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  • C

    You know, when PB first covered Fendi’s separate embellished straps, I thought “This is so dumb. Who’s going to pay money for a basic component that should come with the bag to begin with? And it’s got a bunch of craft-project flowers and rhinestones tacked on? So unpractical.”

    Now I’m browsing the interwebs for a cute strap to spice up my new bag, and they are so cute and reasonably priced. So often, when it comes to design, I seem to confuse “new and different” with “I don’t like it”; a few months later, it sinks its claws into my head and I can’t get enough! Also, that crystal saffiano Prada strap is gorgeous – do I have an extra $1200 lying around somewhere?

    • Sparky

      I also thought the idea was a bit too much when they first came out. But so many of us are buying the same, iconic bags that its a nice way to personalize. Provided you can afford $1500 for a strap!!

  • I had to LOL @ Slide 4. They could’ve at least thrown some rhinestones on it for $600 considering it’s not leather.

    • C

      Haha, you’re right. I scrolled by quickly and assumed it was striped leather but nope!

      • Nope! You can get a Gucci web boston bag for about $400 more than the strap in Slide 4. Bonus, it comes with a removable strap.

    • Sparky

      Right?! In the picture it looks like something you’d pick up at TJ Max for $9.99.

  • Jen

    “..those above $500, which are a new way to sell to a consumer class that has so much money it has run out of other things to buy.” HA! Touche.

  • kemilia

    No Birkin strap … yet.

  • Y Ajayi

    Fendi strap is so overpriced….

  • Passerine

    Ugh to most of them. Most egregious is the Delvaux canvas strap for $600. No combo appeals less than ugly AND expensive. Delvaux, for shame, you’re supposed to be a class act.

    The Prada one is pretty but even so…

    • Kate

      Totally agree! I came here to complain about the nondescript canvas strap by Delvaux. I can’t think of a single argument to justify its existence, especially at that price point.

  • memsy

    I would love to see photos of people using these straps on their bags. I find it hard to tell if these straps would look ridiculous or cute and trendy without seeing them in action.

    • cmb

      me too!

  • FashionableLena

    I recently bought a leather strap from TJMaxx for $30 that I had to return. Beautiful strap but it was too long and not adjustable. I only counted 4 adjustable ones on this list. On me, and I’m 5’7″, they were dragging on the ground except for the one that I bought at Aldo.
    These are a nice way to jazz up your bag, but they are really too expensive for what they are. The most expensive one at TJMaxx was $40. That would be my limit.

  • gt66

    Sometimes I’m down with the whole designer handbag thing, and other times it’s just too ridiculous to wrap my head around. Rebecca Minkoff makes straps also; they are like 100 dollars and I thought that was ridiculous. It’s like that little leather horse charm Hermes makes for 1000 dollars… Just senseless.. Like the emperor’s new clothes, I feel like we should call out the industry on this one.

  • Sparky

    I saw a Fendi strap for about $3600 on a department store site.
    I don’t find them necessary (at any price) but I see the appeal. Good way to jazz up a black bag.

    • shueaddict

      Was it the colored mink that costs as much as an actual mink vest ?

      • Sparky

        no. It was an elaborate, all leather version covered in leather and fur flowers, leaves. Amazing to see (if only on my computer screen). For those who can afford it, enjoy!

  • Marianne Mattson Paloncy

    http://www.mautto.com does great custom shoulder straps. Their website is not fancy and the colors can be a bit off, but I have bought about 10 straps from them to make my favorite bags cross body. The quality is excellent and you can pick everything from length, width and hardware. I use mine on Wang, Balenciaga, and my PS1. Highly recommend. Far more functional and longterm than the high $ stuff in this article that will be out of trend in 6 months.

    • gt66

      Thanks for the info! I just checked them out!

  • Vasudha K

    Is it just me or does it remind someone else of displaying their ‘flair’ ala Office Space?

  • psny15

    the straps are all wonderful but i cant justify spending more than 50$ on a strap

  • Ryder

    You can get a really great Steve Madden strap…studded or painted or whip stitched for only $25-$30. I got mine at Lord and Taylor!

  • Pai Pai Pai

    Thought the LV one was Paul Smith for a second…

  • estoo

    I have always loved accessories, and when I first saw bag charms, I thought how wonderful it is to have an accessory for an accessory! These special straps are another accessory for handbags, so I thought I’d love them. A year or so ago, the first ones I saw were from Rebecca Minkoff. I find these wide and colorful straps much harder to pair with the right bag than a bag charm, though. The straps need just the right shoulder bag to look right…usually a very plain bag, and probably best in black. Those kinds of handbags are in short supply in my closet these days. I agree with the person who said they need to do more that are adjustable. I have a few guitar straps now, and have yet to pair one with the right bag. I’d love to see some shown on bags. My favorite in the group above is the Fendi in slide 15, but I’d never pay so much for one!

  • Amanda Timian

    You totally missed Marc Jacobs Denim and black jewelled guitar strap – I bought it… and it definitely is one of the sickest straps I’ve seen… I throw it on my acid yellow PS1 – good times!

  • Jerri R

    The Ferragamo and Vuitton ones are great. Ima get me one of them Vuitton straps!

  • Loewe Wavy Stitches Strap is definitely my fav!

  • marco bottoli

    To pay extra for a decorated strap looks a bit like a rip-off when the standard bag is already very expensive. I think is more honest to offer cool straps as standard, like http://www.lidovenezia.eu

  • Cat Rav

    Check this: kate-cate.com
    they are everywhere on social media. Killing it!