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  • FashionableLena

    Someone please knock some sense into me. I like the Kendall Kylie bag charm, but it also looks oddly familiar.
    The Givenchy looks a little ratty.
    The former cheerleader in me loves the Prada robot.

    • ECooper

      Yes, it is sort of a copy of the MCM rabbit charm.

  • Kelly

    I just can’t get w/this trend! Looks like something for teens :o(

  • estoo

    I love bag charms. How could I not? I’ve always loved accessories and they are accessories for an accessory! I started a collection of them several years ago. I am not drawn to the ones that are too cutsie or fluffy I think LV has some nice sophisticated ones, and I have a number of them, Not every handbag needs a charm. I think LV bags are especially well suited to bag charms. I like leather tassels, too, and mini bags as bag charms. In this group, my favorites are the Lanvin gold metal tassel, the Stella McCartney Falabella, and the Gucci bee. I own all three! They are high quality and beautifully made. Thanks for this piece on them!

  • Jerri R

    Stella McCartney one is to die for

  • Chelsea Girl

    I like the Lanvin one (xcept for the price tag), it can dress up about any bag and looks quite grown up enough for me to buy into this trend

    • I agree with you. I love the tassel charm, most of the others look too childish, for me.

  • Cunter

    All these bag charms are ugly and hideous except for Kate Spade “Cherry” and Lanvin “Tassel”. The rest belong in a mental sanitarium for autistic children—as kids surely made them.

    The only keychains and charms I will buy are the ones from Louis Vuitton. They are true pieces of jewelry that can sell and resell at jewelry price. The rest are chesp tourist memorabilia.

  • estoo

    The Gucci Bee is a high quality, well made leather piece. I got it because it looks perfect hovering over the flowers on my Gucci Classic Blooms Tote.

  • cherie

    Just not a fan — the only bag charms I’ve seen that don’t look overly childish or cheap are from Chanel and a few others from Dior and LV. Fendi bag bugs are nice but the monster one here is overdoing it. Can’t even fathom why someone would even consider using most of these unless they’re an actual child.