Burberry Leather ToteThe Burberry Leather Tote is so beautiful and perfect that I can’t even bring myself to snark about it. And I can snark about almost anything, it’s just what I do. But on this tote in particular, there is nothing snark-worthy because it’s all beautiful. The color is a crisp white, the structure is equally crisp, and the handles are long enough and the body big enough to make it completely functional – this bag isn’t just a pretty face. My one criticism is that the handles are rolled instead of flat, and I hate rolled handles on a double-strap shoulder bag. They always fall off. But that’s but a small quibble, and the rest of the bag is so on-point and versatile and WEARABLE that I don’t even care what kind of straps it may or may not have. It’s subtle but expensive-looking, and I’m sure the white leather is to-die-for in person. I’m kind of afraid to encounter this bag at a store, though, for fear that I may be forced to purchase one. Buy through Saks for $995.

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  • QueenMAB

    Lovely, simple & stylish – everything a good spring bag should be.

  • Merve

    Totally lovely. It looks so crisp and classy.

  • torrey

    i work for burberry and this bag is not worth the price, considering it was made in turkey. at my store alone, we’ve already had 3 returned because of the rolled handles, they are falling apart.

  • Well that’s too bad to hear, they seem to be selling well on the web

  • mette

    So disappointing to read `torrey´s´comment, as I was just about to write that this looks like an easy, ageless bag with a nice price tag !

  • PhotoGirl

    It’s beautiful!
    Off to look for a more reasonably priced alternative. . .

  • hayward

    I own several Burberry bags and have never had any problems with the quality. I think this bag looks delightful!!!

  • MizzJ

    I thought Burberry was only made in England? Like didn’t Prince Charles put in some plea to ensure Burberry didn’t outsource? Frankly, I’m kinda disillusioned lately w/Burberry ever since I saw them (and Fendi) selling their merchandise in Costco.

  • Mama M

    Very nice, but I’m not a fan of rolled handles, either. I’m really wanting a zipper somewhere. Snark.

  • Merve

    You know a lot of products are made in Turkey because of cheap labour and the textile/leather market is very strong. Zara, Marks and Spencers, Benetton, Mango all make their clothes in Turkey. Just cause its made there doesnt mean the bag will be faulty.

  • torrey

    we get alot of bags returned, because of the rolled handles. whomever manufactures the bags does not fuse the leather together, it is merely painted and the paint starts to chip. i would say 45% of our bags that are returned are made in turkey, with the other 50-55% coming from CHINA!!!! ie anything novacheck…
    last season, with all the gold metalic purses we put out… that did not sell by the way had the same problem and the gold/nickle/copper paint was chipping off in a matter of weeks.
    to be honest, check your burberry bags. most of the “kenya” leather bags are made in turkey. ask your sales associate if it is “kenya” leather and that should be a sign.
    and yes, the products we buy from turkey as opposed to italy are lower in quality and truly not worth the price considering that that paint on the leather chips and the stitching does not hold up very well. not to mention, the fashion bags weigh like 8lbs.
    the leather bags that did hold up the best were the “bridle check” bags because they were all vegatable died, instead of brown it was almost an auburn red. this season we do have it in the “lowry” mega check.

    • Sophie

      Hi Torrey,

      I’m a journalist and would love to get in touch with you to have a quick chat about your opinions here. Please do get in contact. It would be great to hear from you.

  • MizzJ

    Good point Merve! You can get very high quality things from places like China just as easily as you get something flimsy from Italy – it’s the actual manufacturing standards and materials that matter, not the location. I’m kinda wondering why someone who works at Burberry seems to think so low of their own company! I guess the job must pay well.

  • holly

    Pretty! It’s so simple and elegant!

  • va_couturegirl

    It’s too bad that they say that the handles are falling apart and the quality is not up to standard. I personally think this bad is exceptional. I am not a fan of white myself. I am a person who randomlly falls over and would make a mess of this bag….

    But, I can say that as I was scrolling down the page….I had to take an extra moment to really look at this bag and it’s gorgeous! Elegant…..and simple.

  • Merve

    MizzJ the only 2 bags i had to have mended because the metal plate chipped and the stitches fell apart were actually prada made in italy. Although hats off to the staff there they took the bags and fixed them for me for free. I’ve actually never had any problems with Burberry bags nor have i ever heard of anyone having problems.

  • Si jing min

    I love it! This bag is durable, it stands up without falling over and it is just the right size. Not too big, or too small. I love it; it was exactly what I had been looking for. Thank you!

  • Fengarts

    Classic white. Simple yet elegant. Love love it!

  • torrey

    mizz j… would you rather have an honest sales person, or someone who wants to sell you crap to make the comission?
    just curious

  • benin

    Instead of critisim I feel like a little bit discrimination in torrey’s writings concerning made in Turkey products. The realty is approx. %60 of the high quality worldly famous brands make their high quality prduction with less price in Turkey. Dolce Gabbana, Iceberg, Guess are only some of them.

  • Suki

    Hi everyone,
    I bought a Burberry tote bag from an Burberry Boutique outlet mail, and I just realize recently that my bag is ” Made in China”.
    I am starting to worry if my bag is AUTHENTIC.
    Can someone help me in here?
    I have the serial number in my bag on the side and the other side of the little tag stamped ” made in China”.
    Thank you

    • Andrea

      I got a Burberry purse from Nordys for Christmas and it is made in china :(

  • Kendra

    I love Burberry designs. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    nice (fb)

  • sona

    I too bought this same bag and the handle rolled. This was the second burberry bag I’ve bought that has disappointed, and I have over 15 burberry bags to date that have stood the test of time. It’s a shame they’re manufacturing in Turkey: i’ll have to move on from the Burberry brand as I’m not willing to pay this price to increase someone’s profit margins: I’m willing to pay, however, for quality.

  • Doni

    I own a vintage Burberry in a denim blue nova check (Knights) and it was made in Turkey. Have only seen a few. The quality is beautiful and this bag has held up so well it looks new. It is a flap messenger, shoulder, cross body type with 3 compartments inside. Has the burgandy red logo fabric lining. Anyone know anything about this bag. Bought it used.