I spent a lot of years on our PurseForum before I officially joined the company, and during that time I saw hundreds, if not thousands, of bag lovers reference the divine smell of a new bag’s leather. Fashion is an experience that usually only involves one or two senses, but luxury leather has an instantly recognizable stink, and to love bags is to love that smell. With Dior Cuir Cannage Privée Perfume, you can now apply it directly to your person.

The Dior Privée scent collection is full of less-commercial perfumes that are meant for discerning fragrance fanatics instead of average shoppers, and they feature a variety of challenging notes like woody oud and spicy frankincense. Cuir Cannage isn’t the first leather-themed scent on the collection, but it’s the first meant to specifically recall a Dior handbag line. The fragrance’s darker notes are balanced with jasmine and orange blossom, and it’d be a pretty neat trick if you took a whiff of a new Dior bag and got a little of those, too.

If you’d like to smell like your favorite bag, Cuir Cannage starts at $190 per bottle via Dior.

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