How many times has it been impossible for you to shop for your dad or any other guy for that matter? For me, it’s constant. I don’t know what to get, what size, what color, what thing- I don’t know anything. All I ever think of for my dad is a tie. Birthday time- my dad, “Oo a new tie”. Christmas time- my dad, “Oo a new tie”. Father’s Day time- my dad, “Oo a new tie”. You name the holiday, it’s been pretty much guaranteed that I have bought my dad a tie. But for his birthday coming up, I have something so new and so original (ok that was partially sarcastic). How about a tie case? Ah yes, a holder for the tie. The Brunelleschi Black Italian Leather Tie Case is crafted from beautiful Italian leather and is sure to make any dad wonder “What the hell do I need this for??”. I love that reaction from gift giving- it’s always the best. I guess some working man decided it was time to protect his ties from wrinkles and creases when he traveled, so now there is a piece of leather that can hold it in place for you. The inside contains four leather snap straps to hold the ties in place for the turbulent plane rides. The case measures (in inches) 6.30 x 15.75 x 0.98. For only $158 via Forzieri this impractical case can be yours! ;-)

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  • Michele

    I know this is about the item not the store but I just want to give a quick review in case it helps anyone out during their shopping experience. I have bought several ties for my boyfriend from Forzieri and can say they are an excellent company. Their customer service is great and they ship fast. I’ve gotten packages faster from them in Italy than from places here in the US! They also send good sales via email once a week with items on special or free shipping offers. Perhaps next occasion I will go for this item since he travels for work sometimes.

  • billyjoe

    Hmmm….a tie case? Who came up with that?

  • Gina

    I agree with Michele, they are excellent. I bought a handbag there
    and I just loved it. Perfect quality, I say.

  • Tony Sadr

    Dear Madame/Sir

    We are a young handbag designing company based in London UK.
    For our next coming summer collection we are looking for a company
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    Do you provide this kind of service? Or could you direct us to the right
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    Any lead or information is highly appreaciated. I am looking forward to a long
    lasting business relationship.

    Kind Regards


  • Naggy

    I see my guy pulling out his variety of ties for any occassion with this, but he has a very small collection of ties. (ipad)

  • KY

    Nice! (ipad)