We watch what celebs are wearing and carrying through every season, but Fall 2013 seemed to bring a swift return to form for celeb fashionistas, after a breezy, carefree summer of neon satchels and floral bucket bags. New York Fashion Week in September always reminds celebs to re-declare their fashion allegiances and find new brands to tout/tote. You’d think that finding the 10 best celebrity bag moments of the season would be no easy task.

Celeb bag-watching is my main gig – I’ve seen hundreds of celeb/bag combos in the past several months. However, when it came time to pick my favorite celeb handbag selections of the season, I was stunned by how far these ten stood out from the crowd. The bags that make up this list represent a wide variety of handbag needs, from carry-with-everything totes to full-on party-time clutches.

I know, a Birkin. I’m just as surprised as you are. If you read my celeb posts regularly, you know that Birkins are not exactly my cup of tea. While the more extravagant varieties can be fairly easy on the eyes, Birkins have always seemed a little one-note to me. But I was surprised when I saw Katy Perry, dressed in her cozy-casual winter best, with her wee 30cm Hermes Birkin. The smaller size makes the bag seem, well, cute and somewhat, dare I say it, modest? (I still think it’d be a lot cuter at half the price, however.)


Say what you will about Reese Witherspoon, but the woman has exquisite taste in bags. This Reed Krakoff Atlantique Bionic Mini Tote seems rather innocuous at first glimpse, but for some reason, it really sticks with you. Even though the bag’s silhouette is a tad reminiscent of other brands’ designs, the edgy Reed Krakoff detailing gives it enough oomph to make it a moment.


Yes, it’s Katy Perry AGAIN. Katy gets not one, but two of our best bag moments, thanks to this bright yellow Olympia Le Tan Dictionary Book Clutch. Katy’s bag collection is pretty eclectic, and (surprise, surprise) there’s a lot of overlap in our handbag preferences. I am but a humble freelance writer, and there are precious few bags I could justify spending over a grand on, but a unique, limited edition Olympia Le Tan book clutch is pretty high on my list.


I have a horrible secret. I like Kim Kardashian’s entire outfit here. But I LOVE that gorgeous blue-grey Bottega Veneta Crocodile Shoulder Bag. It conveys a certain degree of class, even when Kim’s class quotient is…questionable at best. Let the record show that there is a bag that can make a cotton crop top look classy, somehow. It does exist.


This crazy-expensive, crazy-exclusive Chanel clutch was probably the most obvious choice for our top ten. Jessica Biel’s beautiful Chanel Pearl Lego Clutch is so rare, we guesstimate its price is somewhere in the five figure range. Jessica rather boldly decided to carry her clutch with a nice little number from Chanel’s Resort 2014 collection on a chilly night in early November, but I think the combo of Lego Clutch and resort wear makes for fabulous charity gala attire.


For a few weeks that were concurrent to the release of her newest album, Lady Gaga was everywhere. Every public appearance involved a dramatic new look that was drastically different from the one that preceded it. This was one of my favorites, mainly because of that bizarro headpiece and that fabulous Alexander McQueen Heroine Honeycomb Bag. We give it a round of enthusiastic applause, applause applause….


Interestingly enough, Alessandra Ambrosio made our summer top ten with another Michael Kors bag. This ensemble is worlds away from her summertime short-shorts and crop top – it’s very supermodel business-casual. This calf hair-paneled Michael Kors Miranda Tote also represents one of the most affordable bags on the list, FYI.


If you’ve heard a lot of buzz about this bag, it’s for good reason – the Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag is an exquisitely made bag, especially for its price point. It’s a great everyday handbag choice, and that classic shape goes with everything from gym attire to party dresses. Kirsten Dunst certainly seems to agree.

Kirsten Dunst at the gym

Truthfully, I haven’t emblazoned my name or initials on anything since my blue middle school L.L. Bean backpack. I’m generally not a very showy gal, but this sparkly Edie Parker Flavia Clutch makes me want to wear sequins, dye my hair blonde and acquire a few tiny dogs of various toy dog breeds. Essentially, I want to change everything about my lifestyle to match Nicky Hilton’s clutch. (It’s not shallow. It’s just a dedication to style. Ok, it’s kind of shallow.)

Nicky Hilton arrives at the screening of 'The Counselor'

I’ve talked a bit about “everyday bags” over the course of this list, but the Coach Borough Bag is such a quintessential everyday bag option, I’m surprised we don’t all own one yet. The Borough bag is affordable, it comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes, and frankly, if it’s good enough for Sarah Jessica Parker, it’s good enough for me. End of story.

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8 years ago

Hilarious article! And I agree with all the choices you’ve made, especially with the Coach and Alexander McQueen bags!

Hope you had a merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all at Purseblog =)

8 years ago

Not impressed with the Mansur Gavrel bag. I thought the simplistic design is just that- simple. These exact silhouettes- tote and bucket-duffle bage are found in other leather store for half the price with just as good a leather and the entire process is made in Italy. Though they do have a variety of interior colors, but overall very overpriced for such a simple cut of leather. I will wait and see what other designs these two churn out next year. From the sound of it, they are making everything in Italy next year and I am sure the price will sky rocket.

8 years ago

I can’t believe Rihanna didn’t make the list. She’s carried some amazing bags this year as well.

8 years ago

i’m not a Kim fan but i do love the Bottega!!!

Chantal McCulligh
Chantal McCulligh
8 years ago

I love this look as well. Khloe is my favourite as Kim is too superficial, but this outfit and handbag is killer.

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