The Mulberry Alexa vs the Proenza Schouler PS1 has been a much discussed topic on PurseBlog. Throw a DKNY bag that is eerily similar into the mix and we have a bag battle! It is as if Net-A-Porter is asking us to put up this post, seeing as how these three bags are lined up side-by-side on the website, all in black.

Ok NAP, we will take this on.

Of the three options above, I am having an easy time choosing my favorite. I turned Proenza Schouler obsessed and my love for the PS1 has not dwindled. The leather is super soft and workable, showing the perfect amount of slouch. Mulberry‘s leather tends to be thicker and offer a bit more structure. The DKNY option has a price that is far better than the other two, though the design aspect is not my top choice. EasyPeasy for me!

DKNY for $295, Proenza Schouler PS1 for $1,595, Mulberry Alexa for $1,250.

Of the three, which would you choose?

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  • edoardo

    I choose without any doubt the PS1 because I think that its design and the new taste of “retro-youth” that this objest bought in the fashion world are unique. Further more there are so many variants of colors in which this bag is purposed that I can’t last to it!!

  • eorchid

    PS1 all the way! I actually debated between the PS1 and Alexa and ended up buying the exact same PS1 in the photo a few weeks ago. Such a beautiful, versatile bag.

  • Kat

    It’s the Alexa for me! I find the PS1 quite rugged, and prefer the Alexa’s slightly more ladylike lines. Mine’s in Oak, though.

    My least favorite is the DKNY one, despite the winning price. I do like the cloth version of this bag more than this black leather one.

  • Vitta

    I will go with the affordable option: DKNY. I just don’t see a reason to overpay $1,300 for a casual black bag, unless it is Hermes. But it’s just me…

  • !!!

    i like the edginess of the PS1, and the fact that the hardware is also black. I do like the Alexa a lot, but the gold hardware throws me off. It wouldn’t fit into my style as easily as the PS1 would.

  • ethylove

    ALEXA! i like the dimensions much better than the other two.

  • M

    Without a doubt I’ll choose the ALEXA. It has got everything, soooo stylish!

  • Ginger

    The Mulberry beauty! I absolutely adore the postman’s lock and the leather is thick and structured. Love love love it!

  • 19yearslater


  • Lydia M

    Ehmm this is tough, but I think if the color is black then DKNY. But if it’s brown/cognac color then I have to go with PS1.

  • Mia

    ps1 wons my vote!!

  • Hannah

    Alexa. I bought it last week in Oak color.. :) it should be arriving anytime today!

  • Ami


  • binkysmom


  • Bonniesgirl

    I am kinda liking the Fossil Heirloom Convertible Messenger in Dark Green for only $168. It stopped me in my tracks while walking thru Macy’s.

  • slick couture

    Funny thing i just did the same post this morning in my blog…. but my pick is miu miu messenger which is not on your list…

  • XXAL

    hands downnnn Mulberry alexa!! will be receiving my ink in 3-4 days! i think regular sized alexa has a better proportion than the oversized.

    however, my life would be complete if i can get the large suede gray or smoke ps1 as well.

  • Mandy

    I don’t see what’s the big deal with the PS1; it looks so dull and boring for a black bag. The Mulberry and DKNY bags have what’s going on; texture and accents to make the overall design more interesting. Between those two I’ll go with the one that is most affordable as well; DKNY wins me over (and I don’t even have a quilted bag ether!).

  • Chanel

    Not my type…. I don’t like any bags

  • Martha

    I think the PS1 is the classiest bag. It also has the functional advantage of external zippered pockets, which the Alexa doesn’t have. The DKNY bag is a nice iteration of the PS1, and the price is good. The quilting adds a little originality to the messenger theme.

  • Valentina

    PS1 all the time. That’s my favorite bag on earth.

  • Marie-Eve

    Mulberry’s Alexa all the way !!! I’m just dying to get one, only my wallet doesn’t want to !

  • shoegal

    PS1 – very versatile and travels so well!

  • ALGM

    PS1! I love the all black hardware detail on it. =)

  • Elly

    My vote goes to the PS1. In fact, it is the bag I carried to the polls with me! I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone because it’s so practical and versatile! I have the black one pictured above – very classic and goes with just about everything!

  • Sakyie

    Mulberry for me! The PS1 is far too masculine for me. The DKNY looks too much like a briefcase.

  • Karen


  • Tre

    The Alexa!

  • Susan

    For me, it’s the PS1 by a landslide. It’s rugged but still feminine, practical yet fashionable, hip enough to go downtown while luxe enough to go uptown. I could go on and on. I covet this bag (especially in grey)!

  • Stylista

    At first glance, Mulberry. The leather is smooth, and the structure is good.

  • GSL

    mulberry is what i want,,i want structure with glamour…

  • Jessie

    I hate the Alexa and the PS1. DKNY has great details. The other 2 look like men’s bags. Dull and boring but handsome.

  • Demi

    I actually like the DKNY one, even though I’m not a fan of large messanger bags. The PS1 is like a “go to the gym” bag and the Alexa seems difficult to open.

  • Pawl

    I bought the PS1 and had to exchange it twice in 1 month. THe black enamel on the buckle flap, easily peels off. My lil sis said the bag looks like I got it from Target. Not that their is anything wrong with that, but for $2000 for the PS1 large that I bought from Barney’s, It just isn’t worth it. The Black Enamel is only on the Black bag, so in another color, def. my fav bag, but as a guy I can’t really rock a white bag. So I would have to go with the Mulberry Alexa bag. Just wished it wasn’t named after Alexa Chung.

  • Blo0ondi

    well i already got a mulberry so i’m gonna go for th PS1

  • nutella

    what’s wrong with alexa chung? i love her.

  • jen

    unfortunately, I’d have to say PS1. Unfortunately because it is the most expensive out of the three and therefore not available for me… but I think that bag is the queen of the satchels.

  • Andrea


    Maybe if the DKNY wasn’t quilted the price point would push it higher but I think it looks dodgy quilted in that style

  • Vasaki

    I have a Mulberry addiction…..I love alexa & I believe the bigger the better…hahaha
    I wish I could afford her….. <3
    Second PS1…..the best satchel….

  • kjon

    I’m still rocking my black oversized Alexa in plonge/python for about 4 months now! I get lots of double takes and compliments here in the Netherlands where I’ve been living during study abroad so its helped me break the ice with a lot of new friends :)
    The PS1 is fabulous but it just wasn’t love at first sight for me. I’m actually not a fan of the quilting on the DKNY or of quilting in general for that matter (Don’t shoot me, Chanel lovers! ;)

  • mrsjones


  • Mochababe73

    Neither. I don’t like handbags that look like bookbags. Also, I don’t really want to be associated with anything Alexa Chung. In my opinion, she has absolutely no style.

  • hellen araujo

    I like the Mulberry oversized Alexa leather bag

  • Kelly

    The Mullberry is sweet, and very proffesional looking!!

  • HK14

    Definitely PS1!!! dying to have one;)

  • JenG

    I will have to go with the DKNY, because the price is right and the bag looks classy!

  • Constance

    I’m going to go with the Mulberry bag! while the DKNY bag is much more affordable, it’s looks more like a fancy diaper bag to me, and the the Proenza bag is just plain ugly!

  • Perry

    I don’t even understand why the DKNY bag is even in this bag battle. It looks like a conformist bag. The PS1 is my choice.

  • Ping

    I never liked any of these. i think they look great if you are still a student but these bags look so out of place for work, unless you are in some fashion/artsy field and there are so many “bookbag” styles for so much less. For $1500, i rather save for a chanel, lasts forever. In this case, the DKNY wins hands down for the reasonable price.

  • somethingbags

    of course the PS1. Proenza Schouler started it all. All the rest are just copycats.

    • lyn

      actually, the mulberry is not a copy of the ps1, you should read the history on it first before making a comment.

  • Jamie

    I would usually go for PS1,
    but for the black,

  • Marissa Cooper


  • jbbee

    PS1, which I just ordered last week!

  • pw

    I already chose and I love my Mulberry Alexa. It’s beautiful, it’s functional, and I’m completely in love. And also, when you wear it in person it’s tomboyish but definitely not a men’s bag. Obvious bias aside, I like PS1 as well, and I’m still baffled why people keep comparing the two. Completely different bags! Not enamored by the DKNY bag, don’t like the quilted on this type of bag, but it’s alright.

  • Jane

    PS1 – I just ordered it in navy suede – ups tracking says it will be here Monday!!!

  • Ollie

    Something about the Alexa in black has never been right for me, so in this colour, the PS1 just edges it.

    In oak though, the Alexa kicks the PS1’s ass to the moon and back!

  • Juliet

    I don’t care for this style of bag. I prefer something a little more classic and these bags strike me as very trendy. I’d rather carry a Birkin.

  • ninjaninja

    Not feeling the DKNY one at all (ipad)

  • Tiffany

    I like the PS1 actually! (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    hmmm.. proenza rules messanger bag..
    definitely gets my vote! (ipad)

  • Julia

    PS1!!! although Mulberry just came out with a mini-Alexa, so maybe my vote is getting swayed a little now… (ipad)

  • Jen

    A little too plain. (ipad)

  • helen

    They all look nice to me. (ipad)


    that PS bag comes in black (ipad)


    i had no idea (ipad)


    now i do (ipad)


    :) (ipad)


    but all the bags are great (ipad)


    very simple (ipad)


    and classic (ipad)