Burberry Gold Stud Bags

Burberry handbags may be actively trying to get away from their signature nova check image, well, sort of. While the preppy nova check pattern is recognizable from miles away, the brand has been striving to bring something new to the table, and attempting to revamp the brand and give the younger, hipper crowd something to swoon over. That is precisely what the Burberry Warrior Bag was supposed to do, but it ended up causing a ruckus with a struggle between love and hate. People either absolutely loved the edgy and funky style or absolutely abhorred it all. To be honest, I loved the bag, but refused to buy it at the price. So I am Warrior-less.

Now Burberry is seemingly trying to tone down the Warrior, just a bit. Adding gold studs to a pastel nova check pattern and taupe leather trim, the Burberry Gold Stud Bags are the not-so-distant relative of the Burberry Warrior Bag. But while the bold and edgy look of the black and silver contrast lured me in on the Warrior Bag, the combination of gold studs on the Burberry Gold Stud Drawstring Bag looks wimpy. The pastel undertones look like a pattern trying to show through, but failing miserably. The gold studs get a bit lost with the taupe leather. The overall feeling is weak. I do find the Burberry Gold Stud Wristlet to be much more appealing, and I wish the Warrior in the black/silver came as a wristlet, because that I would have snatched up. The wave ended Burberry, and these bags are just not cutting it. Buy through Saks for $1,995 for the Bag and $395 for the wristlet.

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  • mette

    I feel that Burberry is in deep trouble to create something `new´. Don´t like these bags at all. Are you sure that the studs won´t drop off before you leave the shop? I guess these bags would be ok in Hawaii or else,but worldwide not.

  • Lavender©

    I went to Burberry a couple of weeks ago to check out this bag I found it to be EXTREMELY heavy! :!: I have a hard time lugging around the things I carry in any of my purses… this purse would have killed me!.. nevertheless it is still lovely!

    • s. yalcinkaya

      Dear Lavender, you are % 100 right. It goes without saying that all these bags are extremely heavy and impossible to carry. It is also strange that noone has mentioned it before.

  • Just awful!!

  • Me

    They are kidding, right?

  • Jean


  • pursecrzy

    Really don’t like it.

  • jean is right. these are fugly.
    in fact, i think the warrior bags are fugly too.

  • fuchsiafury

    mette, you might be on to something. I think Burberry is running into trouble. It is pushing its new Gold Stud line far too hard – and that’s worrying!

    Did anyone else notice that the price point of the Gold Stud Drawstring bag ($1,995) and the Mason Warrior Bag ($3,195) are so far apart? Despite the fact that both are so similar in size, material, styling, and hardware, the newer bag is only two thirds the price of the Mason Warrior? I smell trouble.

  • kristin

    gross D:

  • heidi

    as a long time burberry fan, i think i just died a little inside. fugly doesn’t begin to describe the horror of these.

  • Looks diseased…

  • jackie

    This past weekend I had the chance to take a closer look to these bags, boy are they heavy!! Every one tells me my bags are extremely heavy with all the stuff I carry around, imagine the bag being just as heavy…EMPTY! No way jose

  • Tonya

    I have one of these bags and yes, they are very heavy. With the bag completely empty I have to keep switching between shoulders. But, it is bringing a whole new generation to the brand. I have noticed that Ferragamo has tried to go a bit edgy too, but not nearly as successfully. You may hate it, but I think it is creative with artistic vision. Too many hand bags look unimaginative. We constantly see the same thing over and over. I thought it rocked

  • swannie

    Theres a secondhand store in our place i used to buy branded bags specially burberry brand coz i cant afford but i like your products, will you spare some for me !!!!!!!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    it looks like it would be heavy to carry (fb)

  • Sabrina Ly

    Did this come in black leather with black studs too?