Tracking down and buying Loewe bags in the US is hard and because of this, I rarely think of the Spanish brand that makes such covetable bags. But the other day I was thinking of what brands we can feature that are different from the usual designers we’ve come to associate with designer handbags, and Loewe popped into my mind.

The Madrid-based brand is known by much of Europe for its beautiful leather goods, but most people in the US are not as familiar with Loewe. Though there are a handful of American stores that carry a few Loewe bags, it simply is not enough and this brand deserves so much more attention from us and the rest of the accessory loving world.

Each collection focuses on the beauty of the leather and craftsmanship, pairing sensuality with geometry and richness with classical. Like much of the Spanish culture, bright colors are added along with touches flare which is very reminiscent of Spanish culture. I love how the bags are refined but not boring. Amanda and I continue to share our love of the brand and while she hasn’t found the perfect Loewe bag that she needs to add to her personal collection, I’ve decided this may be one of my next additions. It is just that good. Today, I want all of you to consider Loewe a serious contender for your next handbag purchase; I know I will. Shop Loewe online.

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  • Silversun

    That pink croc Amazona is to die for.
    Loewe’s leathers are insanely scrumptuous. Such an under the radar brand, which is quite good in some respects – their quality hasn’t declined over recent years, and prices aren’t yet massively inflated. Definitely top of my list to get in early. I really want one of the tiny, gorgeous Amazona 23s. :)

  • Kim

    I love these bags and the colors are to die for. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  • License2Tote
  • Dave

    Loewe designer, Stuart Vevers has been in Los Angeles and San Francisco opening both Loewe shops in shops at Neiman Marcus. The next opening will be at Miami.
    I wish you could buy Loewe bags easier.

  • crazybaglady

    I’d love to see more Loewe bags on sale in the US. I just love my Amazona bag; it truly is a classic! Would be great to see more styles here-

  • haiyang

    Loewe is really beautiful. It is different from other brands. I love it very much.
    If it is possible, I really hope I could one hundred Loewe bags and I would reserve a room for it. Of course, it is just a beautiful dream.

  • LauG

    I have a Loewe Ostrich Calle bag that I am selling on Ebay if anyone is interested. It is the same one that Victoria Beckham has.