Beauty shopping online can be kind of a bummer. Not only is it often difficult to find exclusive products and special sets anywhere but in-store, but you’re almost always stuck paying full price for anything worth having. In a shopping landscape that’s been revolutionized by the Internet, the beauty industry has clung to many of its old ways. Until now, that is – that’s where Coterie comes in.

Coterie is a members-only online beauty site that gives consumers access to special offers on exclusive sets and products from in-demand companies like Stila, Kevin Aucoin and Perricone MD. We’ve teamed up with Coterie to bring you an interview with Lydia Mondavi, founder of 29 Cosmetics, which launches on Coterie today. Check out the interview after the jump or head straight to Coterie to sign up to get shoppin’. Oh, and make sure to tell your friends – for everyone you refer who makes a purchase, you get $20 toward your next order.

Lydia, please tell us the background of 29 Cosmetics.

29 redefines cosmetics and skin care for the woman of today. I designed 29 around the idea that true natural beauty is not effortless, but comes through dedication, understanding, protecting and nourishing the skin. 29 stands for the picturesque road that runs through our vineyards in Napa Valley.

With over a decade of experience creating and formulating spa and beauty products for the luxury market and through designing and developing spas and resorts around the world, I realized that we are missing a very crucial step in our daily skin care regimen. Every product in our cosmetic bag should protect our skin from aging and be beneficial to our skin. Never before has a color cosmetic and organic skin care line created every product enriched with age-protecting benefits of grape seed extract. The extract is known for its protection against free radicals and pollutants, keeping your skin looking younger, longer. Grape seeds are one of the most concentrated forms of anti-oxidants, and over the past several years, I have been formulating 29 to ensure that every product and treatment is enriched with their benefits to provide a completely Age Protecting skin care and color cosmetic line.

It is not enough to offer great color; it is essential that 29 enriches and protects the skin from damaging free radicals. 29 offers the unique opportunity of beautiful benefits and brilliant color. The 29 woman is elegant. She cares for her skin and knows that in order to maintain youthfulness, she must nourish the skin while protecting it from the harms of everyday living. The 29 woman embraces life and understands that Knowledge Is Beautiful™.

Our readers span across a few decades. What product from 29 Cosmetics would you recommend for someone in their 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond?

If you’re in your 20s, our Cream Cleanser is amazing for the most sensitive skin types and helps balance stressed skin and hormonal changing skin. The Cream Cleanser can also be used as a mask so it doubles as a two-in-one product. Our lip glosses with SPF 15 are perfect as well.

In your 30s, I would highly recommend our Napa Mist to use as a toner, hydrator and protector for the skin and as an all-day pick-me-up. In your 30s, you start noticing changes in the texture of the skin as well and sometimes start seeing an increase in pore size the Cream Cleanser is also a great pore minimize and perfect to even skin tone and brighten the skin.

In your 40s (a group of women of which I’m proud to be a part), I encourage the use of our skincare as part of your day and night regimen. The Serum Extract and Eye Emulsion are my miracle and must-haves! I have also designed our eye shadows like silk, they are milled super fine in our factory so they do not crease on the lids, nor fall into fine lines and wrinkles. Our moisturizing, long-lasting lipsticks with SPF 20 keep the lips hydrated and luscious all day and minimizes the appearance of those fine lines on our lips. It feels like a lip balm – so fabulous!

What do you think are the most powerful tools that your line can provide against aging?
29’s Grape Seed Age Protecting™ formula protects the skin from the signs of aging by fighting and destroying free radicals that are found in our everyday environment. Grape Seed extract has been researched and studied as a super anti-oxidant for over 30 years, and it’s 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E and 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C and D.

What should women who are looking to start a skincare routine consider first?
I believe that everything you apply to your skin and body should be beneficial to your skin so every product in the 29 collection contains our Grape Seed Age Protecting™ formula to protect and nourish your skin so whether you are a lipstick woman, skincare, body care or mascara lover you can’t go wrong with any product in the 29 collection each one will start benefiting your skin the moment you begin with 29.

How does your company’s makeup figure into the skincare picture?
Each and every product, from foundation to mascara, lipstick and glosses to lip and eye pencils, shadows to blushes, contains the super powerful anti-oxidant of 29’s Grape Seed Age Protecting™ formula. Every product in your cosmetic bag should be beneficial to your skin. It’s not just about brilliant color, it’s about brilliant color with beneficial skincare results. It’s skincare in your make-up.

Tell us about your partnership with Coterie.
We are thrilled to partner with Coterie, we have been strategically looking for an amazing partner to showcase trends in fashion, color, skin care and body care, and we believe that Coterie and 29 are a perfect fit.

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