I am extremely picky when it comes to exotic handbags. I’ve seen so many gorgeous bags yet, at the same time, I’ve seen so many horrible bags. You really cannot skimp on attention to detail when it involves exotic skins. As I am sure many of you already know, sloppy craftsmanship results in flaking scales which is perhaps one of the biggest handbag no-nos out there. Luckily there are several design houses who continue to hit home run after home run with exotics.

Leave it to Carlos Falchi to put together the most amazing hobo that I’ve been obsessing over all day.

The Carlos Falchi Sueded-Python Slouch Hobo is the perfect combination of fashion, functionality and amazing execution. Like hobos in general, if not careful, exotic hobos can look like they were constructed haphazardly. Not the case here. The bark (brown) sueded python skin hugs the shape and style of this bag perfectly. Gunmetal hardware and a leather top handle (12″ drop) offer a bit of contrast to this neutral bag. I love the zip top with the tonal tie but even better yet, light blue suede lining. What a gorgeous pairing of colors. The bag is slouchy, smooshy and one that would go from day to night without much effort. Bravo Mr. Falchi, bravo! Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $2875.

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  • Audrey H.

    It really is gorgeous! (fb)

  • Emily

    Me likey! Classic bag! (fb)

  • covertanjou

    I want it!!!

  • covertanjou

    oops forgot to add (fb)….

  • Marissa

    I love the print but I am not a fan over the string closing. I also think the handle makes it look fake….this bag is not for me. (fb)

  • Gelynn

    Gorgeous!! I want one!! (fb)

  • LaToya

    Its nice. I’m not thrilled about it. (fb)

  • stacy

    I like the skin and the color but I do not like the execution. The tie, the seam down the middle, the way the handles are attached – it’s just not flowing to me. Falchi has so many other bags that are more glorious.

  • stacy

    needed to add (fb) – I keep forgetting

  • Jane

    All i can say is wow! I never would have thought an exotic skin would look so amazing in hobo shape. (fb)

  • CC

    Gorgeous bag, I love the detals in the skin! (fb)

  • Jenna

    I agree that the string tie is a bit odd. My stuff would definitely fall out! (fb)

  • Signe

    Oooh, this one I like <3 (fb)

  • OT

    Mmhh….looks like every other bag….nothing special…. (fb)

  • lily

    looks alright? i’ve found ties on bags to be frustrating though. (fb)

  • Rosanna

    I don’t really like the tie closure for this, but it looks beautiful nonetheless! (fb)

  • Jessica

    i like that shape of bag !! and material (fb)

  • Brigette

    I’m pretty picky too when it comes to exotic bags…I like this one though! I think I would LOVE it if it was in black! (fb)

  • justa9url

    The bag looks nice, but it’s not a bag for me. The colour and the closing does not work for me. (fb)

  • Kendra

    I love the design of this bag, if only I could afford it :(


  • Swags

    I’m not loving it. I only occasionally like exotics and one look at this one doesn’t do it for me. (FB)

  • Zaneta

    This is an absolutely gorgeous bag. A big WOW Bag. The only little detail that would stop many from buying is the price but I guess for bag like this it’s quiet expected.

  • Paulina

    That is SO pretty. And it’s the perfect neutral. (fb)

  • Kendra

    Ok. (fb)

  • mochababe73

    Beautiful skin and color, but I don’t like the way that it looks. It slouches too low in the middle. (fb)

  • Gorgeous

    i love it! gorgeous! and the price isint outrageous either. (fb)

  • Alia

    not a fan and i cant stand the brown color! it´s the only color i dont wear and to buy a brown hobo, tote, clutch, etc it must be spectacular ‘(fb)’

  • joyce

    beautiful! <3

  • Lisa

    That is so beautiful! (fb)

  • ceejay

    Hmm… It looks a little bit too organic for my taste (fb)

  • ShoeQueen1961

    Absolutely Gorgeou”ssssssss”

  • BLynnT

    I don’t love it but don’t hate it. I think this is one of those bags that I am not immediately drawn to, but if I saw another woman who had it paired with a fab outfit, I would absolutely want to have it immediately. : ) I guess I just need to see it “in action” to see how good it could be. (fb)

  • Ashley

    For some reason i keep comeing back to this bag i dont know what it is but i kinda like it at frist not so much but its growing on me(fb)

  • Paula

    This is so hip, I love it!! (fb)

  • pursemonkey

    I’d love to see it in person! The lining sounds like such a perfect choice and I’m a sucker for python. Beautiful! (fb)

  • Sofia Nolan

    too common or I don`t know. there`s something about it that I don`t really like

  • Maria

    I love it! Would LOVE a Carlos Falchi python bag in black…drool (fb)

  • Tamee

    I feel as though the slouchiness of the bag would make the scales just that much more “pricklier” feeling – from the angle of the way the scales poke out? But I’m not big on snakeskin in the first place. (fb)

  • christine

    hmm i’m having mixed feelings. at first i thought oh the handle is nice, but as i began to saw the slouch hobo towards the bottom, i began having second thoughts. I LOVE a hobo bag and its ease to wear, but something about the way this bag droops down so low is not making me completely love it. (fb)

  • Jen

    When I first glimpsed this post, I thought, “Gorgeous!” And then 10 seconds later, “Gross.” I love a slouchy hobo anyday of the week, and to do it in something other than fabric or leather is theoretically awesome, but for some reason, this bag – being such as non-structured as it is and in that “natural” color – really reminds me of a skinned reptile. Seriously, this thing looks like someone shot it and then fashioned it into a sack of some sort so that they could carry the rest of their hunted loot.

  • Debbie

    Not liking it. It looks way too slouchy for me. It probably looks even worse when it’s not sitting on a flat surface. (fb)

  • Susan ( @grumpy1970 )

    I like to have a little more structure in the bags I purchase. Slouchy bags are hard to keep organized. I like the python though! (fb)

  • kylie

    this bag looks nice! but the python skin sorta scares me… because i dont like snakes… alive or dead!

  • kylie

    his bag looks nice! but the python skin sorta scares me… because i dont like snakes… alive or dead! (fb)

  • Reece

    sueded python? that sounds like it would be hard to take care of.. i wouldnt be able to do it! (fb)


    too expensive for me:(
    but i dont really like it
    not my style

  • Sonya

    This bag is wonderful!! Carlos Falchi is one of the first high end designers I purchased a bag from back in the mid 80’s. He does a great job of craftsmanship, style and choosing great colors. He’s wonderful.

  • Lydia

    Seamless construction, tasteful, and versatile. These one gets 5 stars from me. (fb)

  • Michele Suleiman

    I like it, but it’s quite my style. The slouchy python looks supple and that handle! I love a braided, craftsman style handle. (fb)

  • Elyse

    this bag is kinda meh. I cant see myself paying for something that looks like this

  • Jane

    i like the look of this bag but I would definitely not shell out the ridiculous amount of money for it. (fb)

  • Allison

    I absolutely love this bag. The handle, the hardware – it’s just perfection! (fb)

  • Eric

    Great combination of the dark brown leather braided strap and beige sueded python, its not like the other snake skin thats feels scary to look at, this texture is lovely and will highlight any outfit- (fb)

  • Su

    Oh I’m definitely loving this bag! 1 of those things that makes u weak in the knees.. Well at least for me ;) (FB)

  • faline

    I am not a huge fan of exotic skin handbags but I really like the look of this one! (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    Too slouchy for me! Entry for Linea Pelle bag (fb)

  • abitnerdy

    not a big fan of exotic skin bags, but this really is a piece of art! (fb)

  • Joy

    ehh not for me
    beautiful tho!

  • Tiff Chao

    Yummy! Gorgeous bag! Just the right amount of flair. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    nice bag (fb)