The Many Bags of Olivia Palermo

When I write one of our Many Bags of… features, I always find myself feeling one of two ways by the time I’m done: Either I walk away with a newfound respect for the personal style choices of the featured celebrity, or I’m barely containing an urge to punch her in the face for being tedious/pretentious/boring/what have you. Assembling these photos takes a lot of time, after all, and it can make you feel like you’ve gotten to know a celeb pretty well by the end.

When I started dissecting the handbag collection of Olivia Palermo, I assumed my reaction was going to be of the latter variety; for no particular reason, I’ve never been much of a fan. To my delight, my feelings are now the exact opposite – Palermo has a great bag collection, particularly when it comes to Dior, and her personal style is well-honed to the pinnacle urban femininity. That her super hot boyfriend Johannes Huebl is in many of the photos also doesn’t hurt. Check out Olivia’s awesome bag collection below.

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  • AshleyG

    From what I’ve seen of her on TV, don’t really care for her persona- BUT I have always loved her style and I think she’s quite cute. Even when I don’t particularly like her outfit, she still looks perfectly styled!

  • Micha Jaf

    Baby Ostrich!!!! oh nooooo!!!!!

  • Pixel_Queen

    She has great style. And wealthy parents who’ve made it possible. Therefore, I’m not impressed.

    • dontaskmetosmile

      Money does not buy you style or taste. You can be rich as hell, but still have awful style. Paris Hilton comes to mind.

  • Rashida

    Should she be ashamed that her parents are wealthy? She doesn’t have to work but she does. Her attitude may not be the beat, but she dresses well and has great handbags! I like her.

  • Sandra

    She usually looks great, but you forgot the best bag she owns (in my opinion). I know she has a Fendi 2Jours…

  • Mya

    Love her collection especially the Diors!

  • Lauren

    She is beautiful and has great taste!

  • Jayge

    She is my favorite to emulate for her style. Many times affordable and attainable. To that point, is the Gemma tote available in the US?

  • felicia hasibuan

    i’ve been waiting for this one!!:)

  • Kathleen

    The only bags I have purchased in the last 2 years have been Hermes and BV, but I fell inn love OP’s Meli Melo Thela Bag and ordered the taupe and saddle color. Just arrived and I LOVE everything about them! At 1/15th and 1/10th (14k and7k) that I pay for Hermes and BV, they are a great everyday bag. The leather is supper yummy.

  • neuh2

    don’t know much about her but omg she has such great style…….

  • BagLover

    I love the chloe Gemma tote and the givenchy nightingale bags!Soooo awesome and stylish

  • citizenlen

    Don’t know who she is, but she does have a great style. Layered look and accessories that one can take pieces from her style without buying the whole attire. But screw the Hermes bag- over rated and dull just like that grocery basket, Celine.

  • dianne mae Catapang

    All I can say is that…she had convinced me to become her new fan ., !! I love the bags.. I could trade anything just to get my hands on in one of those ..,^_^ ., And I soo love her style ., very chic., but not too overstated., ;)

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