Ray Ban Wrap Aviator Sunglasses

There are certain people out there in the fashion ether (most notably some folks at the paper of record, The New York Times), that think sunglasses are the new handbags. I find the idea of one inanimate material good being the ‘new’ other inanimate material good kind of inane and annoying, but hey, they’ve got to fill up their Style section with something, I suppose.

But, if you’re going to buy in to the NYT’s ridiculous assertion that sunglasses are the new must-have accessory (were sunglasses ever NOT must-have? Don’t they perform an important, practical function?), I whole-heartedly suggest that you start by finding the perfect aviator for your face.

Stay with me here, people – I know a lot of you guys just started scrolling down to the next post at the mention of the word ‘aviator.’ It seems that many, many women have given up on that particular style, and I can’t entirely say that I blame all of you, because they take some commitment at the beginning.

I tried on at least a dozen – Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Armani. I had tried on the classic Ray-Ban women’s aviators many a time, but they were just too small for my giant, fat head and made my face look oddly droopy. I had all but written them off, but then I realized that not all of the Ray-Bans in the case were exactly the same…and that’s when I came across my perfect shape, the Ray-Ban Wrap Aviator Sunglasses.

These frames are curvier than traditional styles, and the lenses are a bit oversized (meaning they don’t look quite so tiny on my enormous noggin). I still get the full BAMF effect of the style (Angelina Jolie’s character wears the same pair in ‘Wanted’ while she’s in full butt-kicking mode, so you can rest assured that you will be awarded full BAMF points), and they’re not radically different from the legendary originals – just different enough to be a bit special.

I personally prefer the grey lenses, but for those with different coloring, they’re also available in brown. They’re also a relative steal over ‘designer’ glasses that will run you well over $300 (besides, there’s nothing more authentically cool than Ray-Bans). Buy through Saks for $130.

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  • Minz

    I just bought a pair recently after trying them on for fun and couldn’t believe what a perfect fit at a perfect price. Seeing it featured here makes me feel better since I’ve been accustomed to Chanel and Tom Ford :razz:

    • lmoon2550

      I spent all day looking for Chanel sunglasses because they are 1 of the few who make glasses small enough for me. I should have just gone for the Ray Bans!

  • They’re a classic. Love em’.

  • jennzpurseblog

    i’ve been looking for a pair of aviators recently . . . i think they do and always have looked awesome :mrgreen: i am definitely going to try the Ray Ban’s on to see how I like ’em.

  • lunatwinkle

    I love aviator sunglasses! They’re so classic and chic looking. I just wish I could finda pair that fits me! I’m Asian, so I have very high cheekbones. The bottom of the lens always hits my cheekbones and thus the nosepads never actually touch my flat nose bridge. :cry:

    • janis

      hhahah im asian too
      i hate those other asian people who buy glasses even though they dont fit their face
      they look ridic.

      • galena

        I hate oakleys on Asians! Especially men trying to pull of that Tom Cruise mission impossible look. :oops:

  • Chris

    I have these aviators but the polarized version….I love…love…love them. They fit great and I think they would look good on almost anybody. :mrgreen:

  • I read that article as well, and even posted a link on my blog. IMO, I think shoes are gaining on bags, but will never replace them as the “It” accessory.

  • Anatidaephobia

    I had two different colors of those precise aviators until my brother who shares the same huge-noggin affliction we have stole a pair. He’s very lucky I love him.

  • windowshopping

    I have the same pair!

    Love them!

  • h0ney

    I have the brown ones. I too am Asian with high cheek bones and a flat nose bridge but these sunglasses fit perfectly. They’re my fave at the moment because they fit so well and look so cute. LOVE them!

  • ms.manhatten

    does anyone know what model number these ray bans are? i’m guessing RB3362 but not sure. i love them!!!!!!

    • according to the stems on mine, they’re RB3293

  • Jahpson

    i hate aviators!

    I much prefer wraparound rimless sunnies

  • Java Girl

    I have this one in gold frame and dark green lenses! And I love it – it’s classic aviators! Bought it in Sunglass Hut last May when I was in California (Camarillo Premium Outlet) for $129 + tax. Model number on mine says it’s RB3362

  • VintageSunglassfreak

    Those look great! They look so good on my boyfriend. I was shopping around for a pair and I found some for real cheap. They also have a bunch of other vintage sunglasses that look awesome.

  • Jenn

    I just purchased Ray Ban 3025 from coolframes.com and they are perfect and I saved $50.

  • raybansonnenbrille

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  • tha

    llike this…

  • tha

    very interesting…

  • denise

    Aviator sunglasses are my favorite. I just purchased mine from Overstock.com

  • asd

    galena, gayh

  • Naggy

    I would wear these; this gets a thump up! (ipad)

  • Frank

    rayban isn’t worth a penny its ugly and cheap looking

  • ishwar das kesharwani

    this rayban is really fantastic..

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  • Melissa

    Lost mine and haven t been able to get them in Australia again so Thanks for your blog on the ray bans … so happy… Ive bought them through Saks