Gucci Dog Pendant

Finishing off the day of man and woman’s best friend, is a pup accessory by high end designer Gucci. Gucci may be known for their designer bags, elegant gowns, and comfy shoes, but their pet department is growing. After visiting their boutique in NYC over the weekend, I realized they really do love pet accessories (many are so pointless- like a pet sun visor!). But different strokes for different folks. If you love it and you can afford it, why not. While pricey for a drooling animal that sniffs other’s rears, the Gucci Dog Pendants are chic and shiny. On the left we have my favorite, the Gucci Heart and Dog Bone Pendant. This pendant is a heart shape made of nickel-plated brass and has a red (enamel) bone going through the middle. Buy it through Gucci for $90. And on the right we have the pendant that makes me laugh at the ridiculous engraving. The Gucci Square G Dog Pendant is made of sterling silver and has “Gucci dog” inscribed. Umm… that is soooo not me or my family or my dog or my great-great-grandchildren’s dog. If someone lost their dog and it was wearing that tag and I found it, I would have to laugh for an insane amount of time. But maybe you dig it. If so it is available for a Gucci price for your indulged Gucci dog through Gucci for $185.

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  • Coccinelle

    What is going on with dogs lately??? =)

  • Karly

    Oh my gosh!.. thats the cutest thing i have ever saw!!!!.. :-D

  • mel

    that is adorable when i get my small dog i would totally look into that that is so cool dogs r so great and great companions and for many girls so r there purses!

  • jamie

    A pet is an ANIMAL. It requires love and care. It is NOT a FASHION ACCESORY. If you don’t know the difference then please don’t subject a poor, helpless, creature to your petty desires.

  • Naggy

    Fashionable dog lovers united; although I cannot imagine a dog being a designer lover. (ipad)