God bless Marc Jacobs and all of the fantastically odd handbag-shaped items that come out of his weird, wonderful head.

I wouldn’t carry the Marc Jacobs Vortex Small Tote even if it was free, but I think it’s great that someone designed and made it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: sometimes crazy stuff has to be made before a designer hits just the right now. This is not the right note – it’s the crazy stuff before it.

Marc Jacobs Vortex Small Tote

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and this bag ventures a lot. In fact, it kind of looks like a really gussied-up gift bag. You know, the ones that take the place of wrapping paper for lazy people or those that give oddly shaped gifts. Except, of course, that’s it’s made of leather and (inexplicably) is covered with purple studs. Also, instead of tissue paper, there’s hot pink satin peaking out the top. Add in the blue velvet ribbons at the sides, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a confused handbag with no obvious focus. And that’s fantastic – I’d rather see a designer take a million weird chances than turn out the same safe bag for decades on end. Buy through Saks for $1450.

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  • Bag Brag

    You’ve gotta see it IRL in yellow! TDF!!


  • Courtney’s

    What a fantastic bag! The only thing i dont like are the ribbons, but hey what are scissors for! ;)

    • Cindy W.

      I agree.. it is a beautiful bag.. without the ribbons would make it more classy

  • pe. riche.

    Marc Jacobs is a genius. When you see one of his bags, you never confuse it for any other designer or bag. He isn’t afraid of color or mixing different fabrics. I mean, leather, satin and velvet all for one bag? Not to mention the use of hardware; studs, gold, and a lock. Personally, I love this bag.

    • AA

      I agree!!! :) Love him & this bag is TDF!

      • Terri


  • tadpolenyc

    i thought this line was strange and ugly when i first saw them online, but they’re actually not bad irl. the crazy colorful pouch in the middle is a removable drawstring bag that could be re-purposed as a clutch or makeup pouch. the interior is lined in a gorgeous cartoon paisley pattern. my favorite color combo is the grey with dark grey studs and pink interior.

  • 19yearslater

    I was thinking gift bag too! Love it!

  • chirpy_gal

    Sweet :-) ….

  • Michael St. James
  • birkel

    o my god im sorry to say but i think marc jacobs is dying in my personal apreatiation what is wrong my dear mr jacobs he can not separate his ideas from vuitton to his own label and i feel his bags are not reflecting the man behind the name i might be wrong but i can not stand the sight of this bag it is just so not what i expect from such a grand genious of fashion

  • Jane

    When I first saw the bag I though ewe, but now that I have looked and looked and looked I can’t believe it but I feel for the bag. I think it is unique in that wonderful way. I was wondering if the satin bag can come out of the tote or if it is somehow attached. If you can detach than you can have so many unique styles in one tote.

  • Mochababe73

    It would look much better without the studs.

  • Karin bag4bag

    It is hot !!! But what is with the gold hardware??? I would be happy to have it in my Christmas stocking, if you are listening Santa !

  • atrophia

    I love it too. Sure, it’s three different colors, but they all kind of work together. It looks fun and cheerful, but it’s still primarily black, my fave bag color. I’d prefer it to have silver hardware, but the gold doesn’t grate on my nerves the way it does on some other bags, probably because of the other colors.

  • Mila

    the bag is gorgeous!!!
    Rarely a bag impresses me this much on first sight…

    I, too, don’t like the ribbons that much…
    OMG, I SO want it…

  • Zari

    Love it! worth every cent, also i love the satin velvet look it has to it

  • anonymous

    this is drop dead gorgeous, it’s cute and i love it.
    I think I really want it right now..

  • mjfan

    I might carry it without the ribbons too.

  • Kendra

    Looks like a gift bag. (fb)

  • Lovelyn

    Not bad a bag, simply creativity.

  • Nicole

    This is weird… idk…