burberry warrior bag Dubbed the “It Bag of Spring 2008” the Burberry Warrior has created quite the hype. Seen on the arms of countless celebrities (and all over the set of the hit show Gossip Girl), this bag has taken the handbag world by storm. The bag started its journey on the Burberry runway in beige. Christopher Bailey, the Creative Director of Burberry, cited the Luxury Warrior as his inspiration for spring and this can be seen with his metal stud design used on this bag. The Burberry Warrior implements dark silver stud details on top of black leather. The top features a wide panel with drawstring pulls that go through eyelets to secure. The bag will fit snug on your shoulder. I saw this bag and loved it. It is so refreshing to see something different and eclectic from a brand that you begin to know what to expect. This bag was a great addition to a brand that at times has been predictable. Buy through Net A Porter for $3,195.

burberry warrior bag
Burberry Warrior Bag

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  • Jane H.

    edgy but looks REALLY heavy :shock:

  • luce

    icky…. :shock:

  • Jane

    reminds me of barnacles…

    this post below said it all for me

  • Miss_white_lily

    No thank´s! :shock:

  • morgan

    I tend not to trust things that are often shown on shows like Gossip Girl (although I am a big fan of the show) because I am sure that Burberry is paying a pretty penny to have their bag worn by “manhattans elite” as to draw attention to their products.

    Ohh the schemes of marketing…

  • Maria

    A totally “out-of-this-world” kinda bag designed by Burberry…so unlike the usual style…where are the checks?

  • Jahpson

    Burberry can do better.

  • Jamie

    In the UK, Burberry has a pretty bad name and they have been trying to make an effort to clean up their image.

    Type “Chav Burberry” on google to find out why.

    I’ve never worn Burberry anywhere eversince.

  • Wendy

    The bag is damn heavy! Carrying bricks on your shoulders!

  • windowshopping

    all i can think of is braveheart…

    • hawaii2484

      me too.

  • LucianaW

    I don´t li :???: ke this…

  • Shannon

    Wow, this is the ugliest bag on earth. I’m sorry to say this but you have HORRIBLE taste. And from what I’ve seen, this is just one of your many atrocious picks. I’m surprised, I thought someone who runs a so-called purse blog would have some semblance of style.

    • You realize that taste is subjective…

    • Nicole

      :) Funny.

  • luce

    hey! megs has awesome taste. if you don’t like her taste, don’t come here!! :mad:

  • Sasha

    Am I the only one here who likes the bag? This is actually the first time that I like Burberry bag. So edgy and bold, but not screaming the brand (no checks). I never like the checks.

  • Lauren

    Very…masculine. warrior bag? not my taste and plus there are way too many better looking bags that are LESS than 3 grand. Wow these “it” purses keep getting uglier and more expensive!

  • morgan

    i really like the top part of the bag.
    can we imagine a house check tote with dark brown leather for the wavy top of this bag?
    that would be fabulous.

  • Cat

    I fell in love with the plain black version of this bag! It is really amazing. As for rude comments about other’s taste…CAN’T STAND THEM!

  • Mary

    I’ve never cared for the checks, and while I’m not a fan of this particular bag, it’s good to see they’re branching out.

  • dierregi

    I like that it does not look like the usual Burberry bag (cannot stand their trademark tartan, seen everywhere from scarves to hats and most of the times not on “It” people :)
    I would like it more if it wasn’t that huge (in the photo it looks smaller) and definitely very heavy, with all that hardware.

  • Brie

    I have seen this bag and have tried it on and let my tell you that the bag it self is heavy as heck! I felt like my arm was going to come off. But I love this bag though.

  • jburgh

    Brie – I too tried it on and it must weight 10 pounds empty. I could never carry it, though I am attracted to the metal medallions :smile:

  • anon.

    really unattractive.

  • hal

    dont really care what the naysayers are saying. This bag is wonderful when you meet it in the ‘flesh’. Its big and roomy, it speaks of a bold girl, edgy girl yet somehow the quality workmanship also speaks about her lineage – she is royalty after all :wink: To thge detractors a birkin is just as heavy, yet people are lugging it around. Its a classic they may say but so is this bag. To Jamie – what rot….Burberry’s by christopher bailey is rockin – enough to garner Bailey an ELLE UK nomination for best creative house director. And he worked at GUCCI under the watchful eye of tom ford…so it says something. AND THIS IS THE PATRONS PURSE BLOG, IF YOU DONT LIKE HER TASTE FIND A BLOG THAT WILL SUIT YOUR TASTE. how disrespectful. I may sometimes disagree with megs but usually the strong reaction ius of the design not her tatste. :evil:

  • smallpaperbird

    ugly as sin.

  • Vicky

    Not for me. I think the bag is ….. a no no

  • bryce

    I have this bag and I get compliments all the time it’s a wonderful bag its big enough to cary alot but not huge. I love it.

  • bananaoranges

    I actually like it this bag, would prefer the medallions on a non-check surface though. But, it IS very heavy, tried the smaller one in the store. Also I’m not a fan of drawstring bags.

    It’s so rebellious and edgy.

  • Chefdon

    I love this bag I think is a good thing that burberry change they style . I do not want to see they make only plain boring bags that every brand Can do it .

  • Mel B

    I love this bag, but I wonder if the studs on it will snag clothing…It is unique and edgy!

  • Annie D

    Until you see this bag in person, you can’t imagine how gorgeous it is. It is like a piece of art.

  • Karina

    LOVE THE BAG SO MUCH IT HURTS. Christopher Bailey is the best thing that ever happened to Burberry.

  • Adrienne Zedella

    do like it (fb)

  • mermaid

    Just bought this bag from Yoogi’s..in very good condition..so excited!!

  • beanyce126

    lil too scary for me to carry.(ipad)