The Mulberry Alexa vs the Proenza Schouler PS1 has been a much discussed topic on PurseBlog. Throw a DKNY bag that is eerily similar into the mix and we have a bag battle! It is as if Net-A-Porter is asking us to put up this post, seeing as how these three bags are lined up side-by-side on the website, all in black.

Ok NAP, we will take this on.

Of the three options above, I am having an easy time choosing my favorite. I turned Proenza Schouler obsessed and my love for the PS1 has not dwindled. The leather is super soft and workable, showing the perfect amount of slouch. Mulberry‘s leather tends to be thicker and offer a bit more structure. The DKNY option has a price that is far better than the other two, though the design aspect is not my top choice. EasyPeasy for me!

DKNY for $295, Proenza Schouler PS1 for $1,595, Mulberry Alexa for $1,250.

Of the three, which would you choose?

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