monica botkier During Spring 2008, Botkier will be celebrating their fifth anniversary. Monica Botkier, the designer behind the bags, has experienced great growth and success with her handbag line. Her handbags have caught the attention of handbag lovers world wide, and are carried at stores such as Saks and Neiman Marcus and seen on the arms of countless celebrities. Many of you will remember our fabulous Botkier Sasha Giveaway (which is still one of my favorite bags ever!). As this is the case, Monica has decided to move to the next level and launch a Botkier Shoe line. Their inaugural shoe line will be composed of nineteen different styles; varying from chic sandals to retro ballet flats, glamorous hammered ring stilettos and mod, peep toe ankle boots. The Botkier shoes take on a varitey of colors, including beautiful bronze and copper metallics, nude snake skin, bright fuchsia, and royal blue. The prices range between $200-$500 and all shoes are made in Italy. I am looking forward to seeing the shoes in person and trying them on. Botkier has always delivered fashionable and practical bags, so their shoe launch is something to look forward to. Some of the shoes are available on Botkier online now. Make sure to check out Monica Botkier’s new venture and let us know what you think!

Botkier Shoes for Spring 2008

Botkier Shoes

Botkier Shoes for Spring 2008

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  • Asil

    Im sorry, nothing special :( but then again, thats just an opinion…! and also proly cos im not too crazy about ballet flats and strappy sandals anyway :)

  • wgs

    simple. nothing special, i agree.

  • Jean

    Vey old ladyish. The soles look very flimsy too.

  • ames

    Call me an old lady! I really like those silver sandals; I could dance all night in those. Ballet flats don’t work with my short stature but these have different twist, in blue patent leather. Now, the black shoes do have an old-fashioned look but they’re more Retro 1940s than “old lady”.

  • ChooBlue

    I must be an old lady too, ’cause I love all of them. :o)

  • Oh darlyn!!

    I agree this are very old fashion it feels like i have seen them before, and they are not very youthful or attractive.

  • Jam

    Overpriced – $200 to $500!! Can get elsewhere sim design and quality

  • Stephanie

    Can you please tell me the name of the bag Jessica Alba is carrying in the recent photos of her shopping…it’s a leopard print satchel with chain strap.


  • Ria

    :roll: she should just stick with designing bags… not flattering at all.

  • gratytude

    shoes are a whole ‘nother animal. Just because you can make handbags doesn’t necessarily mean you can make shoes.

    Kate Spade’s shoes never looked quite right either.

    It’s best to leave stuff like that up to the big guys who are really experts, ie: prada, christian laboutin, miu miu, manolo, etc.

  • AJC

    No WOW factor here for me, I’m afraid. This combined with rather high prices does not get me interested in her shoes

  • greenegirl

    I’d be even happier if the shoes came in a size 11, but according to a lovely lady at customer service, 10 is the max.

  • tina

    nothing special about them..she should just stick with handbags in my opinion!

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  • Kendra

    The shoes aren’t so great. They look like payless. (fb)

  • Naggy

    The last one is what I’d probably wear out of the three, but neither one of these pairs show any real chic-ness or innovation. (ipad)