Alexander Wang Marti Convertible Backpack, $850 via ShopBop

Can I start off by telling you all that I’ve not been a big fan of the whole backpack in place of a handbag movement. It simply is not my style and even in school I always carried messenger bags (aside from the years where I took every possible book with me at all times and you could tip me over with the slightest nudge). But this morning at the Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2012 show, I ran into fellow blogger friend, Rachel of The Greyest Ghost, who helped change my opinion on wearing backpacks.

We were chatting after the show and both Vlad and I realized she had quite the nifty camera bag. But this wasn’t an ordinary camera bag, instead she opted to use the Alexander Wang Marti Convertible Backpack as her camera bag.

And that got me thinking. This backpack can be worn traditionally, or you can change it up and carry it as a shoulder bag or by double handles which leaves you with many uses. I am always preaching about using a bag that is both chic and functional, and this Alexander Wang bag truly does that.

Unlike many other Alexander Wang bags, the Marti Backpack is not overly heavy. There are plenty of functionality aspects, including 4 zip pockets at the sides, detachable backpack straps, and a detachable shoulder strap. Totally hip baby bag anyone? Measurements are 15″H x 11″L x 5″D and price is $850 via ShopBop.

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  • rose60610

    I like the looks of it but I just don’t do backpacks.

  • Jessy

    Yeah, even in high school I couldn’t stand backpacks. This is cool, but doesn’t really convince me to go back to backpacks.

  • Brenna

    I have this bag and I love it! Like you said, it’s so versatile. You can wear the shoulder strap or use it backpack style; and it unzips to become larger. I call Marti the Macgyver bag. So glad you guys have seen the light :)

  • Rashida

    I am not a fan :(

  • Rachel @ The Greyest Ghost

    I’ll be the first to admit I thought backpacks were hideous before I bought this bag! But I fell in love with it at Barneys, and realized the potential it had as a camera bag. It holds a LOT, distributes the weight well, and I can use the shoulder strap to carry it as a purse. Now I don’t have to carry my ugly (and heavier) camera backpack to events! :)

  • suz

    OK,,,,once again, I’ll weigh in. If you want/need to wear/use a back back….for heavens sakes get an ergomically designed one from an outdoor gear line. Let’s face it, “fashion” backpacks are just that…… and if you actually need to ustilize one, you’ll know that the “fashion” ones are cumbersome, inconvenient, usually too heavy and just plain stupid..

  • edoardo

    I don’t know…this is not really on my style but it’s a really nice bag!

  • klynneann

    It still looks really cumbersome to me, either as a backpack or using the shoulder straps. Maybe it needs to be seen in person.

  • 19yearslater

    Nice. For the price I’d be afraid to use it for anything I would want a backpack for, though.

  • J Umm

    love this bag, would defo invest

  • Lizzy

    I have never liked backpacks either, but with this… I am in love!

  • Elyse Greenberg

    I know that backpacks are “back-in,” but when I see one all I can think about is the the prada backpack that everyone had in the 90s.

  • Shirley J

    Im not a fan of backpacks too but this one is cute :)

  • Mari

    Already have a leather backpack! Little less cool, but better for heavy schoolbooks and probably better for my back, like another poster mentioned

  • Sil

    i’m sorry, but i don’t like it
    i’m not a big fan of backpacks, even though i still have a pair from years ago, i never wear them, even though i know they’re better for my back :P

  • Jennie

    Love A. Wang and the Marti is no exception!

  • Sarah

    I agree, backpacks in place of handbags aren’t the best idea.

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    WAY TOO COOL……If I were a student I definitely wouldn’t want to leave this backpack in my locker!

  • turadosapuay

    so unique from the other bag pack.