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Pistachio is the Latest Green Hue to Take Over

A much subtler option than grass green, this earthy-hue is starting to trend


The summer months are right around the corner, and I like to remind myself of that by sifting through all of the new arrivals on my favorite online shopping destinations. All of the newness that’s been popping up lately seems like a breath of fresh air, and color continues to be one of fashion’s biggest trends. From pink and yellow to purple, blue, and green, if there’s a color you love, chances are you can find a handbag to match. While green has been everywhere for the last few seasons, this spring and summer, designers are tapping into a whole new hue of green: Pistachio. Not quite a pastel, not quite a neon, and lighter in color than sage, so many of our favorite brands are introducing Pistachio-colored bags for summer 2022!

If you’re ready to expand your collection this year, you’ll want to look no further than one of the biggest color trends of the moment: earthy-toned Pistachio green! I would have never considered this color bag before, but once I saw Saint Laurent’s Le 5 a 7 in Pistachio, which is high on my want list, I was hooked! So if bright grass green is not for you, you’re in luck because below, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites just for you!

Going Nuts for Green

Saint Laurent Le 5 A 7

Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag

BOYY Fred 19 Bag

Balencaiga Hourglass Bag

Balenciaga Hourglass Bag
via Net-a-Porter

Alexander McQueen Story Bag

Givenchy Pistachio Hobo

Valentino Rockstud Bag

Chanel 19 Bag 1

Prada Galleria Bag 1

Loewe Paula s Ibiza Puzzle Bag

The Row Frame Clutch

Coach Pillow Tabby


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  1. lalarey Avatar

    YES PLEASE! I am so over the jungle green that’s all over the place (sorry Megs, I know you’re loving it right now) it reminds me of the trying-to-be-festive walls of my childhood dentist’s office. I love a green bag and own them in just about shade EXCEPT the jungle color. The pistachio hue is gorgeous.

  2. Jaime Avatar

    I have the philosophy pick the colors you want. These bags are pretty. I at this point have bought bags from black, brown, blue, and jungle green and its only May. Eying pink next.

  3. Tiffany Avatar

    Love these shades!

  4. psny15 Avatar

    im not a fan of this color but i am a fan of many of the bags 🙂

  5. Gayle Avatar

    I need a green bag. Missing color in my closet. Any shade of green will do. Hoping i can find and buy one before the year ends.

  6. Dave Avatar

    In love with the Loewe Puzzle bag!!!😍😍😍