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The Best Bags We Spotted Outside of the Saks Fifth Avenue Flagship This Winter

This famed NYC icon brought the bag heat!

Native New Yorkers, transplants, and tourists alike know Saks Fifth Avenue, Saks for short, as a destination for the best designer duds online and off. In 2022, Saks has locations all over the United States, but back in 1924, the original location opened on, you guessed it, 5th avenue in New York. Located between, 49th and 50th streets, the store was founded by Horace Saks and Bernard Gimbel with a dream to create a unique specialty store that would become synonymous with the most fashionable living.

With humble beginnings, the pair succeded, and these days Saks is known worldwide. Of course, the company’s flagship is still located on 5th avenue to this day, and it attracts both locals and tourists alike. During the holiday season, Saks is an attraction thanks to its iconic light show, but fashionable women (and men) can be seen coming and going at all times of the year. We spent an afternoon loitering outside of one of the city’s best destinations for designer goods all in one place to see what shoppers were carrying. Check out the best Bags in the Wild below!

The Bags

The Mysteries


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  1. psny15 Avatar

    The fun coats and winter outfits caught my attention more than Any bag 😋

  2. Lucy Watson Prendergast Avatar
    Lucy Watson Prendergast

    I just bought that Celine belt bag in the same exact color and am so glad I did after seeing it in this post. Obsessed! Great photos 🙂

    1. spoiledinseattle Avatar

      What a beautiful choice!! 🙂

    2. Amy Avatar

      That bag is so underrated, perfect size, adjustable strap, sturdy leather and secure zipper ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Lucy Watson Prendergast Avatar
        Lucy Watson Prendergast

        I have honestly overlooked it for years…but was head over heels when I saw the rich green color and now I’m absolutely obsessed with the design. Can’t believe it took me so long to appreciate its beauty!

    3. Heart_of_au Avatar

      What size is that one? Nano or Micro? It instantly caught my eye too.

      1. Lucy Watson Prendergast Avatar
        Lucy Watson Prendergast

        Mine is the micro and it looks the same as the size in the photo so I *think* it’s a micro. I would recommend trying on in store if possible. I was sure I would want the mini but the smaller micro with the longer crossbody ended up being perfect for me! Nano was a bit too small for my large bag loving taste 🙂

      2. Amy Avatar

        The one in the picture is the Nano size, the Micro is a touch bigger. I can tell by the strap width. The micro bag has a thicker strap. FYI I own both! Nano is my fave size because the strap is adjustable.

      3. Amy Avatar

        Also, the Micro has feet, this one doesn’t! It’s the Nano

    4. Eryn Lasgalen Avatar
      Eryn Lasgalen

      Such a great color!

      1. Lucy Watson Prendergast Avatar
        Lucy Watson Prendergast

        Thank you! I absolutely love it.

  3. marivi Avatar

    the brown saddle bag is a rebecca minkoff vanity

  4. Williamspa1 Avatar

    Givenchy 4 G Chain is cute.

  5. Thefashionableteacher Avatar

    This post reminds me of how much I want another Balenciaga. I’ve always wanted a pink one but in the old style.

  6. Fuzzy Avatar

    Love that Niki bag. So striking.

  7. Catherine L Walker Avatar
    Catherine L Walker

    The Celine belt bag is on my wish list also!!! I love these out and about posts!!

  8. Adguru Avatar

    Love the pink Jackie bag — such a nice promise of spring to come! But that Birkin — it’s a pickpocket’s Holy Grail dream come true!

    1. Chris1011 Avatar

      My thoughts, exactly!

    2. Jasmine Avatar

      Pickpocket will turn thief once he knows the cost of the bag. He’ll run off with the entire bag! Haha…

  9. Caro Avatar

    Mystery 🤔👍🏼

  10. Eryn Lasgalen Avatar
    Eryn Lasgalen

    Wow, I really like the Gucci duffle (I said to my own surprise, lol)

  11. Victoria Avatar

    Mine is better

  12. Seun Avatar

    I love the Givenchy chain bag.