEE HOO HOO HAHA! That comment with the star on it is hilarious!

  • excessoreyes

    i think she got the necklace/rosary beads at madonna’s garage sale!

  • Zippy

    Since when did we all know our ‘style’ and present it right from the start of our careers? HUM??
    Let’s see… there was Mary Quant, Laura Ashley, onward and upward…

  • Jennifer

    What makes you so angry over a freakin’ bag?

  • Orli

    Its true that Ashlee does change her style a lot, people experiment when they’re young. But so what, some days I want to dress up girly or just averagely and other days I want to dress up a bit punk chic. Sometimes I want to get my my brown hair bleached blonde or highlighted blonde and other days I want to dye it black. I like her and also I don’t like Lindsay Lohan so that makes the wilmer thing good. You know what in this pic Ashlee looks good. I think her hair looks best when she had it black with a side fringe and extensions and she was wearing it wavy. It also looks good here where she has it a darker bonde. The only times I haven’t liked her hair is when she has it very light platinum/white blonde.

  • Rebecca

    I like Ashlee too. I think that with handbags she does sometimes copy Jessica but its like u forget that Jessica is Ashlee’s big sister and she is gonna look up to her. I don’t think that Ashlee copies Jessicas bags all the time. As far as I know she has the same speedy 25 cerises bag as Jessica and also she has the same colour bulga bag but in a different size. Anyways how do u know if it wasn’t Ashlee that had those bags first.

  • kelsey


  • Nicole AND the dollz

    i love everything except the bag its totally a granny bag

  • julie

    you’ are all stupid OK! stupid girls for hating ashlee! as if you have nice bags anyway.. losers

  • none of ure bloody business

    Your all assholes apart from Julie.Ashlee has the best style and has been voted best celeb hairdo on a website so shut the **** up!

  • reem

    look..wasup wid you i think that ashlees style is sooo amazing shes just being herself and you guys are just sojealous??
    the bag is amazing and its her choice wat she wants to wear why are you all upin her buisness
    ppl r sooo lifless these days!!!!!

  • irene

    She is amazing :razz: !! I love her style very much :smile: ! Sometimes i even copy her manner to dress! She is a model to follow and it`s you who should learn how to dress!!

  • Aracel! Palacios

    Yo creo que es estilo de ashlee simpson es de lo mejor.
    Sabe combinar perfectamente su oufit. :wink:
    Sigue asi de linda :wink: TQM

  • S

    Maybee she is borrow Jessicas stuffs :P

  • samantha

    fuck u all hors

  • samantha

    fuck u all hors :!:

  • Maryam

    :???: Ashlee is a ******* loser.
    GET UR OWN SHADOWW ! !, bitch.
    [reem]:being herself
    being herself?! she’s just copying jessica’s style.
    i hateee her baaaag ! !

  • Naggy

    That Silverado is pretty hot. (ipad)

  • KY

    I totally agree! (ipad)