Do you ever wonder what you would buy if money wasn’t an option? Personally, if I had more money than I knew what to do with I can think of plenty of things I would spend my money on: a couple houses, a new car, maybe a boat, lots of traveling, establishing a foundation in my name, and so on. Now, I am sure that small list looks pretty typical. For those of us who dare to dream, why not dream big? However, when I come back down to reality, right now I am not in the kind of financial situation where I can buy everything my heart possibly desires. At the same time, I do wonder what people with more money than they know what to do with buy. I mean, their shopping sprees have to be much different than mine. I think I am splurging when I buy a new pair of designer jeans or a hot pair of sunglasses. But then there are those out there who splurge by purchasing a new yacht. I guess everything is relative.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very lucky; I get to buy things I like and continue to dream of the day I might be able to afford some of the things I would love to have. I would have to say, when I stumbled across the Leiber Mini Pillboxes and saw the price associated to them, I instantly put the pillboxes in the “what I might buy if I had tons of money” category. The pillboxes are without a doubt cute, but for something used to hold your daily vitamins and such, I would say they are way too pricey for me. Yet, if the price seems right to you, store your vitamins and/or pills in one of these pillboxes you can buy through Neiman Marcus for $625.

What would you buy if money wasn’t an issue?

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  • Definitely cute. Definitely left for the day when I have more money than I know what to do with :)

  • Judi

    Price tag aside these are pretty cool. Though I would worry that the crystals would fall off as the pill box bounced around in my purse. I guess you’d need a dust bag to keep the pill box safe while it’s in your purse.

    I sure wish elegant purse accessories would make a comeback. The glimmering lipstick holder, the gem-like pill box, the Elgin-American powder compact. Seems like the only place you can find these things today is on ebay.

  • V

    Cute, but I wouldn’t buy it even if I had the money. And I agree with Judi, I would worry about the little gems coming off over time too! It would be a big disappointment for something so pricey!

    Then again, I never carry any medicines with me, so I wouldn’t need it. Perhaps once I’m older this might be pretty useful.

    But since you asked “What would you buy if money wasn’t an issue?”, I would most likely buy the more important and finer things in life, like the ones you listed: A couple houses (one of them being a vacation home somewhere in the world. And the other would be my own dream home in a country that I’ve been dreaming of living/moving to :p), a beautiful car, loads of traveling, and so on. Then I would definitely go on a shopping spree and buy all those little toys like purses, jewelry, etc.

  • Weaslgrl

    If money were no object, the Hermes Jypsiere bag (in olive) would be tops on my list. Second is the new Michael Kors Studio Satchel in camel colored alligator with the gold hardware. The alligator looks almost golden — OMG!!!

  • lauren

    ^agreed!! :cool:

  • lumidee

    not sure, these things look a bit freaky to me, especially the one in the middle…very strange

  • i need to work on being less clumsy. if i were to buy one of these i would probably drop it within the first month and who knows how many crystals would fall off right then and there?!?!

  • Jaclyn Renee

    MINI PONY….Thats what I would buy with all that extra money. And I would dye it PINK, HOT PINK!!! And I would buy it the Rolly-Polly bag to boot! Just for the mini!!!! That ones for you Megs =)

  • V

    lol Jaclyn! I love it!

  • I love this bag. It is very cute. I am waiting for my salary as soon as i will have money, i’ll gonna buy this bag.

  • Claire

    Very cute, but not high on my list!

  • amy

    Let’s be serious here, let’s be real. Them are some ugly, not even practical, purses. Anyone who would carry one of them, would be stared and laughed at. In my circle anyway. People shallow enough to think they need one these ugly things, deserve to be laughed at.

  • Naggy

    These are too childish and probably not practical. (ipad)


    Leiber mini pillbox.. Super :)