Ever since I first saw Chanel’s J12 watch a few years ago, I’ve been intrigued by having a watch with a white band. And not a white leather band, either; like the J12, I want a hard, smooth band of white links. It just seems unexpected and fresh, like something my mother’s generation wouldn’t wear (and I guarantee you, if I bought this, my mom’s reaction would be “Ugh, Amanda…*looks over the top of her glasses at me*).

I also prefer a chunkier watch – almost the size of a small men’s watch instead of a women’s watch. The way I see it, if I have to wear a watch, why shouldn’t it be one that makes as much of a statement as my other jewelry, which is usually quite a statement indeed (says the girl with the necklace that is 3 pounds of solid stone – I weighed it!). I also have wide wrists, so many watches designed for women look kind of disproportionate on me.

So the Toy Watch Plasteramic Watch has me very interested. At $175, it’s much closer to my price range, and although it does have a white band, I don’t feel like it’s a feature-for-feature Chanel rip-off (although, am I kidding myself with that? Tell me the truth). I wish that the face had a bit more personality to it, but for $175, I can placate myself with that beautiful white band.

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  • Also love this watch Amanda! :)

  • Also love this watch Amanda :smile:

  • “I don’t feel like it’s a feature-for-feature Chanel rip-off (although, am I kidding myself with that? Tell me the truth)”
    Amanda, you are kidding yourself :lol:

  • doubtfulguest

    I too loved the J12 and in looking around for a more affordable option, I found this:


    (please don’t mind their crazy home page photography, not sure what that’s all about…)

    Mine had crystals instead of diamonds but is all ceramic and was under a grand. I love it, and although it does get mistaken for the J12, I really don’t think it looks like a rip-off.

  • over studying

    i still just want a j12 :cry: and probably won’t be able to afford one for a very very long time.

  • hunniebunch

    i have this in black, i already have a white technomarine. i love this watch! light & perfect for everyday use!

  • timachnocarwyn

    the J12 is made from an industrial ceramic – very hard and VERY expensive. There is no way that the cheap knock-off comes close. Wait and save up for the real thing.

    • Well, that’s kind of not my point. Naturally this is not going to be the same as the Chanel watch, and it’s not going to be nearly as nice. But if I was in the market for a watch that expensive, I’d buy from one of the classic fine watch brands, and there are about a gazillion things on my wish list before a watch anyway. I think what’s important is that style can be had at a variety of price points and that nice things aren’t the sole province of the most expensive brands in the world.

      • Isabel

        Well said!

  • ATLCutie

    I have wanted one of these every since they were on Oprah’s Fav Things last year. Unfortunately I want a black one, and it has been virtually unavailable since then. Still love it though, and I wait for the day that I can actually afford it.

  • Vanessa

    is it just me or is this PURSE blog? i’d really rather you focus on that

    • ATLCutie

      I like the fact that Amanda featured a watch on here. We need (or at least me) nice accessories to go with fabulous handbags!

  • trisheezy

    it’s cute, and even if this is a purse blog I still think its great you wrote about it because I kind of want one of these now…..but do sort of feel like it is ripping off of the J12.

  • Lindi

    Love the white watch. I’ve seen a lot of celebs with the J12 this summer (Kathy Griffin and Mylie Cyrus to name a couple). As a more affordable alternative how about this Michael Kors beauty for $225? I have the same style in a beige-ish band with a gold/mother of pearl face.


    • Cindy

      Uh, the only thing I don’t like is the Michael Kors name on the dial. MK productions flood my local Ross.. now MK almost equal to Old Navy in my dictionary.

      I’d like the watch better without MK’s name on it.. seriously :neutral:

      • Isabel

        But if the watch is beautiful, who cares that MK’s name is on it? Seriously, it sounds a bit too superficial and shallow to dislike a beautiful watch just for the name… To each their own I guess.

  • over studying

    I actually really like that michael kors one its stunning

    • Dude, me too. Totally stalking that one now. So over Toy Watch.

  • Shopgirl

    The Chanel J12 is very special but its price is outrageous taking into consideration its an automatic (Quartz)watch. The white ceramic is simply divine, however, I had the opportunity to see several models and sizes from the collection on my wrist and loved it to death but I felt the watches are too heavy for me to wear comfortably.

    If you’re mostly fond of the ceramic but have a tighter budget check out the Swiss brand Rado (part of Swatch Group). This brand was the first to use ceramic for watches and are priced much friendlier. Plus, it will be a better investment than the Toy Watch as you will get real (and high quality) ceramic!

  • Alana

    This post made me think about Fossil and how they have really strange colors for their watches (wood grain e.g.). Well, they have a couple of white watches with white link bands. They are also reasonable at $105. They have so many fun watches that I regularly check them out. (still have my mood watch from 1994)


  • This post made me think about Fossil and how they have really strange colors for their watches (wood grain e.g.). Well, they have a couple of white watches with white link bands. They are also reasonable at $105. They have so many fun watches that I regularly check them out. (still have my mood watch from 1994)

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  • pinksuadesoho

    These are so cute. Affordable and a no fuss watch! So fun and versatile that they come in so many styles and colours. I don’t think anyone would mistake these for a ChanelJ12.

  • MCT

    I have 2 Toy Watches that I love. However, the first one I got in July, broke in September. I mailed it to the company to be fixed in early December and still have not received it. Not only that, I can not get an answer from anyone regarding the status of the repairs. If you do buy one and it unfortunately breaks, DON”T send it back to the company, take it to a local jeweler. What a BIG mistake I made!!!!!!

    • Kelly

      Wondering if you EVER did get your watch back from ToyWatch? I have one I need to send in for repairs myself and can NOT get anyone to even call me back for the RMA to be issued.

  • Honeybebe

    I think toywatch also has a white ceramic version (it comes in black too). I have just placed my order for the white one and can’t wait to see it!! it is a bit pricey (around US$1,500) but not as bad as a J12.

  • bebegurl

    The Toywatch ceramic watches are so expensive! I can’t believe Honeybebe bought it. I guess it is all good when you have lots of cash in your hands… lol.. I have the white plasteramic toywatch in the picture show above and I still love it up until this day! Goes well with clothes. But lately, I’ve been drooling over this plasteramic white toywatch with beautiful sparkling crystals on the bezel and some on the dial http://christinejewellers.com/Plasteramic/32208-WH-ToyWatch-Plasteramic-Collection-White.html . I’ve seen it in real life and it looks sooo gorgeous!.. It’s 440 CAD … pretty good deal I’d say. Now i just gotta save up!

  • Leigh ANn

    Bebegurl: I just bought that one and I love it….but man, these are huge watches!! Do you think it is just a fad? Sandra Bullock wore it in The Blind Side!

  • Naggy

    Okay, I paid about $75 bucks less for a *ceramic* watch; I swear the designer name is the bulk of most of these prices. (ipad)