Megs and I love chatting with you guys in the comments of our posts, so we’ve discussed things and would like to take our relationship with you to the next level. Often, you guys ask us questions that require lengthier answers than we’re able to give in a spur-of-the-moment comment, and those questions seem like the kind that other readers might be wondering about, too. Wonder no longer: go ahead and ask us, and we might pick your question to answer in its own post.

If you have a burning query on which you’d like some feedback, all you have to do is email us with the pertinent details at If we pick your question, one of us (or, in special situations, perhaps both of us) will devote a post to it. It can be anything from help picking out a new work bag to advice on how to hone your personal style–if we feel like we can help, we will!

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  • Mya Wilkes

    oh i love this!

  • Beluga

    I was wondering whether I should buy a used Chanel (~$3,000) or a new Louis Vuitton? I’m hestitant to spend upwards of $3,000 on a handbag.

    • Lola

      I would get a new Louis Vuitton, but it depends on what you like more. I think of Chanel as elegance and Louis Vuitton as classic but super chic.

    • stella

      My vote is always with brand new. But I’m not a fan of Vuitton. So my vote is… go with the used Chanel! :)

    • A

      I think it depends on which lv your going for?

    • Gia

      LV is sturdier better for an everyday or a lot of use. Where the Chanel tends to be more delicate, cavier leather is more durable but not as luxurious and heavy.

  • Adriana Saavedra Balaban

    I have a new Le Trente Dior Bag, grey python in the large size. What would have been the retail price years ago and what is it worth today.

  • Sim

    Hi guys, I just bought a chevron dark grey boy bag and I love it! I have been wanting a grey boy bag since fall 2014. After having seen the Salzburg collection online I am so confused. Should I keep the chevron boy despite the boy bags changing so much? (Top handle etc) This is my first boy bag and I don’t want it to look old right away. I am als confused as to if I should have gotten quilted grey from this cruise collection instead. Any advice would be appreciated. I only have tmw to decide as I am traveling!

  • Jill

    This is a fantastic offer – thanks so much for offering up your expertise.

    My question is…. what three or four shapes (hobo, east-west, satchel, and so on) would you recommend as being the those that will stand the test of time?

    • mell

      def satchel! it can be used many different ways, in your hand, cross body bag, one shoulder bag and so on! :)

  • anon

    Interesting. The only thing that is questionable is if you will really respond and if you do, how long it’ll take.

    • We’ll respond to one question per week, probably, in the form of a post. Since we can’t respond to everything, we’ll try to pick questions that include topics broad enough that they’ll likely be of help or interest to many of our readers.

      • anon

        Ooooohhh! I like the idea of answering it in the form of a weekly post! That would be great add the weekly lineup.

  • Lola

    Can’t decide between a red or dark chocolate color Marc Jacobs tote bag, I found the style I wanted but it only comes in those two colors. Any idea of what would be cuter ?

    • mell

      i’d say go for the red! it will give a pop of colour if you’re wearing a black/white/gray or any monotone outfits. red also more versatile colour than dark brown.

  • kellyhelp

    I know they are 2 different bags,

    but should I get a Prozena Schouler PS11 or Givenchy medium Antigona?

    • jass

      oh I was also debating this but Celine mini luggage was also in my other optinon too! Would love to get some advice too!

    • A

      definitely antigona! I may be completely wrong but I have this feeling that the ps11 is going out of style soon :(

    • mell

      if you’re looking for the brand and aesthetic, go for antigona! its a really classic bag, can be wear in many different ways. and the shape is just simple and chic. i like proenza too but if i had to choose, i’d go for antigona :) hope this helps

  • Kelly Rae

    I’m in awe of the Kelly bag by Hermes but I’m also tempted by the Delvaux Tempete. Which would you pick based on quality and aesthetic?

  • Mya Wilkes

    GUYS!!!! We are supposed to send the questions to “” not dump them in the comments section. LOL.

  • A

    I was wondering if anyone else feels like the celine bags are slowly going out of style and may be gone in a couple of years :(
    I really like the trapeze bags but I’m hesitant to make the purchase because I’m afraid its just going to be a fad

    • Gia


    • Winn

      I think luggage/phantom- trendier with less staying power.
      Trapeze/trio- more classic, more staying power.

  • Guest

    hey, I’m thinking about buyingg this chanel back. but i am afraid of it being fake ? could you verify that ?

    im kind of unskilled about buying a chanel back.
    link to the back :

  • Nida

    I need to make the first value purchase of bag. I want a structured bag which can be used at important meetings as well. My budget is only USD 1200, can’t find anything in that range. Please advice

    My option would have been Prada, but its way to expensive

  • KMoya

    Can you start doing Man Bag Monday again?? I love those posts!

  • Molly

    I would like to get a cross body for travelling. Comfortable strap, many compartments and medium sized. Any suggestions?

  • anna chan

    i recently purchased this fendi bag! i would like to know how come US doesn’t have this style? the only places avail is do you know when this style came out?

  • Kristiina Vottonen

    Good evening,

    I don’t know if this belongs here, but it’s worth a try. I recently bought a Michael Kors Selma online. It was said that it was genuine, not a fake. But there are little things that raise suspicion in me… The A letter in the logo is not see through, meaning the hole doesn’t go quite threw, so the bottom of the letters hole is golden. Also I compared the bag at a store with a genuine Kors and mine was taller. And I have two fixation rings on the leash, as the one in store had one and the end of the leash looks a bit like clumsy work. Also the material is much harder on my bag. But otherwise it’s made really neatly and has all the right elements in it.

    Could these differences be explained some how? My bag was said to have been bought in USA, the one I compared was in Helsinki (Europe), mine has a tag that says it is made in China, the one at the store was made in Indonesia.

    Could you please help me figure out, if I have a genuine Selma in my hands!)

  • Kharris

    Do you prefer Coach, kate spade or Michael Kors???

  • demetra

    Sorry if this question has been asked before: I’m wondering what brands make leather handbags that aren’t treated with that liquid plastic seal on the raw edges, especially on the handles, that often breaks apart? To me, a leather bag shouldn’t have a trace of plastic on it…

  • Sharon

    How to I find out the make of a handbag no name anywhere

  • Sara Loza

    It’s driving me nuts, can anyone tell by the lining who may have made this unmarked purse?

  • svs

    What year did the Louis Vuitton Mezzo change the interior zipper pocket to no zipper?

  • Stacey Maxwell

    I am trying to find out how much a coach and Louis Vuitton bags are worth.