I don’t know about the rest of you ladies, but I sure do love a compliment. Maybe it’s a tad narcissistic of me, but I just love being told how awesome I am by others. People I know, complete strangers, it doesn’t matter. Compliments will, in fact, get you everywhere with me. I’m easy that way.
So imagine my delight when my trip to the mall today become a veritable compliment fest, all because of the Discus Necklace I wrote about a few weeks back. It was probably mentioned to me no fewer than 25 times – by salespeople in all sorts of departments, by other customers, by people waiting in line in with me for lunch. One saleswoman that I saw twice told me that she had talked about my necklace with another customer, who left immediately to go to Anthropologie and buy one for herself. Another salesperson said that she planned to go buy one on her lunch break.
Let me tell you, I may never leave my house without this necklace again. My outfit as a whole was unremarkable – a black cotton strapless dress and python gladiator sandals were the only other things I was even wearing. I got one or two comments on my Balenciaga bag, but the necklace was the star of the show.

So, all of you ladies out in PurseBlogLand – what in your wardrobe gets YOU the most compliments??? Give us a link in the comments if it’s still out there for sale! Buy through Antrhropologie for $118.00.

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  • Amanda, I have this one handbag from a newer designer that I have reviewed here before, Bird Handbags… I always get compliments on it! It is so practical and so comfortable, but I really love it!


  • Shannon

    I went to Hawaii last year and picked up a couple necklaces from a small local shop. They are pretty simple and cheap. But, I have to say, I get more compliments on those necklaces than any of the “expensive” jewelery I wear. Yet one more reason I need to get back to Hawaii… ASAP! :)

  • gonghe

    Megs, How about a lovely picture of you modeling the fabulous necklace for all of us to drool over, ahem, oh, I mean for all of us to see! :razz: I know I would love to see it!

    • gonghe

      So sorry, I meant “Amanda”.. :roll:

  • Contessa

    I receive the most compliments on my handmade glass beads…..which of course, I turn into jewelry :smile:


  • I ordered it because it looks so gorgeous! Can’t wait for it to come!

  • Sigh.. it finally arrived, but completely destroyed in the mail. All the pieces were scattered because the fishstring holding them together snapped in about 5 places. OMG. I returned it and demanded a full refund. Sigh. I really wanted it too, but now I’m too sad to try and reorder.

  • Naggy

    These are not my style; just not into beaded things in general. (ipad)

  • lilobubbletea

    This necklace is super cute!

    This has me looking forward to wearing the semiprecious beaded necklaces I received for christmas! :)

    I used to get a lot of compliments on this traditional jade bracelet I wore all the time.