The PurseBlog team will be taking tomorrow off to spend Thanksgiving with our families, so barring any purse-related breaking news, y’all are on your own Turkey Day. It seems to me, though, that our separate celebrations shouldn’t mean that we can’t share with each other about the things that make us thankful.

I’m talking, of course, about handbag things. Most of us probably have to come up with a serious list before we’re rationed our part of the turkey, but since I don’t have any giant roasted poultry to give out, feel free to give me a slightly more fashionable version of that list. For instance, mine starts with Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs St. Marks Stam Satchel

Oh, Marc. How I love thee, let me count the…oh, nevermind, the ways are innumerable. I may not love every bag that the man creates, but I certainly respect his insistence on doing weird, unexpected, and interesting things, despite how they might be received.

If no one in fashion ever took a chance and made an ill-advised bag, then we might not have come across some of the best trends of the past few years. Studs? Marc was doing them seasons ago. Lots of black leather? He was all over that too. The things he does may not be fashionable or widely accepted while he does them, but as they say in politics, he’s been on the right side of history again and again. Keep making weird and fantastic things, Marc.

The Marc Jacobs St. Marks Stam Satchel is available via Bergdorf Goodman for $2395.

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  • JenG

    I am thankful for Purseblog! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I have enjoyed everything about your site and I wish you continued success!

  • Miss.Cherie

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. :-D

    I am thankful for : This site ;-)

    Again, Happy Thanksgiving !

  • Leah

    Love Marc too :) And this blog!

  • Terri

    I’m thankful for Purseblog and all of the comments made. Some of which make me laugh out loud and or say Yes when I agree or ooh when I don’t! Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

  • Jenn

    I love how the Stam continues to endure and develop with different fabrics, colors, and textures without ever losing the original, iconic look. It’s a true testament to Marc’s design sensibility. I just pre-saled my first Stam bag at Nordstrom for Black Friday — can’t wait!!!

  • MizzJ

    I am thankful too for Marc’s strange fabulousness! Have a happy thanksgiving Purse Blog!

    Enter part 1 of my Holiday Giveaway Bonanza to win Perricone MD’s anti-aging cream Cold Plasma!

  • Lori

    I must first say Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for this blog. I have been reading for a while and love this site. I have MANY designer bags (just got a cute casual crossbody Dior at NM last week). Anywho, I must confess, I am NOT a fan of Marc Jacobs. I can not see spending a dime on one of his bags. They all feel like rip off’s of other designers to me. Maybe it’s the 2 glasses of wine I have had tonight, but I am just not a fan. That being said (hey like CYE’s season finale), I do think this particular bag is cute. I would not buy it, but it’s cute.

    • Annalisa

      I have to disagree with you. After watching a documentary on Marc Jacobs (the man and the brand), I have a whole new level of respect for him. It’s true; he takes his inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, and some comes from very unexpected places. I really have never seen him rip off another designer though. I am guessing, if you like designer as much as you say you do, that you are probably a Louis Vuitton fan, and as, I am sure you know, everything produced by Louis Vuitton, now, was designed by Marc Jacobs, himself. So…even if you don’t like Marc Jacobs, or have too traditional taste for Marc by MJ, Louis Vuitton is still MJ, too! He is, without a doubt, the hardest working man in fashion. I highly recommend the documentary about him; as you will see, he is in the trenches, day and night, and unlike other design houses, he really has his hand in EVERYTHING. If it has his name on it (or LV), he really designed it himself.

  • chirpy_gal

    Marc Jacobs blows me away ……. :) …….. Love the blog too ……. :) ……

  • Anna Cooperberg Gzz.

    I too am so thankful for Purseblog… and Marc! Especially Marc by Marc Jacobs ;)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!

  • AA

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING Everyone!!! I am thankful for this blog & Marc Jacobs too!

  • Mochababe73

    Marc Jacobs makes classic, iconic bags with a twist. You never feel dated wearing one of them. This Stam is beautiful and will still look trendy and in style 10 years from now.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Purse Blog Family.

  • Sher77

    Love Purse Blog, Love the comments and crazy for Amanda. Marc Jacobs is a genius. I do think the Stam is going to stand the test of time. I am somewhat of a Snob with bags, but I did buy the Marc Jacobs Safety Pin Stam, thinking I would probably send it back. Love this bag!! I have another Stam, but otherwise I’m usually a Chanel or Hermes Girl.

  • Kendra

    It’s kind of bulky looking, but it’s very stylish. I like it! (fb)

  • Nicole

    hello, little lovely. What a perfect compliment to a nice dominatrix outfit. Perfect and thankful, yep!


  • bluelly

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