Like many of you, I was heavily skeptical about Burberry’s Fall 2014 runway bags. Many of them looked like hastily conceived art projects, painted in the brand’s studio by people who were clearly not painters by employment. At the time, the standouts were a few velvet-on-leather bags that looked much more purposeful and high-end than their painted counterparts, but does the Burberry Padlock Dome Satchel work outside of that context?

This bag feels busy when judged by the minimal standards that have overtaken the luxury accessories industry over the past few seasons, but as aesthetically aggressive bags go, it’s still kind of interesting. It reminds me of a thick, warm blanket that you might find at someone’s parents’ lake house in the woods, and I’m always partial to blanket prints. The mustard, black and beige colorway fits the look nicely, and although the finished product feels a little too rustic for my personal style, it’s an option that I could imagine being styled immaculately by someone with a very specific personal style.

This isn’t my bag, but I’m also not mad that it exists. If you feel strongly one way or the other, let us know in the comments.

Buy through Neiman Marcus for $2,795.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Bipasha

    Leave It!

  • Sandy

    It is interesting but I will not be purchasing it….

  • klynneann

    I like it! I wouldn’t purchase it at that price point, but it’s interesting, and I like the color combo.

  • Rosa Lily

    Leave it. The padlock trend had it’s moment, no need to resurrect it. If each panel of the bag consisted of each one of the patterns shown then maybe it might look better.

  • Lewis

    Oh God, leave it!!! This season’s whole collection is just awful awful awful, Chris should not be the CEO and the Creative Director at the same time

  • It look’s like a very cheap bag from Primark. There’s too much going on.

  • Ago Prime
  • I like the design, but It’s not versatile enough. It’s so fall-like, which makes it difficult for styling in the warmer months. The price makes it difficult for a purchase as well

  • HfromT

    Horrifyingly bad….

  • Joanna

    Leave it!

  • WH

    I like the bag, and if it isn’t heavy when i try it on at the store, I am willing to purchase it because I am a biased diehard Burberry fan. The padlock is a Burberry Signature that is seen on many of its bags and I have a few with padlocks. I wouldn’t buy this version but I saw this version of the imprinted art design of London , and I want to get my hands on that if I can.

  • FashionableLena

    Leave it. I like an over-the-top bag, but this is too busy even for me. The padlock also looks too small in comparison with the rest of the bag.

  • nice bag i like it because of size and color combination so ithink its nice and interesting so thanks for posting nice blog

  • WhosThatBag

    It’s possibly the most interesting bag I’ve seen all season. While it’s not an everyday-wearable, it will turn heads and will be a fabulous show piece come November.

  • Dlovesdesigners

    I really like it, it’s really pretty. Personally I think it’s visually appealing with the soft homely blanket vs the seductive leather.