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  • Smithy

    I would like to send a personal thank you to Anna Dello Russo for making my day. She is 2 1/2 years older than me and those pics make me feel better about my aging self. She is looking worn….slide #9, starting to take on a Donatella look.

    Salma Hayek has access to the best clothes/designers and girl can’t put together an outfit….ever….or rarely.

    I love Selena Gomez and she is adorable. She has one of those faces that will look perennially young no matter how you try to dress it up.

    That’s my boost my own self-esteem, holier than thou rant for the day. I feel better.

    • Jerri R

      OMG after reading your comment, I looked up ADR’s age. She is merely 9 months older than me, but she looks ancient. I guess she enjoyed the sun in the French Riviera way too much.

  • Jess

    That bag in slide 28 seems to be huge.

  • nabuagermeline

    Wow. I happened to see a lot of small clutches and bags. Think I should get one for me.


  • laura

    Where is Olivia Palermo, by the way

  • The Birkin and Hermes generally is on the way out

  • Yazi

    Even with a reputation for a certain stylistic flair and eccentricity, Anna Russo looks ridiculous in those clothes. None of it flatters her.

    Salma Hayek on the other hand is always impeccably dressed.

  • cbl

    i DIE for that python boy bag

  • Irene

    Yes, Anna Del Russo is disturbing to look at. She distracts away from the bags she carries, but in the wrong way. It’s like, how many beautiful and expensive items can we throw on a scarecrow?

    • Fjärilar i magen

      Does it make you feel better to write that she looks like a scarecrow? I think she is super cool, I want to look like her when I am her age, no doubt about it!!! She is so stylish! She once said “Always wear nightclothes during the day – it’s unexpected” and that thought is always in my mind everyday when choosing outfits.

      • Yolanda Henderson

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      • BellerinaTova

        Take good care of your skin and you’ll look and feel even better at her age.

      • Michelle Birchfield

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      • Lisa

        ADR is a lot of fun but I don’t think it’s overly mean to suggest that one reaches an age where minis are no longer flattering.

  • yh

    37. petit malle Na Young Keem!!

  • Dylan Propst

    Can we make it a TPB rule that bringing someone’s appearance into things isn’t allowed? You all sound like middle school girls, making fun of people you don’t know for their appearance.

    Anyway, ADR slays my entirety. Love her as well as Chiara.

    • Yuri J Kim

      I agree, I come here to look at and talk about bags, not insult people’s appearances :(

      • Lisa

        I agree. But, in fairness — if someone chooses to wear certain outfits and be photographed as a career, then I think they open themselves to comments about their appearance. It’s not as though she was caught off-guard going to the grocery store.

    • This is something we try to abide by on the forum, but it can be hard on PurseBlog comments.

      However, I do think people need to be kind! There is s much negativity in this world and we don’t want to add to it :)

  • ADR grew on me! Love her style and love that she updates her instagram several times a day so I can go peek at all the fun, expensive stuff that I can’t afford – yet.

  • Jennifer McGee

    These bags are all really beautiful. It is a much more elegant collection than that of New York fashion week. I’m getting ready to make my next investment and I can’t decide between a Louis Vuitton satchel (monogram or damier) or a Prada tote (in red). I would love advice. Thx.

    • Yuri J Kim

      I like the way the Prada tote looks better but I can tell you that LV has way better quality than Prada…I’ve only owned my Prada Saffiano Executive Tote for less than a year, it is already showing clear wear at the corners and the stitching is inconsistent and uneven. If I could choose again I would go for the lower price alternatives; I was expecting way better quality for the price. My LV Alma BB however has held up very well over the past three years I’ve had it, very well-made!

      • Jennifer McGee

        Turin- thank you for the feedback. It was very helpful. I am leaning toward LV Yuri- Thank you for the feedback. It was very helpful. I am leaning towards the LV for the exact reasons you mentioned.

    • Both are great options! I really love my Louis Vuitton bags because as Yuri said above, they hold up incredibly well. But I have a soft spot for Prada too.

      Keep in mind the LV will hold up better because of the coated canvas!

      • Jennifer McGee

        Thanks Meg’s. LV does hold up well. My Mum bought one at college graduation and I had it for over 20 years.

  • AshleyG

    Esther Quek (first time seeing her) and Helena Bordon are absolutely gorgeous in these slides!!!

  • Elisa

    Go Lala go !!! And Rock on ADR!

  • Irene

    No, doesn’t make me feel better. Just saying the truth. You really want to look like slide nine when your her age? Wow…
    I go on here because I love bags. People comment. Just like you are commenting on a comment and being judgemental. Get off your high horse and pull your head out. She looks like a seventy year old. Ridiculous.
    Scarecrow was putting it mildly. I’ve got less creepy Halloween decorations up.
    Now what??

  • KO0926

    It seems odd that anyone would pick Hermes Birkin or Kelly bags for this blog…. those are die hard classics and not sure deserving of a spot highlighting the purses carried in the 2016 fashion shows…. I would have preferred to see new bags that have not been seen quite as much. Granted they are beautiful bags…. but both of those bags look like they have been around the block a few times…….

  • Jerri R

    Looking at all these people and their astronomically-priced bags, I cannot help but think, that if they look good already, they probably will look good without those bags, and if they don’t look that great, an expensive bag will not do anything to salvage their appearance.

  • Jess

    Too many comments to see if this has been mentioned. But Anna’s leg in slide 6. It’s like it’s a snake shedding its skin. Creepy! Too much italian sun dear.

  • Mikhal Alkhazova

    The woman on the 37th slide is Na Young Kim, a Korean TV personality :)