Leiber Crystal Shell Pillbox By no means am I a pill popper. Actually, I am fighting a nasty cold right now and refuse to take Sudafed; it makes me feel funny. Guess what I am taking? Children’s Dimetapp. Yep, I am that adult that buys the grape flavored liquid when I have a cold. I *hate* taking medication, it makes me feel funny. But if I were to take something in pill form (say Children’s Tylenol), I would feel like royalty of the ocean carrying it in the Leiber Crystal Shell Pillbox. Ornate, intricate, and really a work of art, this pillbox is meticulously designed with Austrian stones and features a push lock closure. It is tiny, so it really will only fit your pills; merely measuring 2″H X 2″L X ½”W. This would be perfect if I were taking any pill for any problem like a normal person would, but chances are my bottle of Dimetapp would not fit in this pillbox 😉 Via Saks for $425.

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