Over a year ago (yes, I am a hair past beyond fashionably late), Rachel Zoe answered us on Twitter to tell us her first designer bag. She saved her own money and on a trip to Paris bought a Louis Vuitton half-moon shaped messenger bag. Of course she did. Now we typically see her rocking Hermes bags. Wonder if she still owns that LV bag and if so, can she please have it make an appearance?

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  • Connie

    My first decent handbag was Liz Claiborn purse I had purchased as a special present to myself for my birthday, but a guy ran and snatched from me just a few days later. Needless to say, I was so hurt by that. :0/ thank GOD I lived to tell it though!!! :0)

  • Kymmie

    When I was in High School in the early 1990s (here in the sticks!) Liz Claiborne was the it bag. I was a rockstar because I had nine.

  • Soeren

    Just for information :)
    Rachel still owns the messenger bag. You can see it on the following picture on top of the rack on the right side.

    Love Soeren

  • Blo0ondi

    my first bag was (ithink) wither LX or givenchy nt sure!!

  • Lauren

    I bought the LV Alma in my senior year of HS. I still have and love that bag!

  • Vasaki

    My first real bag is LV Neverfull GM,and I just bought it(last christmas……..)
    I hope I will have as many as she has at the foto someday(both bags & shoes)…..lol :P

  • mochababe73

    My first designer bag was in the 80s, and it was a Liz Claiborne as well. Back then, that was the bag to have. However, my favorite one was a neon orange Esprit with the long black strap.

  • Big-D

    Louis Viutton Speedy with my entire first paycheck :) (1983)

  • kellyng

    dior double saddle gaucho

  • Edric

    Louis Vuitton damier canvas neverfull MM. I’m so proud of it coz it was bought with all my hard work. Next stop an Hermes birkin or a Mulberry bayswater :)

  • Merve

    Im such a hoarder of bags i honestly cant remember which was my first….its a toss up between a Fendi Baguette with sequins (the horror!!!), Dior saddle, LV mono backpack or a prada black nylon…I think

  • Jen

    My first was a Gucci tote my mum gave me when I was 13, still have it and love it, though it badly needs new handles hehe

  • Jennifer

    I was rockin some Liz Claiborne & Esprit back in the 80s too! =) Graduated to Dooney & Bourke, classic Coach, & Louis Vuitton in 90s! =)

    • Dawn

      I remember in 1988 saving all my money from babysitting to buy my first Dooney Burke. I loved the duck on the front and the all weather leather. I later carried classic coach and eventually LV. It has been downhill from then.

  • Alyson

    I had a Liz Claiborne back in the late 80’s as well. They were THE bags to have. I got mine at a nice department store, and the SA took it out of a locked case to show me. I wonder what happened to that bag?

  • ashtein

    im still young but my first designer it bag was a louis vuitton clutch bag!! and em still using them right now!!

  • Miss.Cherie

    My first designer bag was a miu miu bow! My first designer purchase was a chanel necklace ;) I am only in my early teens so my collection definitely has a way to go!

  • belgianyen

    Mine was a GUCCI clutch then a GUCCI Hobo. The latter has seen better days but the clutch is still A-okey as of today! ;-)

  • Aria

    My first, and for now, only, real designer bag is a medium Chanel Classic Flap in black with gold hardware. I spent years trying to decide what was more worth the splurge, and this was the one bag I knew would last me forever. Luckily for me, I got it a few days just before the price jumped almost 20%!

  • sandiinthecity

    Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Alma PM, and I still have it, and still love it!

  • Windy

    I, like others, had a Liz Claiborne bag as my first bag by a designer back in the 80’s. I actually had two different ones. I ordered them out of the Spiegel catalog. I carried a small brown leather bag for Fall/Winter and a white/taupe bag for Spring/Summer. I thought I was carrying the true “it” bags! The only designer bags I was aware of at the time were Chanel bags. I did not even know what a LV bag was when I first saw one carried by a co-worker around the late 80’s. I called it the L – V bag, by its initials. HA!

  • Bir

    A Kelly actually very lucky, as a gift my grandmother gave me when I turned 15 it was hers and she got a new one and gave me her old one I love it !!!!

  • erica

    I had a brown Esprit camera case looking bag that I loved very much. I had Liz Claiborne also but didn’t realize it was as much of an IT bag until I read the comments! (Go me)

    Not really designer, but my first real handbag of any quality was a black Coach bag that my mom bought me for Christmas one year. I still have it and use it. I has a longer, adjustable strap. It is called the Janice Legacy bag. The leather on that bag is very nice and thick. Coach reissued those classic bags. They’re worth a second look.

    I would love a Chanel Classic Flap as mentioned by another reader. That is a great bag to own forever!

  • adriana

    my firts designer bag is a gucci medium boston bog (vintage web)…so perfect, and beutiful that i don´t want to used!!! i put it in front of my bed to see it always!!!

  • Bianca

    First REAL designer bag was a Marc by Marc Jacob Natasha bag I purchased a few months ago. Now I have two and soon more designer bags. Hopefully a Louis Vuitton within the next few months!

    • Bardo

      Articles like this really gsraee the shafts of knowledge.

  • Jelita78

    awwwww… love rachel zoe!
    i think my first designer brands bag was COACH Hamptons Business Tote.
    that is if COACH is considered in the designer group.. if not, then it’s the LV speedy aquarelle white watercolour 35! (ipad)

  • helen

    Ah the life of the rich and famous. (ipad)

  • Jen

    Interesting! (ipad)

  • I was 16 or 17 years old it was the trademark Ted Lapidus bag in the brown-tan/leather-fibre. I have no idea where it is now. It was quickly followed a Chanel chain bag in navy blue which I still have. Both were from my parents, and it’s become a life long collection.

  • bluelly

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