Cole Haan Leather Zip Wallet

Like many families, ours has a few Thanksgiving traditions of our own. And with Thanksgiving leftovers just about completely consumed, I am still thinking about Thanksgiving and the quality time I had a chance to spend with my family. Usually before we eat we all go around the table and say what we are thankful for. Then once dinner is wrapping up, we begin talking about what we might want for Christmas. For the ladies in our family, almost everyone mentions a need for a new bag or wallet. Is your family the same? (more…)

bloomingdales cyber monday

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Now, here’s a larger alternative to the clutch that I’m quite warmed up to. Though the Lauren Merkin clutch is eponymous, the brand is playing with their comfort zone with this bag. Sure, this Lauren Merkin Tess Pebbled Bag is a tad different than what we’re used to from the designer, but for those of your skeptics and nostalgics- look there, right in the center! A single inverted pleat acts as a nod to the Merkin style we know and love. (more…)


A week ago today, I leaked a teaser about a fabulous giveaway on the horizon. While I couldn’t divulge which bag would be up for grabs, I did get a chance to offer a few hints. For the past week, many of you have jotted down one guess while others made a few guesses. It is fair to say that the majority of the guesses were correct, and today, I get to shout from the rooftops: WE’RE GIVING AWAY THIS HERMES BIRKIN!!! (more…)

Are there still people out there in Handbagland that are unsure of the idea of brights as neutrals? If so, listen carefully: it’s a really, really good idea. I promise. Have I ever lead you astray before? Oh, yeah, I forgot about that time. But this has nothing to do with shots of tequila, ok?

In fact, investing in a bag such as the Lockheart Iris Tote is an incredibly savvy fashion decision. Why spend so much money on a bag that will merely blend in with the clothes that you already have when you can have one that says something interesting about your personal style? (more…)

Carmina Campus Recycled Keyboard Tote

Can someone, ANYONE, explain to me why this pastel-potholder-looking abomination against fashion costs 1100 freaking dollars? (more…)

Net-A-Porter Sale

On this year’s Cyber Monday, Net-A-Porter USA kicks off their end-of-season sales event. Save 40% and more on this season’s favorite bags, shoes, clothing and accessories.

Stock at NAP usually goes faster than a Japanese bullet train, so do not hesitate and see if you can grab that fashion item that you’ve been refusing to pay full retail for all season. Fashion good, full price bad!

Singer 22 Cyber Monday

Our next must shop Cyber Monday sale is being held at Singer 22. One of the main reasons I love Signer 22 is because of the amount of celebrity style products they have. If you want the hottest jeans, the tee-shirt every star is wearing, Singer 22 is not only the place to shop but also the place to help you ID it. The vibe at Singer 22 is very young and chic, hence it is one of my personal favorite online stores.

Shop the Singer 22 Cyber Monday sale to receive 20% off today!

Smart Bargains Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is here! The Monday following Black Friday has been deemed Cyber Monday, where blowout sales happen online. Why do we love Cyber Monday? The name speaks for itself, it is cyber. No need to wait in long lines and camp out. All you need to do is log on, shop, and save!

First up check out Smart Bargains for Cyber Monday. We love Smart Bargains because of their large array of products. Shop for bedding, jewelry, kitchen appliances, and handbags. Check out the Smart Bargains Sale now!

The thing that irritates me the most is when a bag manages to do one thing wrong that ruins the whole design for me. As they say in sports, sometimes a bag manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Cleobella almost had a bag that was full of win on their hands here, but sadly, patchwork leather makes the Cleobella Brixton Rock Bag a loser in my book.

I was trying to think of what exactly the piecing effect reminds me of, and then it hit me – nasty, faux patchwork leather bomber jackets, often sold at Wal-Mart. And then I remember this Alexander Wang bomber jacket bag debacle, and I’m wondering where all of this ironic tackiness is going to end. (more…)

God bless Marc Jacobs and all of the fantastically odd handbag-shaped items that come out of his weird, wonderful head.

I wouldn’t carry the Marc Jacobs Vortex Small Tote even if it was free, but I think it’s great that someone designed and made it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: sometimes crazy stuff has to be made before a designer hits just the right now. This is not the right note – it’s the crazy stuff before it. (more…)

Designer Handbag Giveaway

We already have your minds wondering what handbag giveaway we have in store for you tomorrow. The time is almost here to let you all in on our biggest handbag giveaway yet.

Do not forget to tune in to PurseBlog tomorrow to find out what we are giving away and how you can win it!

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