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  • It’s annoying how some of these websites require you to make an account just to browse.

    • Passerine

      Yes. The RealReal is particularly irritating, I registered but no longer want to have anything to do with them. I’m surprised that Ann’s Fabulous Finds wasn’t mentioned — it doesn’t require registration, has great service for buyers AND sellers. Any reason why they were overlooked?

      • Vicky

        I’m surprised to not see Ann’s fabulous finds here, too.

      • FrancineHibiscus

        Just googled them, and they are driving distance from me! That might not be a good thing…

    • Yeah, that bothered me a lot too, and I think it’s generally an unsustainable business model for a retail site. Most retailers who required it at launch drop it within a couple years, and I’m hoping that the resalers who require it do too.

    • Sara

      Yes, I hate that too. I make it my mission to never go there again. I’m limiting myself I know but feel like I’m making a stance.

  • FH

    General question, has anyone dealt with Yoogi’s Closet and what the overall experience was like?

    • Laura D

      I have had great experiences (only buying; haven’t consigned with them) with Yoogi’s and actually most of the sites listed above. Yoogi’s had very detailed pictures, and I like the picture with the mannequin for scale of the item. Prices are very reasonable. A few comments for the other sites I’ve used:

      Malleries – great customer service.
      Vestiaire – excellent inventory, esp for less common Chanel pieces that were only released in Europe, etc. good customer service. can take a while to get the item as it often requires the seller to ship for the authentication process only after you purchase (not in every case, though). worth the wait. one of my favorite sites. biggest frustration is fine jewelry restrictions on shipping to US from certain countries.
      Portero – over-priced, but good selection.
      Ann’s Fabulous Finds – another gem. great customer service.
      Fashionphile – great selection, updated often.
      Tradesy – hit or miss and depends on the seller, but can get a great deal here. search option isn’t the best on this site
      Bluefly – limited selection

    • kemilia

      I have only sold to Yoogi’s and they were great. Decent price was offered for my bags and quick payment too. They do have an excellent rep with TPF users.

      • Lisa

        Interesting, as I had the exact opposite experience. I sent photos of a few things I wanted to sell (incl. Chanel) and the prices they offered were well below what I’ve gotten from Ann’s and RealReal (although Yoogi’s website prices were high) so I didn’t pursue anything with them.

    • IMO they’re the best resale site out of this list. The website layout is simple, so pages don’t take too long to load. You don’t need to create an account to browse the site. They provide lots of pictures to show any damage, even minor scratches. They also take pictures of a mannequin holding a bag, so you can get a visual idea of size. Their headquarters are in Seattle, and they have expert staff that authenticate items before they are sold. They list retail price and their price, and let you know how much you are saving by purchasing with them. If you have a specific item you’re looking for, they’ll let you know when it comes in. If you select free shipping, you’re item will arrive in less than a week. You have 30 days to return an item, but you have to pay for return shipping and insurance. They reply to emails promptly.

      Selling is also pretty easy with them. You send them a picture of your bag and answer some questions about it, then they’ll send you an initial quote. If you decide to sell a bag to them, they’ll pay for its shipping and insurance. Granted, you’d probably make more money if you sold a bag on your own, but Yoogis really takes the hassle out of the process.

  • kemilia

    This is a great article, you mentioned sites I wasn’t aware of. Thank you!

  • Passerine

    A few general points:
    1. If you’re hunting for a particular bag, esp a model that gets snapped up quickly, it helps if the dealer has a way for you to declare your interest and be notified just before or as soon as an item becomes available. Best if they will narrow it down to your specific interests and not just spam you constantly with promos for their stuff.
    2. Get to know the dealer’s condition report style. Ann’s Fabulous Finds offers detailed condition reports and clearly shows and describes any wear or faults with a bag.
    3. Find out how they pay international sellers or process payments from international buyers (imp for PB fans not in the U.S.)

    • Rebekah Mae

      Is there a safe buying guide online for reputable designer bag, and merchandise seller, but also a list of reported FAKE designer pre-owned merchandise? This would be a great website for referencing.

      • concernedbuyer

        Ran across a eBay seller (luxury.garage.sale) (website: http://luxurygaragesale.com/ ) of FAKE designer merchandise. READ eBay negative feedback, and negative Yelp reviews, Buyer Beware.
        How do I report them online, for other buyers awareness? Is there a PurseBlog ‘DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER’ list, I can put them on?
        After purchasing FAKE Chanel Jacket, which I am currently under dispute these are the negative reviews I came across online, which in retrospect should have been read before purchasing. They are both eBay and Yelp negative reviews.

        eBay negative feedback:
        1. a. Sold me a fake counterfeit Dolce wallet! Shady seller DO NOT BUY!!!!
        MENS Dolce & Gabbana NWT Brown Silver Toned Leather ‘DG’ Monogram Chained Wallet (#381716395510)

        b. SCAM: item received doesn’t match pictures or description
        Christian Dior Pink Satin Patent Leather Wristlet “Street Chic Columbus” Bag (#381658252390)

        c. didn’t get far with item authenticity. never buy again! my 1st negative ever!
        Bottega Veneta NWOT $600 Sterling Silver White Leather Woven Cuff Bracelet SZ M (#361450670219)

        d. Sadly the coat ended up being a mackage knockoff, scammed.
        Mackage NWT $650 Black Nylon Down Filled Tie Belt “Cici” Long Puffer Coat SZ XS (#371572666479)

        e. This was not authentic Hermes. Don’t trust this seller.
        Hermes Dark Gray Gold Cashmere Silk “Les Clefs” Key Print Fringe Trim 90cm Scarf (#361381169237)

        f. Worse seller ever!!
        Sacai Black Wool Ribbed Knit Ribbon Belted Pleated Drop Waist Skirt SZ 2 (#361306405770)

        g. Wrong size and NOT as described. Nightmare getting refund. Never buy from again!
        MENS Gianfranco Ferre Blue Brown Wool Chunky Knit Wool Turtleneck SZ 58 (#381449503040)


        One to three bad reviews are opinion according to credit card companies, five or more are extremely dishonest, and bad reputation seller.



  • annina

    Those are really great but for international buyers it is almost impossible to get a great deal in any of these shops due to taxes and shipping prices – do you know of any european websites?

    • Farfetch combines inventory from boutiques all over the world, including Europe

    • Vestiaire has offices all over Europe and many of its vendors/sellers ship from within the EU–it would be a good place to start, I think!

      • NatashaS

        Like what annina pointed out, for all of us outside of the US, the shipping cost& taxes would have been twice or in some cases even thrice the amount paid for the good itself.
        That being said, do you know of any respectable resale sites in Indonesia?

    • Passerine

      There are several Swiss and German websites, including:
      Vite enVogue: http://www.vite-envogue.de/damen/taschen/

      In addition, if you prefer to see the merchandise in person, here are a few places that sell authentic second-hand designer bags
      Secondo (Bruges, Belgium). One of the best places to find Delvaux second hand.(30 second video of the store): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By4wK-PO4yQ
      Les Enfants de Edouard (Brussels, Belgium): http://www.lesenfantsdedouard.com/marques
      Silvia Freivogel: http://www.silvia-freivogel.ch/
      Reciproque (Paris): http://www.reciproque.fr/

      but…my favorite place to get design goods at great prices remains Foxtown in Mendrisio, Switzerland. Everything first quality, store aren’t allowed to sell “seconds”. Many items are simply last season’s. But in May of 2015, I was able to buy Fendi bags for 40 to 50 percent less than the Fendi store/retailer price — and they from the 2015 season. They had a great selection of 2Jours bags, for example. The Ferragamo store stocked quite a few Fiammas, including one we’ve seen in PB carried by Reese Witherspoon. http://www.foxtown.ch

  • FashionableLena

    I could be wrong, but I read that Tradesy is notorious for having fakes on their site.

    • Since it’s a service that allows third-party sellers to directly list their bags, I think it’s natural to be more careful when shopping there, or with shops like it, than with shops that authenticate their inventory.

      • Lara (LAIR-A)

        Portero is made up entirely of third-party sellers.

  • Miriam

    I buy from theRealReal quite often, but I think the info above about returns is incorrect. My experience has been for handbags, most, if not all, are not returnable, they are final sale. However, they’re shoes and clothes are returnable.

    • You’re right! Their general return policy is much more lenient than the handbag policy that’s stipulated later on the Q&A page–I didn’t realize there was a separate one. I’ll update the post.

    • Marvis

      Yes –no returns on handbags –to my chagrin

  • GoFashiondeals

    Great tips and really good to know.

  • Jennifer McGee

    Great article. However, what i find interesting is the large number of Birken Bags on these sites. There is so much written about how exclusive these bags are, long waiting lists and how one must be a celebrity or such for Hermes to sell you one. Yet, they are everywhere second-hand (though still expensive). Thoughts from my Purseblog family?

    • Sara

      I agree, there are loads of Birkins out there. If one can afford it, one can have it. Exclusivity is just publicity mongering.

    • I think the booming secondhand market for Birkins is twofold: 1) if you have a couple Birkins and the opportunity to recoup your expenditure or make a profit on a used bag comes up, it’s got to be an interesting proposition, at the very least, and 2) resellers seek out Birkins in particular because the scarcity of new ones makes luxury shoppers more likely to consider a pre-owned option, which keeps resale prices high, which is good business for resellers.

      That’d be my guess!

      • Sara

        Point 2 makes sense. I never thought of it that way. That explains why despite being secondhand the prices are the same as a brand new one!

      • Lux-a-Porter

        Hello Jennifer McGee,

        That´s a good question, but if you think that Hermès 2015 Sales were €4.12 billions, with a net profit of €859 millions, it´s just math! ;)
        Assuming that only 5% of Hermès sales are from Birkin and Kelly´s bags (if you believe that it is only 5% of their sales…), you´ll have €206 millions of sales only for those, which makes about 29 500 bags sold only in 2015!!

        Another math, if the previous is not enough ;)) Hermès owns about 350 stores wordwide. If you assume that they only sell 3 Birkin or Kelly´s / month / store (do you believe in that…?) it will be 12 600 Birkin or Kelly´s / year…

        Besides, people only have 2 hands, so when they have several Birkin and Kelly´s bags… well, they just sell some.

        That´s also my guess! ;)

  • LPS

    Fabulous article, thank you! Worth updating and re-running periodically if possible. I know an dhave used some of these/ great to learn about others. Again, THANK YOU!!!

    • Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! We definitely plan on keeping this guide current for those looking for tips and sources.

  • Lisa

    Ann’s Fabulous Finds — best/most thorough descriptions. I’ve consigned a lot, bought a few items, and both sides of the experience have been excellent.
    I’ve seen reports of fakes on both Portero and Vestiare. One caution: if a bag is not immediately available (which I’ve seen on Portero before I stopped bothering to even look there) I would worry that it was about to be made, i.e. counterfeited.

    • Team Portero

      Hi Lisa. We at PORTERO are very proud of
      our reputation for being the leading source for authentic pre-owned luxury
      items. Unfortunately, when people write reviews online it’s because they’re
      unhappy with an item, but we can assure you that our happy customers outweigh
      the unhappy ones. Items, even those which have sold, live forever on the
      Internet. If you use a search engine such as Yahoo or Google to find an item,
      it can bring up links to products we have, as well as ones we have had in the
      past that are no longer available. If you click on a link to an item that is
      marked as “sold”, then the item is no longer available. However if you tried to
      find the same “sold” item using our website it would not come up. We do not
      make any items ourselves, as producing and/or selling counterfeit items is illegal.
      Our main offices are located in New York City, and we abide by U.S. laws and
      regulations, and ethical business practices. We would like to invite you
      to search for us on Purseblog’s PurseForum and read about PF’s members’
      authentic purchases, and read up on our company on sites like Forbes.com and
      The Wall Street Journal. Thank you and we hope you have a wonderful and safe
      holiday season.

  • Lauren. U

    I was on the Trendlee website once eyeing a trapeze. I looked at some of there past sold items and saw one OBVIOUS fake. That rubbed me the wrong way and have trouble bringing myself to buy from their site now.

  • Maria Emerson

    Many of the above sites run rampant with fakes and counterfeit bags! I am quite surprised that Lollipuff.com was not mentioned, the only place were no fakes are ever allowed. Just google “lollipuff fake” and see for yourself.

    • flamingjune5dwj

      I do agree with your statement that many of the above sites list fakes – I have seen that for myself several times. But I would definitely have to disagree with you about your recommendation. I personally did not have a great experience when dealing with them. In my opinion they are a use at your own risk site.

      • Maria Emerson

        @flamingjune5dwj really? I sure would like more info about your experience. Quite the opposite for me, I have had the most positive experiences and have acquired some amazing beautiful items.

  • Thank you for sharing this tips in buying designer bag online

  • Boydophile

    I am a french woman and an airfrance crew, so I usually go to USA.
    I’m trying to buy a bag since a long time but Trendlee did everything to make it impossible.
    My husband wanted to offer it to me.
    I asked them if I could purchase it and take it to my Miami hotel in a few days to avoid custom tax shipping.
    They answered me ok.
    So, my husband bought it with his CB : everything was ok and I was very happy.
    Then, the next morning, the purse was on sale and purchase was canceled : reason : “security reasons” …
    They told me that we only could pay by PayPal.
    My husband opened an account only for that purchase.
    Everything was ok for PayPal, but impossible to purchase it again.
    Then, after calling PayPal for the ten times at least, they said, because of Trendlee, that a fraud control was engaged on my husband who can not buy anything on internet any more.

    I sent to them his passport to reassure them, but nothing. They even didn’t answer my last mail.
    I’m digusted.

    I did everything they asked, that purse was my dream, impossible to find in an other place.
    It was bought by some one else today.

    To be french doesn’t mean to be dishonest.

    Just a shame.

    • gt66

      what a horrible story! I am so sorry! Of course nobody thinks French people are dishonest! Unfortunately, there have been huge security breaches in the US recently (even with huge retailers like Target!) that maybe these companies are on edge. But such a huge loss of a treasured handbag!

    • JohnnaCal

      American companies have become very strict due to bank fraud. If your address on your credit card is different that the ship to address and it is for a large amount, your purchase will be declined. Pay Pal is no different.

      I lived in Europe and had a european credit card. I could not buy anything on the internet from an American company and ship to Europe with my card. As an American, I also had an American bank account. If I wanted anything from an American company, I had to buy it with my American bank account and ship to a third party shipper in America.

      It has nothing to do with being French. It has everything to do with the amount of bank fraud going on in America. I can barely use my credit card to buy anything online in America these days it has gotten so bad.

  • But why should we get pre-owned bags, when we are getting range of new bags.

  • serene

    Hi I m buying a le boy in old medium in caviar but am afraid that I might be a fake 1. I have the pics of the authenticity card and the bag but still can’t tell if its real stuff. Can anyone out there can help me if there are ways to see its authenticity?

    • Real Authentication

      You can definitely submit to a specialized authentication service like our own. We are always happy to help and will even explain to you why an item is authentic or fake.

  • psny15

    see it in person and authenticate it yourself if you can – thats my advise

    all these websites sell fake stuff – these authenticators are individuals who can make mistakes!

    being in nyc we have access to great consignment stores which have a better success rate than online websites! dont let these you tubers fool you as more than 1/2 of them are using borrowed or rented or fake stuff!

    depending on the area, consignment stores can also be a hit or miss

    Purseblog is always good because its real reviews by real users and even authenticators!

  • concernedbuyer

    1.0 star rating 11/8/2016
    This designer Luxury Garage Sale is known across the internet, and eBay as selling FAKE designer merchandise, among other terrible complaints. Do yourself a favor, and DO NOT PURCHASE. BUYER BEWARE!
    Please read the terrible reviews from Innocent unaware eBay buyers, which could be you.
    My only problem is I should have read all reviews before purchasing from their eBay store.
    1. See Link Below: (actual negative feedback eBay on luxury.garage.sale -their online division) feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBa…

    a. Sold me a fake counterfeit Dolce wallet! Shady seller DO NOT BUY!!!!
    MENS Dolce & Gabbana NWT Brown Silver Toned Leather ‘DG’ Monogram Chained Wallet (#381716395510)

    b. SCAM: item received doesn’t match pictures or description
    Christian Dior Pink Satin Patent Leather Wristlet “Street Chic Columbus” Bag (#381658252390)

    c. didn’t get far with item authenticity. never buy again! my 1st negative ever!
    Bottega Veneta NWOT $600 Sterling Silver White Leather Woven Cuff Bracelet SZ M (#361450670219)

    d. Sadly the coat ended up being a mackage knockoff, scammed.
    Mackage NWT $650 Black Nylon Down Filled Tie Belt “Cici” Long Puffer Coat SZ XS (#371572666479)

    e. This was not authentic Hermes. Don’t trust this seller.
    Hermes Dark Gray Gold Cashmere Silk “Les Clefs” Key Print Fringe Trim 90cm Scarf (#361381169237)

    f. Worse seller ever!!
    Sacai Black Wool Ribbed Knit Ribbon Belted Pleated Drop Waist Skirt SZ 2 (#361306405770)

    g. Wrong size and NOT as described. Nightmare getting refund. Never buy from again!
    MENS Gianfranco Ferre Blue Brown Wool Chunky Knit Wool Turtleneck SZ 58 (#381449503040)


    One to three bad reviews are opinion according to credit card companies, five or more are extremely dishonest, and bad reputation seller.

    • miss.o

      I’ve worked with Luxury Garage Sale before in both purchasing and consigning and my experience did not at all reflect the negative feedback listed here. The team behind the company provided great personal 1-on-1 service and went out of their way to source a bag for me that I was looking for and also sold my Chanel within 2 days of me giving it to them to consign. I suppose 43 negative reviews on eBay would look bad to the average person who doesn’t shop on eBay, but if you factor in that they have over 9,000 positive reviews, I wouldn’t hold that against them and put them on blast for it; it’s all relative.

  • Elizabeth

    What’s happening to original content on PurseBlog? As a longtime reader, I’m disappointed I the direction of the blog! There seems to be a lot of ‘new ideas’ that invigorate the feed for a few weeks and then trickle out (e.g. Purseonals)…

    • Giselle

      I agree, and there are a lot of articles now that are really useless and don’t provide much info. Quality over quantity, Purseblog.

  • fassionpassionbee

    affordable Chanel Handbags http://www.fassionpassionbee.com

  • marco bottoli

    To spot a genuine luxury pre-owned bag (or to recognise a quality handbag from a cheap one) is not as easy as it looks. And I think that looking at the leather quality is not the best place to start, because it can be tricky if you are not an expert (nowadays low quality leather or even fake one can look pretty decent) and because there are loads of expensive brands using poor leather and poor make (so you end up buying a genuine rubbish designer bag!!!). To check the leather quality is still important, but to start inspecting the hardware’s quality is the real secret to to spot a luxury bag one form a poor quality one. With a couple of tips, you will nit need to be an expert to discern a brass lock or a quality chain plated in real gold, from a cheap iron piece varnished in gold colour. And you can be sure that a fake bag will never use good quality components, because good hardware is very expensive. We had a look online and we found plenty of guides talking nonsense, tips to look at the stitching (but actually the stitching on luxury craft bags will be less regular than on the counterfeit made with automatic stitching machine!) or to ask for serial number, dust bags or proof of purchase (that are the cheapest think to fake). So we put together a guide you can find it here http://www.lidovenezia.eu/made-in-italy-leather (we give some tips to spot good leather as well). You will be able to judge the quality of a handbag by yourself, when you are in Venice or anywhere else

  • Love bc

    I’m new on this site. I just purchased a Prada double bag from trendlee from $1510 to $1379. Do you think this is real or fake? I’m freaking out already after reading all the comments regarding from those sites and those vloggers. Thanks