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  • Samantha

    So pretty much a classic flap parade of bags :/

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  • Mahua

    so if i could buy just one Chanel bag which one should i chose – the classic Chanel flap bag or the Chanel boy bag ( which i like more )

    • Kristen V

      Flap bag is “the classic” Chanel bag that you’ll be able to wear forever. However, I’m a firm believer in buying what you like vs buying what’s trendy/status symbol of the moment.

      • shueaddict

        hear hear … the heart wants what the heart wants.

    • Abbi

      I’d buy the Boy if thats the one you are craving. It’s proved to be a classic hit and i dont think the design will be going anywhere anytime soon.

    • Divnanata

      I have both – a black an silver classic Maxi and a black and bronze large Boy – and I love them equally. The Boy is edgier. Forget one. Buy two or more!

    • LC

      I’d buy the flap bag. I personally own the WTC. Can not afford the flap. LOL.

    • Mahua

      Thanx a lot everyone for ur response … Will take my decision very soon and you have made it easier for me.. Hope will be the proud owner of a Chanel bag soon enough !!!

  • Cbl

    Isn’t that Stacy keibler, not Julianne hough?

  • Ralli

    I realize this might be blasphemous, but I really don’t like Chanel. It’s a brand that’s unfortunately been overexposed – and with the latest price increases and quality complaints, I don’t see myself owning a Chanel at all. I wanted a reissue for a while but then I tried out Celine and fell in love with the minimalistic design. I itched for a reissue again but liked the YSL Muse 2 more. I just wouldn’t be unique with a Chanel anything.

    • Sandra

      Chanel is iconic …bags that you can truly say have stood the test of time. The quality issue, well, you should probably read the forums and see that all brands have issues, even the brands you mention. If you do not like Chanel that is perfectly fine…more for us!

      • RG

        why so hostile?

      • Choogamo64

        Agree why so hostile, I love quality and style and the iconic Chanel stands the test of time

    • Aileen

      You are right about the quality. Of all the name brand purses I have owned, this is the only brand I have had issues with–hardware malfunction (toggle clasp, rings detaching from the leather) and unraveling of the stitches in several of the bags. When I brought it to a leather luggage restorer, they told me that it was bound to happen because it wasn’t pieced together correctly to begin with. I found out my sisters had the same issues, and that was just in the bag’s first year!

      • Scottsdale Kim

        I’ve had quality issues as well. The dye rubbed off numerous corners on my Cerf tote within the first year and I have a chain strap on another bag that has become disconnected numerous times. I use extreme care with my bags and do not have these issues wih Celine or Hermes.

    • Susan

      I agree with you. I don’t want the bag that everyone else has. Like you, I’ve gone with Celine. I had no plans to buy Chanel either, and would never buy one new because the price is too high and the quality is too low; but the other day I came across a vintage one from 1980 that stole my heart. I bought it.


  • Mila

    I just LOVE the lambskin bowling bag!

    • Duim Daley

      I had friend had the one I like it . But I wonder besides Celine and Hermes if fendi it’s ok .

  • That Chanel green nylon bag that Kelly Osbourne sports must be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen in bag design. Horrid.

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  • Ginny

    Does anyone know who makes the coat that Karlie Kloss is wearing? Thanks!

  • Andy L

    Where’s Blake Lively?! :o

  • Mya

    Okay so I need serious advice – both from PB team (esp Megs and Amanda) and the lovely PB family. I have saved enough this year for my second Chanel bag and its down to two choices – Classic flap or the Boy bag. I absolutely looove and want both, but I was definitely gonna go for the classic flap until one SA in the Chanel in London insinuated that the Boy may be discontinued soon.
    Now, should I get the Boy this year and save again for a classic flap next year (since it will always be produced), or should I just get my Classic flap and risk losing out on the boy completely (in the event it is indeed discontinued)? Which should I buy right now basically?
    p.s – Was gonna get the classic in black caviar and the boy in metallic.

    • shueaddict

      Here’s my unsolicited advice, if you happen to no longer be quite at your prime (I know 40 is the new 30 do we really feel it?) the Boy bag puts a modern / young spin on ANY look. And it is a great style statement, while remaining relatively understated. It just oozes cool factor (the type that money CAN buy in this case).

      • Mya

        Dear shueaddict, your advice was very much solicited; you are part of the PB family! I quite like your take on the Boy. Though I am still a decade away from my forties, I agree about the Boy bag’s modern spin. Hopefully I will make a decision soon. Thanks a bunch for responding.

      • Steffi

        Hey May, how did you decide? Love both bags!!

    • ebun

      Is your SA sure about the boy being discontinued? Because from my understanding it got bumped up to “classic” status, hence the serious price hike in it’s prices… Back to your question, I’d say buy the one you want less now or the fashion statement (so basically, the metallic boy). Reason being, even with price increases, you will always be willing to pay whatever price for the one you love but will always regret paying more (if you wait) for the bag you love but could have had for cheaper. Hope that analogy makes sense lol

  • krispy

    Does anyone know which brand is Hilary Duff’s sunglasses?

    • krispy

      on page 6

  • ajpenn84

    I wish Chanel would NEVER discontinue the Chain Around Maxi! It’s literally my HOLY GRAIL Chanel!

    • AbbyIndySaks

      They reissued it for the current season. $3800

    • Imgoingbroke

      I really need that bag in picture #26. Love Love LOVE the large chain around shoulder bag.

  • ajpenn84

    Actually on page 36, Miranda Kerr is carrying the CHAIN ME Tote. I don’t even own a Chanel bag yet but knew that lol.

  • Jenny

    Anyone know where to get a black leather coat like Jessie J is wearing-love the colar!

    • Dbelanger

      i have one and its from Danier Leather ;)

  • sandy

    does any body know the designer of sharon osborne’s ring?I also have the same ring but do not know the designer (long story on why I don’t know the designer!). thank you so much!!

    • sandy

      oops, its the pic where sharon osborne is wearing the chanel alligator satchel! thanks!!

      • Angyl Ricardi

        Sharon Osborn carrying an alligator purse and is a member of PETA LMFAO what a hypocrite those celebs are! She don’t want me eating a hamburger but she can carry an alligator purse ?? WTF

  • Rashida

    I so need to save for one!

  • J

    ummmm…Rihanna is terrible with Chanel…I mean, she makes Chanel terrible.

    • ShoeQueen61

      Either way; I agree!

      • Agree!

      • james anderson

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      • marytrasnick

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    • camille

      she is much better thank kelly osbourne any day of the week!!! and twice on sunday!

    • seun

      You are definitely in the 1%. Rihanna makes everything look good.

  • Barbie

    I bet Gabrielle Bonheur, aka Coco Chanel herself would be rolling inher grave to see what an ostentacious, greedy corporation her once small business has become! She started off as a POOR hat maker you know . Why would I buya $5,000 flap purse when I can literally bought a house for that much in a tiny town in TX. it’s actually a pretty nice house after putting $20,000 into it. Oh but that’s waht Hermes wants to charge for a leather box & with a handle! SMH!

    • Barbie

      I meant literally can & HAVE bought a house for that much! What;s even sicker is that often,these rich celebs get bags handed to them for FREE while the lil’ guy has to scrimp & save!

  • ShoeQueen61

    Love Lily Allen’s Bowling Bag

  • Helena N

    I need to save one for a Chanel bag after this post. Classic or Boy ??

    • Steffi

      Classic all the way! You can still wear it in 40 years.

  • chloe

    Is chanel price increase in france?

  • chloe

    May I know is the chanel price increase in france?

    • Steffi

      Yes, the Jumbo now costs 3950 Euro and the medium/large flap 3450 Euro…

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  • Not a fan of Kate’s style, but I LOVE Chrissy Teigens style and bags! Drool.

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  • C

    Classic jumbo flap caviar black and gold $5500 with tax $6000.

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  • Angyl Ricardi

    love how Cameron diaz is a member of PETA and is carrying a leather bag. Where does she think the leather comes from? She is also a communist and embraces Mao – doesn’t she know that Mao wouldn’t want her to be able to earn money to purchase that bag via capitalism? I thought she hated capitalist pigs. She earned that money – more money then others earn … shouldn’t she divide her money equally among us? Why does she have more money than I do? SMH what a damn hypocrite.

    • Fawcett Proust

      Shhhhhhhhhhh. This is PurseBlog, not PoliticBlog.

  • Steffi

    I love Chanel flap bags! I have a black caviar Jumbo wgh and I would love to add a black medium/large flap wsh to my collection, but the prices have gone up so much, I really can not justify spending this much money on one purse…

  • “Chanel should try pouring some of that #5 stuff on all their bags, since their prices stink to high heaven. You’re looking here at all the women who can afford these garments. I mean, have you ever sniffed a cow? They all smell the same…I need some more coffee……”

  • MomIn4inch

    Well, unless money is no object, the classic styles are both the prettiest and the most versatile.

  • Naeha

    Looking at these, i’m sure i want a classic flap over the boy bag. But also Rihanna with Chanel is rather disconcerting

  • Adrianne

    I’m just starting to wonder if they pass the black Chanel flap bag out to every celebrity like throwing necklaces out at Mardi Gras? If I had their kind of money I would be a little bit more unique!

    • Jerri R

      My God my thought exactly!

  • jennifertdahlen

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  • fetishdiva


  • Marnie

    The bowling bag is my all time favorite.
    Imho event/red carpet purses should not count as the celeb’s own. Hilary must own all Chanel’s ever made.

  • Nadine C

    Why channel is the favorite anyway? Saint Laurent has faaaar better designs. Just look at this amazing bag: http://www.thefashionistyle.com/2014/08/saint-laurent-bubble-quilted-bag2014082608.html

  • B

    I think Ashley Tisdale’s bag is actually called the Chanel chain around maxi flap.

  • Michelle Lim

    Is it me or is there too many classic flaps around? Boring…

    • Jerri R

      My thought exactly. I thought at that price, you’d want something a bit more unique. Same with Birkins. Then again, maybe they didn’t pay for them?

      • Lee

        There really are not that many original Black flap bags around, at $4,800 not many can afford. I literally found one at Saks in NY for my daughter. They go up in value and are hand made beautifully. The pictures you are seeing are of woman with net worth of multi millions. So if it looks over bought it truly is not your mama’s Coach bag. The service I received was exceptional and treated to a wonderful lunch. Thank you Channel!

      • BabyDietrich

        Unfortunately you do see way too many of them here in NYC, which is part of the reason I prefer to carry my seasonals (and they are more fun!)

  • Stella

    Does anyone know what is the style number for the Red Chanel flap that Hilary Duff is wearing? What year was it from?

  • Waldorf

    Nicki Hilton, carrying the chain boy, looks like a million bucks. That’s one bad ass outfit and the bag is perfect with it. She looks great.

    • Imgoingbroke

      she looks fantastic, for sure.

  • Waldorf

    Tisdale’s large chain around is to die for. I want that exact bag.

  • zarah

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  • S?n Tùng

    I itched for a reissue again but liked the YSL Muse 2 more. I just wouldn’t be unique with a Chanel anything.
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  • AnthonyDMartinez

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  • Sarah Stauffer

    The handle on mine has shafted! It’s vintage and I still love it!! It’s a gorgeous handbag!! If I can ever afford a new one,, I probably would but would donate dollar for dollar to a child in my community that needs my help,, get a new wardrobe for school!!! Know what I mean!!??

  • Anonymous

    This was such an excellent presentation

  • Jennifer

    I love, love, love my new Chanel Classic Flap! It’s my favorite bag :-).

  • Nicole Ginsberg

    Pre-owned Chanel is best! Prices in Canadian dollars (so extra value!) and a great layaway plan to boot. https://www.lovethatbag.ca/collections/chanel

  • Nicole Ginsberg
  • Kaly

    A bit off the Chanel subject, but can someone please explain Rita Ora to me?? Why is this girl famous? She always appears a hot mess to me and the only thing I know about her is she sang with Iggy Azelia and dated Rob Kardashian–neither which would seem to make a career!!

  • Sofia

    Check out the #chanelbirthdaymonth hashtag on Instagram!

  • Giselle

    Is it on my phone or images don’t match annotations. I noticed the same with older articles.

  • Jess

    I love this post!

  • Love!!!


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