I get used to talking about many of the same designers from day to day because let’s face it, they make great bags and they make bags that I love. But there are so many other options out there, and I would hate to leave worthy accessory designers out of our coverage. That’s precisely why I spend hours browsing online, flipping through magazines, and checking out lookbooks – so I will know as much of what’s available as possible.

Jil Sander is not a foreign name to the fashion world – quite the contrary. But Jil Sander bags have only been a blip on the radar, they have never reached out and grabbed my attention fully. That is, until now. Right when I saw the Jil Sander Malavoglia Tote, I knew it was a beautiful bag that deserved its own feature. So here it is for you Malavoglia Tote, your own post on PurseBlog. You earned it.

This is a bag I believe should be watched. The ultimate fashion style stars may not be running out to buy it, as it is not of Celine fame right now, but I imagine the refined editor adoring this bag hanging from her arm. The design has a a similar quality to the beyond famous Celine Luggage Tote, but it is not a copy.

This bag stands out for its clean lines and simplicity, but that does not take away from its inherent beauty. Arctic-blue deer leather makes for a sturdy but sumptuous design, and the handles under the top slot give an alluring finish. There is of course an optional shoulder strap, but no matter how you carry it, this bag is suited well for those that love a good bag but don’t need the latest “it” bag. Buy via Net-A-Porter for $1,890.

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  • crazybaglady

    With approx. weight of 5lbs. & 2 tote handles on 1 side, I’d have to see it IRL to check out the balance of this bag– pretty color tho.

  • Cliff

    Reminds me of the alexander McQueen heroine bag!

  • Sue

    Wow – bucket list check off for Jil to be sure – “earning a post” on PurseBlog… what a silly thing to say.

    • Babs

      Agreed! That was a ridiculous comment.

      Self-important-much, Purseblog? Haha :)

      • I’m sorry you read it that way – that was not the intention. I meant it playfully, we don’t take ourselves that seriously!

      • Sisgoldenhair

        Oh, come on girls, I look to Megs and Amanda to keep me in the loop because I have neither the time nor $$ to explore every designer’s wares. I appreciate that they have gone off the beaten path a bit, and I also appreciate the simplicity and elegance of this bag.

    • It was meant more tongue-in-cheek!

  • Marissa Cooper

    looks like a combination of alexander mcqueen’s heroine bag and celine’s luggage bag

    • Grace

      That was exactly my first thought! I have a Jil Sander bag, their stuff is great quality and better priced than Celine. I still would not buy this bag though, the leather is not very exiciting.

  • www.howcanigetafree.com

    One thing that I find my wife looking for in a purse is a secret pocket that is not easily located. I think that alot of women would like that in a purse but then I’m a man. I will ad this site to my favorites list.

  • elegant tomato

    For me, this bag looks most like Reed Krakoff’s Atlantique two-tone leather tote. Yet more expensive. It looks like a copy of it. It doesn’t look much like Celine…