Like we mentioned recently, the whole PurseBlog team is awaiting the arrival of The Great Gatsby with baited breath. As it turns out, our friends at Harrod’s are equally excited from all the way across the pond. So much so, in fact, that the legendary department store has launched Summer of Now, a special boutique of Gatsby-inspired art deco deliciousness this week, which lets you dress, accessorize, smell and drink like an emotionally unmoored socialite from the Roaring 20s.

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2013 Costume Institute Gala, which will take place next week in the very un-punk location of New York City’s Upper East Side, is set to celebrate punk fashion, where it came from and how the aesthetic influences designers of all types to this day. On the one hand, punk and high fashion are somewhat unlikely bedfellows; punk, by its very nature, is rough-hewn, grimy and hard-edged.

It seems like we’ve been talking about black-and-white bags forever, but based on the current slate of neutral, bicolor bags that have now arrived in stores for spring, the trend has only just begun. We gave you a rundown of nine styles to get you started on the right path back in January, but now we’ve got another dozen that you should consider now that spring has arrived.

In summer, a lot of things get smaller. Clothes shrink to help their wearers deal with the rising temperatures, women cut their hair, men shave their beards. The feeling of lightness is paramount mean the weather itself often feels oppressive. We’ve long talked about the functional advantages of paring down your essentials and picking up a smaller bag when spring and summer come along, and it seems as though designers have been listening – an unprecedented number of brands have turned out miniature versions of your favorite bags for Spring 2013.

Every couple of seasons, bag shape trends shift. Remember when everyone carried hobo bags? That was a real thing that happened. Over the past couple of years, everything from ladylike top-handles to small crossbody bags have become the must-have look, and we talked earlier this week about the enduring popularity of the Celine-style flared tote. What’s next? The duffel.

The easy functionality of the classic duffel makes a lot of sense with the current trends toward streamlined accessories.

If this post seems like deja vu, you’re not entirely wrong. Over seven months ago, we wrote about how the flared gusset, made popular by Phoebe Philo at Celine and the brand’s now-inescapable Luggage Totes and Trapeze Bags, had turned into a full-fledged trend of its own. As spring bags flooded into stores, I couldn’t help but marvel at how many bags are still embracing the look, particularly now that Luggage Totes themselves are no longer as difficult to get as they once were.

Now that we’ve had some time to let the Fall 2013 runways marinate, a few key handbag trends have started to pop out. Fur and exotics will make a return once again this year, which is either fantastic or terrible, depending on your personal ethics and/or bank account. A new trend that we noticed, though, was the preponderance of chain embellishments on the season’s bags.

For some reason, I didn’t see this studded clutch trend coming. I don’t remember seeing a plethora of studs on the runway for Spring 2013, and heavy metal embellishments are usually more of a staple of fall collections (more on that tomorrow, actually). The more I thought about it though, these bags may have come about, at least in part, as a response to the enduring, perhaps even increasing, popularity of the Valentino Rockstud line, which has enjoyed seasons of success because of its smart combination of traditional femininity, luxury and toughness.

We’ve known that a serious holographic trend was coming for some time now, but now that a brand as chic and venerable as Lanvin has chosen to embrace the trend in handbag form with the Lanvin Happy Holographic Python Shoulder Bag, we thought it would be worth a second look. The finish is inherently futuristic, but this bag is nothing but ladylike and pretty.

Not long ago, it was hard to find a good, modern floral print. Flowers felt a bit old-fashioned, and most bands passed them by for more futuristic-feeling geometric designs. Stripes, in particular, had a moment as the industry’s biggest trend. Then Resort 2012 came around, and Celine changed how everyone felt about flowers on their clothes with the wave of a single black-based floral leather motorcycle jacket (and the button-down and cigarette pants that matched it).

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