Burberry Plaid Canvas Tote

I just realized that I actually do not own a Burberry handbag. Gasp! I own some scarves, a coat, and some other little accessories but no bag. Whether or not it makes sense, I would love to own at least one bag from all of the big designers. I just chuckled out loud thinking what my father or any other rational person would say to this. Oh well. If I were going for a Burberry bag, I think I found a very cute one that is a bit different from the rest. The Burberry Plaid Canvas Tote reminds me of spring and picnics. I can just see myself wearing this more vibrant plaid print with its bright leather trim to the park or out in the country with Vlad. Ahh the thoughts of warm weather and butterflies makes me happy. This tote has double top handles, two outside pockets with drawstrings, two inside compartments with dividers along with zip pockets, and measures 12″H X 16″L X 8″W. I can see not everyone liking the crayon colored plaid pattern, but it suits me well enough for my picnic dates in the country 🙂 Available via Saks for $495.

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