We’ll never resist an opportunity to turn a non-fashion world news event into something about handbags, if at all possible. For the next two weeks, we intend to do just that with the 2014 PurseBlog Handbag World Cup.

Click below for full details and help decide who wins the first round!

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  • anon

    no hermes?

    • Not this time, we wanted to find great brand/country combos and it was hard to get in all of our favorites!

  • Wow! I did not expect to see a Philippines in Handbag World Cup thingy :P

    • We tried to include as many different countries as we could!

      • Elisa

        Cool! I think it’d tons of fun!

  • The Netherlands is doing great at the world cup! But not here at the Purseblog sadly. Did you thought of Viktor and Rolf?

  • kelly

    Pretty sure alexander wang is taiwanese for Balenciaga

    • naomi


      • lynn

        Right? I would have thought it would be spain, (balenciaga is spanis), france (bals been based out of france since world war ii, taiwan (wang is taiwanese), or american (hes a new yorker most of his life).

      • lynn

        Actually Wang was born in the US. If u gotta push the countries, coulda made Wang Taiwanese and Wu Canadian…

      • MichelleChristiecuf

        My Uncle
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  • Elisa

    Coach? It’s not even made in the USA! Where is Gigi New York? Also for Great Britain, isn’tt Mulberry made there?

    • MarkCValdez

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    • Elisa

      Thanks for bringing my comment back :) Muhlberry or Mulberry?

  • Elisa

    Coach? I prefer Gigi NY, Gigi NY is made in the USA, I don’t think Coach bags are still being manufactured here. Also please ignore the comment I received, it’s obviously spam. I’m trying to get it flagged and removed. Thanks!

  • Elisa

    If someone “replies” to your comment and it’s obviously Spam and a scammer, how do you delete it?

    • I don’t think you all can, but we monitor comments as much as possible and delete that ourselves!

      • Elisa

        It looks like several besides me were hit today.

  • Can

    Please do more research before posting, alexander wang is Taiwanese-american