Who would have ever thought that quilted would be ‘in’? I guess I always had a stereotypical view of quilts. Quilts remind me of an old-lady past time. But with age I learned a bit of sophistication when it comes to fashion. I may not remember all of my calculus and derivatives, but I sure as heck remember styles that come and go and what makes it. Now do keep in mind that Chanel has been using the classic quilt pattern for quite some time- which is both timeless and elegant. So why not have some other designers take on the quilts? Well Marc Jacobs has decided to do just that. The Marc Jacobs Collection Quilted contains 3 numbers that I’m head over heels for.

First, the big momma of them all is the Marc Jacobs Collection Quilted Venetia. This bag (above) is a new way to look at the renowned Venetia bag with an added flair from the quilted Nappa leather and boisterous brass hardware. Both of the outside pockets show off Marc’s signature push-locks while the large brass pull with brass-tipped leather ties gives way to the top zipper closure. The inside of the bag is lined with soft suede and has a zipped pocket. I love this bag in Pearl but it is also available in Black. Whichever of these meets your fancy can be yours for $1200 through eLuxury.

Next we venture into the world of quilted clutches. Seems a little un-ordinary- that’s because it is. Clutches are a fashion must now-a-days (if you don’t own a cute clutch- please go buy one, and then nod your head with me about how it is a must). The Marc Jacobs Collection Quilted Zip Clutch infuses retro-modern with contemporary classic. Seems like an oxymoron- what it really is- is bea-uuuu-tiful! The clutch is made of grained, quilted leather, a bold placement of polished brass hardware, 2 signature push clasp pockets in the front,over sized signature zippers with leather pull tabs, and has a long zip top. The inside is quite a treat for any girl’s needs. The suede lined interior contains a divided center pocket, 2 slender side pockets, and 6 slots for credit cards or IDs. Humm… only 6??? Jk guys! As much as $450 is quite a bit of money, this clutch is well worth it. {via eLuxury}

How ’bout a somewhat pointless accessory?? Yea! Actually before I begin, I have a question: Which of you own a key holder- and for those of you who do, do you find it handy- and even more pointless of a question, does it just hold a key?? Ok on with the last of the quilted series. This Marc Jacobs Collection Quilted Key Pouch is also made of grained, quilted leather, has a zippered top with signature push clasp closure, features polished brass hardware, is lined in suede, and contains an interior key ring with a leather leash. A leash for your key… are you going to walk it? So this is what I call a “pointless purchase” but if you think it may complete your quilted series- then go for it. This pouch can be purchased for $195 through eLuxury.

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  • BagBoy

    the Quilted Venetia looks like the louis vuitton Manhattan GM. & thekey poch looks confusing to me.

  • Susan

    I saw the quilted Marc Jacobs cammie in pearl at Nieman Marcus yesterday. The bag is absolutely gorgeous – just wish it was not so expensive!

  • I hate these Marc Jacobs quilted bags. They are a total fashion faux paux. I never liked the Marc shaped purses in the first place, then you throw bad quilting on it. All in all, it looks like a fake Chanel purse to me.

    I heard it through the grapevine that Marc wants to design for Chanel. I *may* allow this after enjoying the LV clothing line this season. Hmmm.

    • Analizza

      Silly* I love Target’s bags- Fashoinable, cute, cheap & look great!~

      Love Target!!!!

  • billyjoe

    I love the zip clutch! It is just so awesome!

  • Zippy

    The clutch is a keeper, a nifty little number for running errands without needing to be ‘dressed up.’

  • jane

    the Quilted Venetia looks like the louis vuitton Manhattan GM.

    Hmm could that be because the LV Manhattan was in fact designed by Marc Jacobs, not the other way around? Yes.

  • Carrie

    I actually do own a key holder, mine’s the LV one in Damier Canvas. Technically, unless you literally only own one key, your keys will not fit into the holder. I use it more as something to hold my license, credit cards and just some cash for going out. It’s really quite useful if you just want to run in and out quickly.

  • Gina

    Actually, I kinda like the key holder, judging the fact that I’m not filthy rich so I don’t have that kind of money to waste on something like that but yeah, it’s cute.

  • Rach

    The Marc key pouches are PERFECT for college students. Most of the time all I need to carry around with is my id card, my keys and maybe 20 bucks. The key chain part hangs out of the zipper without getting in the way, and is so great. I absolutely love the quilted look, especially in the small accessories.

  • Tasha

    I have the Quilted Venetia and I am sooo in love with it – Took it on its first outing in Chicago and the midwest has lots of class because everyone loved it too – Was not a big fan of MJ bags but this one totally changed my mind.

  • serena p in the place 2B

    anything made by Marc Jacobs is a keeper. he is an amazing designer. see the Black quilted bag that Lindsay Lohan is sporting in Us Weekly. Id sell my mama for it. hahahahahaha

  • diana

    its so ugly….and ints so expensive….i’m from romania bucharest and here are many purses that are MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE beautiful than this….here in romania are luis vuitton every where and its not a fake….

    • MOXY

      Fake is better- keep ur money & be animal friendly,


  • alina

    i am from romania and here are many purses that kinda looks like that even more beautiful

  • leather free luv animals




  • MOXY

    I agree with the animal free- I mainly by bargains & try to go fur/leather free. I pay my mortgage & car payments on time, that’s the most important-spend your money wisely girlies-

    PS= I have 2 shelter cats & they love me for it*

    • Analizza

      I agree

  • Mariana

    Yeah. It looks like the LV’s Manhattan Gm, yes, it is because they have the same designer and the same way with Chanel’s quilted style, but it looks so fake to me. It looks like an LV + Chanel = Fake looking-trying hard bag. It was so expensive to spend my money on this fake looking-trying hard bag knowing it was Marc Jacob’s bag? If I were to buy an expensive bag I would buy the LV’s Rita Multicolored Bag, yeah, it was expensive but at least it has it’s original look and style or I might buy a Chanel bag. My money is not worth for this bag. :?:

  • Lucy

    I agree with Mariana. And oh, I saw LV’s Rita Multicolored Bag. Gosh, it’s $2200 tax not added! I really like that bag and I plan to save my party’s night for it! :mrgreen:

  • jenny

    Im craving for that LV Rita Multicolored bag! Gawd. I would buy that in case, never the LV Manhattan GM or this Marc Jacobs quilted bag. ewwww. to both of that!

  • glen

    I bought my wife that Louis Vuitton Rita bag and she’s so happy! She knows the style and when to be happy. I think if i bought her the manhattan gm or this MJ quilted bag i think she wont be happy and tell me i dont have the style to pick that bag. :mrgreen:

  • Zoe

    I had a brown quilted leather key pouch…which I loved until it was stolen. Does anyone know where I can replace this in London? Thanks.

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    going home to the province for my mom’s bday!

  • Naggy

    The bag is a nice combo of classic and trendy, the wallet is too boring, and the last one has a very nice touch with that hardware. (ipad)

  • KY

    I like it all! (ipad)