Something about the light outside has changed. Even though it’s still cold in New York City, I wake up every morning and, somehow, my body just knows that we’re one day closer to spring. I’m ready for my closet to know, too; new collections are popping up all over the Internet, but I’d suggest starting with a little inspiration from the Bloomingdale’s Luxury Shoe and Handbag Lookbook.

The Lookbook features gorgeous photography of new accessories from both globally beloved brands like Burberry and Giuseppe Zanotti and cult favorites like MCM and Rupert Sanderson. The edit spans a pretty wide price range and includes pieces both classic and avant-garde, casual and formal. It’s a perfect place to start planning for spring, no matter whether you’re trying to choose a few new pieces to add to your everyday rotation or a pair of perfect shoes to wear to a special event.

Below, we’ve selected some of our favorite pieces from the designers featured in the Bloomingdale’s Luxury Shoe and Handbag Lookbook. To peruse the entire thing, head over to Bloomingdale’s now.

Burberry Prorsum Bee Satchel
$3,595 via Bloomingdale’s

This bag’s color combination is bright, but it’s grounded enough to wear before the weather turns warm for good, which makes it an ideal spring transition piece.


Furla Vertigo Large Paint Tote
$598 via Bloomingdale’s

Finally, a novelty bag with a decidedly functional base–this design is creative and playful, but it maintains an air of everyday luxury.


Giuseppe Zanotti Coline Sandals
$750 via Bloomingdale’s

Zanotti is famous for super sexy shoes, and this particular combination of brights, neutrals and minimalism feels wonderfully modern.


Jerome C. Rousseau Adelaide Evening Booties
$895 via Bloomingdale’s

Forget the evening shoes currently residing in your closet; these open-toe booties pack a much bigger, more glamorous payoff.


Le Silla Crystal Leopard Sneakers
$915 via Bloomingdale’s

An après-gym look, no sweating required. The smattering of crystals is a nice surprise for those in close range.


Longchamp Limited Edition Le Pliage Heritage Toile Tote
$1,355 via Bloomingdale’s

This bag captures the feeling of a beautiful beach scene without using an image of a literal beach. Just looking at it made me feel warmer.


Max Mara Medium Bucket Bag
$950 via Bloomingdale’s

This soft, roomy design has the luxurious ease that so many day bags try to create. Most of them fall short, but this one hits the nail on the head.


MCM Tulip Satchel
$1,125 via Bloomingdale’s

The details of this bag are key; the bright interior, snake strap and sparse studs give a young, cool feeling to a staid navy tote.


McQ Mini Cleo Satchel
$990 via Bloomingdale’s

If you think this bag lacks the signature McQ edge, look closer–the handle attachments are designed to look like razor blades.


Robert Clergerie Origami Wedge Sandals
$575 via Bloomingdale’s

Wedges like these are perfect for women who want a couple inches of height for casual wear, and the white-and-silver design makes them a smart, neutral choice for warm weather.


Rupert Sanderson Fiorella Pumps
$995 via Bloomingdale’s

If you’re attending a spring wedding, these are the shoes you wear. Look no further.


Salvatore Ferragamo Saffiano Fiamma Tote
$2,600 via Bloomingdale’s

Conservative work environments can be restrictive of spring clothing and accessories, but this sophisticated tote passes the test with flying colors in bright blue.


Sergio Rossi Matisse Filigree Sandals
$1,185 via Bloomingdale’s

These sandals live up to their name; the straps will appear to have been painted onto the top of your foot.


Stuart Weitzman Nunaked Mid Heels Sandals
$398 via Bloomingdale’s

The mid-heel height, multicolor fabric and metallic thread means that this shoe can do it all. It’ll look just as chic paired with skinny pants as with a full skirt.



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Cara M
Cara M
7 years ago

Those blue Sergio Rossi sandals are gorgeous

7 years ago
Reply to  Cara M

Totally agree! They are adorable and look like they would still be wearable.

7 years ago
Reply to  Sparkletastic

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7 years ago
Reply to  Cara M

I just bought them in the pump version, and not only are they beautiful, they are incredibly comfortable 🙂

7 years ago

None of the pictures would open on my screen, but I LOVE the green&white sneakers! Totally getting something like that for the summer instead of a new pair of SuperStars.

7 years ago

I love that Burberry bag. I also liked the Furla tote and the Jerome C Rousseau ankle boots, but I’m not sure about that heel.

7 years ago

can’t view pictures

Susan Kelly
Susan Kelly
7 years ago

I love that colorful highheels and bags.the original ClimaCool running shoes

7 years ago

Anyone else obsessed with the Longchamp Le Pliage Heritage Tote?

7 years ago

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