Are there still people out there in Handbagland that are unsure of the idea of brights as neutrals? If so, listen carefully: it’s a really, really good idea. I promise. Have I ever lead you astray before? Oh, yeah, I forgot about that time. But this has nothing to do with shots of tequila, ok?

In fact, investing in a bag such as the Lockheart Iris Tote is an incredibly savvy fashion decision. Why spend so much money on a bag that will merely blend in with the clothes that you already have when you can have one that says something interesting about your personal style?

Lockheart Iris Tote

Believe it or not, this bag is actually fairly tame for Lockheart – they’re the kings of monochrome texture, which can be a bit much for the faint of heart at times. This design limits the fireworks to some inventive cording and tiny studs along the seams, which allow the royal purple color to take center stage, just as it should. Purple is my favorite bright color for handbags, and if you haven’t given it a shot, I’d urge you to consider it. Buy through Saks for $535.

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  • DeeDee

    I Love your idea of “brights as neutrals”! And you’re so right that the Lockheart girls make bags that really just make outfits pop. These bags are just fantastic, and whether it’s a black, a green or this lush purple- it’s sure to be the best way to finish a look. This bag is just adorable, and I can’t wait to own one!!!

  • Gwen Coronado

    Love love love this gorgeous LOCKHEART, American Art with purely imaginary noble pretensions. Remind me of Elsa Schiaparelli’s statement: “In difficult itmes, fashion is always outrageous”. Shrinking violet this bag is not! Saks 5th, here I come!

  • Laika

    They’ve done it again! This Lockheart bag is beautiful. How funny, lately I’ve been into purple. So serious, my nails are even purple!

    That leather looks so soft. Plus, since it’s been getting colder, my oh so blah monochromatic turtle neck look really needs a nice pop on my arm. Oh dear sweet IRIS tote, I’m off to look for you and put you where you belong, on my arm.

  • Nickie Tran

    Another masterpiece! I love all my Lockheart bags. The designers really put a lot of thoughts in designing bags that fit the lives of busy women.

  • Nicole

    Love, love, love ,love this bag!! I just moved to Hawaii and I can’t find Lockheart anywhere out here…anyone know anywhere that might carry it?? The color is so perfect and I love the studs and knot detailing. Just in time for my Christmas list.

  • Janet

    This is such a cute bag. Is purple the new black? Well, it sure seems like the right color & bag to have!

  • Maura

    I love all my Lockhearts!! This bag is my latest – The leather is soft as butter – So many people comment on it.

  • Alex H.

    Love this bag! I love all the details and it’s a perfect purple.

  • Olivia V.

    I saw this bag in their lookbook and fell in love right away. Im currently asking for it for Christmas as I asked my boyfriend a million of times, so I hope he got it now. It is super soft like butter, you will never touch a softer bag. Ohh soo excited, I should mention it to my boyfriend one more time. haha ;)

  • Jane

    I saw this bag in black first and loved it, but now that I see it in purple its absolutely gorgeous. I have been looking for a purple bag and this might be the winner.

  • SC

    omg! this is a must have!!!!! it is simple yet its stands out! and i love the shape of the purse!!!! i hope i find this under my xmas tree!

  • jennabaglover

    If you haven’t noticed, purple seems to be the “it” color of the season and this iris tote is an oh-so delicious color of purple! I tend to wear a lot of earthy hues, so I would combine this tote with a pair of sleek skinny jeans, a long chunky sweater, and use it as my “burst” of color. I love the knot that is thoughtfully tied around the bag, it adds that little detail that makes it a stand-out-bag. Purple is so incredibly savvy, I absolutely am in love with this gorgeous tote;)

  • Joan G

    Great thought, I never realized the full concept of brights as neutrals! But it’s true. I love the color of this Iris purple verses a lavender that seems childish at best – the Iris color is all girl power and it looks like the softest leather – again a winning look. Luv, luv Lockheart!

  • ottercat

    These reviews are so well written. Good job.

  • Linda

    I purchased this bag in purple from Nordstrom’s. I LOVE it!!!

  • Esther

    I absolutely love this bag!! I don’t carry purple bags, but this one, I will definitely carry. One of my friends told me she saw it at Nordstrom. Gotta go take a look at it! Santa, I would love to get this bag for Christmas. =)