Python, brights, neon, trends, Spring 2012, etc. You guys know the drill. I’ve typed variations on that sentence a million times already and it’s only February, and based on my own personal contemplation of the purchase of an orange lace dress yesterday, I don’t think it’s going to abate anytime soon. That’s fine by me; summer is a time to enjoy a particular sort of fashion extreme, and that opportunity should be seized while it’s still available.

Emilio Pucci, it would seem, is all about seizing the opportunity. Or at least seizing the python – the new batch of Emilio Pucci Python Accessories that just hit Net-a-Porter will envelope everything from passports to iPad in bold snakeskin goodness. The stuff inside your bag wants to get in on the trend too, naturally. Lucky for all of us, these pieces come in multiple colors.

Emilio Pucci Neon Python iPad Case, $850 via Net-a-Porter

Emilio Pucci Neon Python Passport Cover, $350 via Net-a-Porter

Emilio Pucci Neon Python iPhone Sleeve, $390 via Net-a-Porter

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11 years ago

I want that Ipad case :O its so nice. Although, ill be using as document holder instead. 

Marie Martell
Marie Martell
11 years ago

love the bright colors!