Burberry Check Net Drawstring Bag
Burberry Check Net Drawstring Bag

We arrived in New York yesterday and were greeted with a cold, wet New York day. Really, I did not bring an umbrella as I assumed The Big Apple would be thrilled we are here and would cease all stormy weather. Today again, more rain. After a great day yesterday (lots of pictures and an interview to follow), today is another day we are looking forward to. I made Vlad go to Duane Reade to grab us some umbrellas, just cheap black ones that keep the rain off. When I look outside our window I see mostly black specs of umbrellas briskly walking the streets of New York, intermittent with some Burberry Check pattern ones. We have not covered Burberry handbags in a while, so I find it fitting to cover one today. I spotted the Burberry Check Net Drawstring Bag which redesigns the classic check into a net drawstring bag. This is a great resort bag, especially with the drawstring top giving it such a beach vibe. The nova net is trimmed with leather and the top handles are also leather (which drop 11.5″ at their longest). One thing I am not keen on is the lack of pockets, but the dimensions are still great for a beach tote, 15″W X 17″H X 6″D. Are you a fan or is this bag a waste? Buy through Saks for $995.

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  • Lily

    Not a fan at all and i usually love thier bags.

  • lightblue84


  • Jahpson

    definitely suitable for the beach or on holiday. I dont think anyone in their right mind would use that as an everyday bag.

  • AJC

    Megs&Vlad – welcome to NYC!

    I was just thinking of you guys this Sunday while on my shopping spree at BG. I’ve met the fabulous designer there, Poppie Harris, and got one of her great clutches in the hottest shade of purple crinkled patent. And I was wondering if you Guys have ever covered her work here at tPF? You can check out her stuff at poppiecoutoure.com and Poppie also gave me her email. If you have time stop at Bergdorf’s 5th floor (the contemporary desigher) and check out her clutches. And maybe you’ll decide to meet her at some point – I’d love to learn more about Poppie and it would be great to introduce her to all the great ladies here at tPF.

    Enjoy our rainy days!


    • poppie

      Hello Angie,
      I was fab meeting you at Bg and I hope the Purse Blog decides to share the http://www.poppiecouture.com clutch buzz with their readers. We have since been featured in the New York Times, USA Today, People Magazine, US weekly, Star,Life and Style and many others_ all with our large fold-over bags. Bergdorf Goodman just got in a bright Kelly green and white for Summer.
      poppie harris
      poppie couture

  • Mermi

    Nop, I don no like it.

  • pjh

    You know what? I think I like it! I don’t usually go for their bags, but for some reason this one seems just fun enough to use seasonally! :)

  • Irina

    i really don’t like it. the check pattern topped with the diamond-shaped holes are head-ache inducing, and it looks kind of cheap too. definitely not for me!

  • z

    Even if I were a millionaire I don’t think I could ever drop a grand on a bag full of holes. I think it’s pretty cute, though.

  • katkooty

    nah.. something looks off..

  • mette

    No comments,cause there is nothing to comment on this bag.

  • luce

    i don’t like it.

  • louise

    I think this bag is HOT. Its shape is awesome and the colour contrast between the white leather, the burberry check and the diamond holes is really edgy. But there is no way i’d spend that much money on a that has bag holes in it! I would certainly find disgustingly ugly within the next 24 months.

  • pursecrzy


  • Mii Mii

    hmmm I LOVE big beach bags…but I think I’d rather tote my Victoria’s Secret beach bag that I got FREE than this abominal creation! lol

  • Grace Blackson

    This bag is way too simple for such a price tag!!! It looks very cheap!!!!!!!

  • Beata

    :razz: i think its a cute saturday morning brunch and beach type of thing in cape cod or hamptons bag! i think its adorable~

  • freya

    even Burberry now envy neverfull
    quite old school

  • Maria

    The bag has a lovely shape…but if it will be a great bag if it’s not a see-through as the checks are really nice…and I wont pay that price for a see-through bag….

  • Claire

    i don’t like it.

  • Flipper

    Actually, I like this bag! But I’d probably only consider getting it if I were a multi-millionaire.

  • Julie

    If you see this bag live you can’t help falling in love with it! The photo doen’t do it justice. It is fab and oh so chic! There is a liner on the inside so there are no actual holes in the bag for goodness sake!! I’ve been looking to buy this one since it first came out this spring – we are on our way to Boca this weekend – I think I’ll get it!

  • Christina

    I purchased this bag this summer and it has been my favorite! The photo definitely does not do it justice. I received so many compliments on it and it was nice to have a bag that no one else had.

  • Adrienne Zedella

    maybe better in person (fb)

  • CT

    I absolutely have to have this bag!  I saw it in person on someone’s shoulder in Maui and it is fab!  Where can I get one?  Are there any out there anymore?!