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You guys, it’s Friday. May I repeat for everyone who’s glazed over in front of the computer at work: IT’S FRIDAY. So it’s time to have some fun, ok? Today, I’d like to do that with these images from our friends at of the latest and greatest Prada Tricks, which is what the company calls its absolutely adorable bag charms, which are often ursine (Fancy word for bear-like, y’all. Haven’t used that one since the SATs.) in nature.

Fashionista scanned these images out of the new Prada Gifts lookbook, which is why they’re a tad wonky, but these little guys and gals are totally awesome nonetheless. From a thinly veiled take on Axl Rose to bears dressed as crystal-studded robots, these are the kind of whimsical, silly little things that I actually would hang from my bag with a great deal of joy. Fashionista estimates that they’ll cost around $150, and we’ll update you when they become available. Check out the rest of the Tricks in the gallery after the jump.

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  • J Umm

    They are so adorable!!!

  • Libbie

    They remind me of Steiff charms, but I much prefer the Steiff ones myself. These are a bit, well, stupid.

  • suz

    Really? Are we all eight now?

    • Stacy F.

      well, if an eight year old can buy of these then I’m in. :)

      chloebagfreak has it right, we do need to be less serious. Thanks for reminding us. :)

  • Sil

    i love them, they’re so cute!
    i think my fav is the little snake one. it even has a little rattle on its tail!

  • chloebagfreak

    I think they are cute!! We need to take ourselves less seriously these days!

  • priscilla

    they are a bit 80s gone wrong lol :-)

  • Henry Zarian

    They’re all cute and adorable! But $150 is too much expensive for this little key chain. Hope it would lower the price so many people that even kids can afford to buy it. –

  • jrl

    really $150? why I will take four!

  • Spirale Rouge

    So cute, but so “déjà vu” !

  • 19yearslater

    I like the leather ones better than the teddies.

  • Bon

    Purseblog, please let us know when they’re available! Theyre ADORABLE.

  • Merve

    I have to agree with Suz…. they are adorable if i was 8

  • Mariah

    So. Cute. But these are the last thing I’d expect from Prada.