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When I first laid eyes on the Gucci Baby Carrier, I was a fan but still a tad skeptical. It did seem a bit over the top. But now that I saw the proud new mommie, Gwen Stefani, carrying her adorable little Kingston in one, I am in love! ($790 via Gucci)

Gwyneth Paltrow

And by the way, before you start complaining about us covering celebrities without bags, I insist that you can see 1/34th of Gwyneth’s bag in the picture above. Now that I’ve preemtively shut up the haters, I gotta say that her son Moses is absolutely adorable.

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  • Jane

    I still think it is over the top. She lost about 100 “respect” points for carrying baby in THAT.

  • Odie

    So So cute. I like how it covers the baby up where you cant see his head. If I had a kid i’d carry them in it. Unless of’course COACH came out with one. Then I’d have to use that instead. Im a die hard COACH fan and carry no other purses but theirs.

    • Rick

      whatever lameass. get a life.

  • Johanna

    I think that those who don’t “respect” Gwen for touting a Gucci baby carrier, have issues themselves. If you have the money… hey– why not? I think it looks awesome! And I can honestly say that it’s always w/ the 1st child that you get the most carried away. Big-ups to Gwen & her fashionable baby!

  • xx

    most stars dont have to pay for it. designers and stores give away stuff to the stars so that regular people go out and pay for it. think about how much advertisement Gucci got from Gwen using their baby carrier.

  • Mary

    I think people that have negative comments regarding the Gucci carrier are jealous of those who are more fortunate to enjoy buying great designer products. Gucci is known for their exceptional design, quality, and durability. I think if you have money to spend on the carrier, buy it! Don’t listen to people who have negative comments about the designer carrier because your baby deserves the best. People that have negative comments, I’ve discovered, have negative comments regarding everything in life (be it their job, relationships, and even designer gear). Having said that, go out and buy the carrier! You can enjoy it if you have subsequent children and can also pass it on to a daughter or even grandaughter because of the exceptional quality.

  • sweetpotatoe

    If your a millionaire. You would spend like one.
    If I had the money I would have one too. But since I’m an average mom working 9 to 5. Of course I wouldn’t waste all that money on such an item. Now if I found a knock off one for around $100 buck maybe I’ll get one.
    But to keep it real, I would rather have the attention on my baby than what I’m carrying her in.

  • Roy

    Well I just bought my baby one of these online so I’m hoping he looks really cute in it. Plus it’ll make carrying him around a lot easier he is pretty heavy. It’s the first baby carrier that I saw and just had to buy…it beats the hell out of the JEEP one I saw at BabiesRus.

  • M

    I don’t even have kids yet and I bought this! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I can’t wait to use it someday!

    • Laila

      :grin: That’s a little wierd even though i bought it the first time i saw it for my sweet Noah but if i new i would loved it so much and i didn’t have a baby yet, i would of done the same!!lol!!:^)

  • soon2bemommie

    If anyone has one for sell I would be interested in it. My husband wants one for our first born son, but we can’t afford the regular price. Please e-mail me at with the price. :lol:

  • anne-marie

    I haveI tried to but one of these using the link but I’ve had no luck does anyone know where I can get one?
    Also I wouldn’t buy a fake as how do you know that it’s safe !!! Imagine your new born falling due to weak stitching. I think it would be better and safer to spend the same amount of money on non fake that’s been safety tested.

  • ske-ske

    When i saw it in the gucci store i fell in love. I think it is the cuttiest thing ever. I am having my first son(thank you jesus) and definently plan on purchasing one. Surely it is a little pricey but why the hell not. It’s not like you can’t sell and get some of your money back, unless you plan on having other babies. No star was the influence on me wanting one. I am the owner of many gucci items,eventhough i am a dooney and bourke fan. Once you feel the material and textured quality trust you’ll want one to. Stop bashin my girl Gwin she doin the damn thang. Gucci probably gave the it to her. If not who cares. If i knew her i’d ask to get when she’s done.

  • kelsey

    my neybor is gonna bought one for her 4 and a 1/2 month old for $900 freakin dollars.i would get a cute one from kohls for like $19.50 that would be safe and stylish for my baby(even though im 16!!)

    i mean its cute but….

  • Marissa

    Even if you love the Gucci look this does not look like a comfortable carrier. The adjustable buckles look like they would dig into the wearer. There is no waist support and the baby dangles by the crotch. I’m not totally against spending $800 for a carrier, but you can do better than this! The weight limit is 20lbs (if you can even get that far in this contraption) and for my daughter that was 4 months. I’m sorry but no carrier is worth $200 a month.

    I prefer when Gwen uses her Pslings. Which were also probably given to her by the company as promotion. But at least those are comfortable!

  • Naggy

    I agree that no carrier is worth $200 a month, particularly if there’s nothing visually interesting or notably much practical about the carrier. (ipad)