Burberry Buffalo Tote, $1095 via Neiman Marcus.

Like any brand, Burberry has created bags that I’ve both wildly loved and totally hated over the past few seasons. There have been moments of both happiness and confusion at the brand’s accessories, but based on the success of the bags in the Fall 2011 runway show and the beautiful Burberry Buffalo Tote from Pre-Fall 2011, I’m feeling nothing but optimism about Burberry handbags. Plus, I’ve seen a few shots of the brand’s Resort 2012 bags, so I have it on good authority that the dog days are over.

Something about the color of this bag is hitting me in just the right way. Extremely light grey feels so pretty and unexpected in the midst of a season full of bright colors, and even though this isn’t necessarily the shade that I’d pair with brights, the pre-order won’t come in until July anyway. By that time, we’re all going to be sick of our summer clothes and waiting for those first few non-sweltering nights in late August, and when those days hit, this bag is going to feel like a brilliant option for the seasonal transition. Plus, the price isn’t bad either. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $1095.

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  • Lulugurl

    I don’t know what it is about this bag, but its not one of my favs from Burberry…

    • Cate

      I agree! It’s just the slightest bit off, and it ruins the whole effect for me. Maybe it’s the hardware? I just can’t figure it out.

  • fuchsiafury

    The bag is pretty enough, but it is not terribly remarkable. Although Burberry may have found its way back from “dreckitude”, it is still long way from recapturing its identity. What does Burberry stand for these days?

  • BagMiss

    It’s a bit like Tod’s bags… Simple and stylish. But I don’t like that gray…

  • Mari

    I really like this bag. The shape, hardware, and color all work for me. Too bad it’s showing up late for the summer party!

  • edoardo

    I agree it’s like a tod’s bag and it’s no so so burberry…i don’t liek it a lot and I love Burberry’s accessories, in general, but int his case I’d like to see something more ;)


  • rose60610

    I like this. I think the light grey gives it a little bit of mystique. The leather in this photo looks “squishy soft”, which I love. I’d have to see it in person. The only Burberry I have is a smaller gold leather bag with a stiff handle that you could hand hold or sling over the shoulder. If you didn’t see “Burberry” on the hardware you wouldn’t know the brand. I’m SO tired of the Burberry plaid bags.

  • JenG

    I love it, I would purchase.

  • Sandra Rowley

    I think Burberry is trying to offer something for every woman…this bag is simple and beautiful. The tasseled brightly colored plaid options that will also be coming out for fall will appeal to someone with completely different taste. Kudos to Burberry…

  • Sarah Snap Fashion

    This bag is pretty nice but check out these new raffia beauties from the SS12 collection!

  • AW

    A bit non-descript for Burberry but it’s nice to have something different. Personally I wouldn’t buy this because it looks like any other bag I could pick up in a shop but still, I wouldn’t say no if someone gave it to me!

  • Eyeonmodel Fr

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