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  • Kate

    It’s quite dreadful, but to each his own.

  • Tinsley Proust

    Oh wow. I love all of them. I think this may be the start of Burberry’s comeback.

    • That’s what I think too! I really love the two stock images I attached (with the white background) – but there seems to be a color/material combo for everyone!

      • Tinsley Proust

        I’m usually not a big snakeskin person, but they’ve done it really well here. I think slide 8 is my favorite.

  • Sparky

    I was in Burberry the other day and saw these in person. I didn’t like them because I felt there was WAY too much bag going on. Instead I went to Balenciaga and bought my first Mini City (thanks to PurseBlog’s coverage).

  • ECooper

    It seems like designers are trying to out do each other with the amount of patterns and embellishments this year. I am in sensory overload after looking at the fall bags and shoes. I am reluctant to buy any of these pieces because they don’t really seem like they are good investments. Kinda fun but they will be “out” in a flash.

    • dela

      Yeah, after all the minimalist bags, now pendulum is beginning to swing the other way.

      • Sparkletastic

        And not in a good way. They all look like 1st year fashion school projects!

  • Charlie

    Never liked the patchwork look, it’s like they have used the leftover from other exotic pieces to put a new bag together

    • Nancy Amin

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  • Imgoingbroke

    I like them as a clutch. I’m not crazy about the thick shoulder strap, that’s just dumb, but as a clutch, especially photo 6, I like.

  • Alice

    These bags are reminiscent of Coach bags from about 10 years ago. Especially the big brass buckles.

  • shuzluva

    It looks like someone said “luxury” and they threw absolutely everything expensive onto the bag. It reads gauche to me.

  • psny15

    i find this to be tacky and boring – something that should come from coach, not burberry

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Usually I wouldn’t be caught dead with patchwork anything, but these are tastefully. Not ungapatchka at all.

  • FashionableLena

    It’s so tacky that I like it.

  • Sparkletastic

    OMG! that is one fugly bag!!! ?

  • mardigras

    Deliciously decadent. Love!